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woahchocolatemilk rated it
Infinite Competitive Dungeon Society
August 29, 2017
Status: c135
Starts off nice. But that's the best of the novel. The rest is just downhill since more and more problems appear and some even get shoved down your throats.

... more>>

First of all, we start with a fresh beginning with the dungeon system that we all know and love with some minor differences. Nothing new but a working formula, it was alright but nothing amazing. Then the novel becomes a rinse & repeat.


We have the MC discovering that fully farming a boss gets you a special price. It is interesting at few occurrences but then you discover it is the same thing since dungeon 5. Right now he just finished dungeon 50 I think, same formula for the dungeon as dungeon 5, so the author has repeated that around 10 times now.


That's minus points but it doesn't fail the novel. After all it can still be good with a repeated formula, only 1 problem which is the fact that the author decides not to create a sense of danger/urgency/.... (feeling that gets the reader running some adrenaline), basically from reading chapter 5 I knew what would happen in chapter 50 since he doesn't change anything. He adds new components to the story but never decides to have someone die/MC lose/ MC in any proper danger.

And the worst problem of the story, the ladies. Their function is to fall in love with yer boi MC. I think its like 5/6 people who have fallen for him already in a bit more than 100 chapters. There isn't even any plot or reasons for it, just the author tells us how the "Hero" of a world has much higher charm than other people to hide his plothole which is the fact that all the girls, no matter their age, are all pure and never been in a relationship/or off a relationship for 1000's of years like that Lorretta bitch but the second the MC appears and says hi, they want to climb into his bed. Forget your personality/ feelings, this guy has high charm so you will fall for him in 1 chapter of meeting him.


Overall, a long review in sht english, but don't read the novel, it's a downhill battle with yourself to see when you'll quit. Will you quit when it starts to get sht (around chapter 40 if I remember rightly) or will you quit when it continues to worsen. If you beat my record of 135 chapters, kudos to you but you have none of my respect. <<less
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Currently giving it a high rating. The start of the game is VERY similar to Shura's wrath. But that's a bad thing, in fact I like it and I think it is well done. My only hope is that the progression of the story will not be like Shura's wrath which I thought became crap.

Currently on chapter 6, I recommend giving this novel a chance as it is quick to like/dislike and thus won't waste much time.

Now on chapter 28. Its stayed decent and I also noticed that it seems... more>> like a mix of Shura's wrath and Master hunter K. I won't say its a copy as I don't know when each of them was released but I'm downgrading the rating to a 4 as I feel that this isn't a perfect novel, just a good one. I must admit I liked master hunter K more than this.

Edit: chapter 48. Putting rating down to 3. Why? Because 'The cold policewoman took her time to think and then said'I'll give you a chance. If you could defeat me I'l let you go! Otherwise you'll follow me to the police station and confess your crime!" - The utter f***. This is in "real life" where a scammer tries the scam the MC. It fails and the MC beats him and his hooligans up, earning applause and respect from passersbys. Policewoman comes to arrest him for public fighting when he says it was self defense. Audience also tells her it was and then she says this despite knowing he had done nothing wrong.

There is so many things wrong with that quote from her that I just had to put down the rating. It feels so forced to further the plot/ or if it isn't to it seems so useless.

Final edit: chapter 49. I'm dropping it. Very generic story, you average chinese gaming humour

(not insulting or funny at all) but worst of all it seems to be dropping in quality. The plot is getting more boring and etc. Go ahead and read it if you want but I cannot stomach something this average when there are other much better stories to read. <<less
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A Will Eternal
September 11, 2017
Status: c115
Fak yas. This shizzle some gud sh*t.

I didn't actually like ISSTH (dropped at around 200) or Renegade Immortal (dropped at around 400-500) but I like this. Its funny, but not repeated. It has serious moments when our MC actually shows off his powers, but he only does that when he gets angered. And baby Bai doesn't get angry much, much at all tbh.

It also shows off an OP MC, only we as the audience don't think hes that OP. This is due to a critical reason that I hope... more>> every author will one day follow: the fact that the supporting cast aren't there to drool over his d*ck when he shows of his power. They keep character, as a real life person would (hopefully).

Anyway read it, you will enjoy the first 100 chapters if nothing else. That is worth it when the rest of novels are generic sh*t which is somehow further worsened due to the continuous inconsistencies. <<less
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woahchocolatemilk rated it
Talisman Emperor
September 11, 2017
Status: c6
Edit: Read from chapter 1-6, takes around 10 mintues. If you can still stomach this after reading that, its probably the novel for you. If you can't, good on you since this is generic sh*t with an intresting idea that apparently just gets ignored within the first 40 chapters. Granted I didn't read upto chapter XXXX to see its brilliance but I can't be asked to when this novel is filled with inconsistencies, ruining its already sh*t story.

Interesting since the author decided to focus on talismans than other generic path.

However... more>> everything else he does is pretty generic to the bone. Just had to write this review since I just read some utter BS. Our MC is 2nd spirit realm or whatever out of the 10 or something in the world. That means hes barely above the normal man but he gets taken into a test by a Immortal being that transcended the world. The 6-9 th stage golden stage and other crap cultivators couldn't pass it but this complete twat passes since he has a bit of knowledge in dao of inscriptions.

Wait, what?! He only knows the formula of the lowest rank of talisman in the world and he passed. But apparently these immortals who has 10000+ lifespans I presume (since 3/4 rank gives 500 years) never, ever f**king dabbled in tailsman. Not a single one of the nearly-7000 immortals never f**kING learnt it, what kind of joke is this when a mortal learns it in 5 years. Its just tiring to read sht like this.

Edit: I'm quitting this sh*t, just skipped ahead to see the chapters and first paragraphs of chapters up to 20. As generic as they get, such lazy cliched writing. Read any other thing than this, this novel which had a great idea which seems to degenerate into the normal story about fights and stuff, with the immortal master who died but left his spirit mansion behind that only the MC can access, the clan who gets massacred for finding a treasure which the enemies don't even get since it was hidden on the MC. <<less
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woahchocolatemilk rated it
I am the Monarch
June 11, 2017
Status: c54
Mediocre. I like the concept of time travel backwards with an actual butterfly effect so that the MC isn't an OP idiot who just has memories of what happens later. However there are many things I also dislike. Edit: The translation is also subpar, you can understand it and get the gist of most of it but grammar, spelling and understanding sometimes falls.

One being the fact how forced the coincidences are. He meets future famous people constantly, 1 after another, which just starts to feel forced. It hasn't even been... more>> that many chapters and yet he has already met two of the famous "God-tier new generation" in their growing phase. Another fault was how later

one of MC's troops die. This isn't that surprising since it is war and usually authors use this as a plot device to further the MC's personality, to make the MC more mature. Two problems with that in this novel, first of all the guy who dies is one basically introduced to the readers just 1 chapter prior (ish) and not even in that much detail. And yet when he dies, despite being someone who was clearly not close to the MC, he gets emotionally depressed and starts crying and sht. And yet, even after that, his personality hasn't changed at all so why the f*** did the author include that. It served no purpose and entertained nobody.


Finally, this is something probably only I dislike but I dislike the MC's personality and his aspirations. I don't think becoming a monarch who makes life good for everyone in his country is that inspiring or realistic in that world. I wish the author would like show him that his country means f***all in the grand scenario, maybe explore the Orcs' lives and educate the MC a bit by showing how everyone in the world is living like that and even worse. <<less
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woahchocolatemilk rated it
Dimensional Sovereign
March 25, 2017
Status: c102
Update: I think its worth 3 stars after finishing it. Why? Because the ending is interesting, a lot less repetitive and a lot more enjoyable. However I don't think that forgives the disgusting mid section we got so three stars is all it gets

Its sh*t. It started out pretty good, interesting concept, interesting game like elements and such. But the bad points outweigh more and more the further the novel carries on.

Bad points:
-Fights are very generic and very general. No specific awesome fight scenes that make the reader feel... more>> pressured or worried for the mc
-Everysingle chapter, the MC finds another awesome item that is legend ranked. So boring, just fanservice for self fulfilment but fan service like this has to be built up. The reader has to feel like the MC deserves it. But this one doesn't because he earns another legend item the next chapter for no reason.
-The writer quickly scraps the interesting real life this guy lived. It becomes basically just the dream world once the war starts.
-The author has no idea how to progress plot. Instead another character tells the MC about 'x' every 2 chapters. The MC goes'x?' and they explain it before he finds it 5 chaps later. There is no story development, just the author introducing more and more random things out of the blue.

Don't read this. You will like the start, it is original and interesting. But that is just a trap, the novel becomes more and more boring as it progresses. Just save yourself some time and go read a novel that stays interesting. <<less
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woahchocolatemilk rated it
Tales of the Reincarnated Lord
March 8, 2017
Status: c92
Its a good novel, just not good for the categories it says it is. The whole thing feels like a slice of life story as their is no tension or pressure on the main character, he is OP and won't get anything wrong. The only thing holding him back is his battle force rank of iron 3 but considering he is considered silver undefeatable, defeats golds like they are nothing and that he has killed a sword master (or something like that) who are considered the tops on the... more>> continent by chapter 70, he is definitely OP. Bad points - Terrible fight scenes. As in every single fight scene so far feels like a summary so far, no tension at all and no fight has lasted more than 1 paragraph, if not two. They are so short and so simple, even for people who are considered OP since the author for some reason doesn't want to build up any tension whatsoever.

- Character progression. The characters don't change at all and even worse, there is so many of them and yet there is no distinction to them. Let me explain. The main character, I have no idea what he looks like, might be mentioned early on but I already forgot at this point and I know he a person from earth who is quite smart. The main characters best friend charade, I know he is fat and good with money. His other good friend, I know he uses darkness attribute and that he is shameless. And lets not talk about the 40+ characters we have been introduced to so far, barely any description or distinction between them.

- MC is like a mary sure, everyone loves him at first sight and wants to follow him despite not knowing him at all.

Good points- Very funny, especially the first 10s of chapters. Made me chuckle
- Interesting world build
- Plots dont repeat AT ALL. Everything feels very new.

Overall- I gave this a 3 since it is a good novel, just under the wrong categories. Take off martial arts, action and xuanhuan. The rest of the categories represents this novel so much better and if I had gone into the novel seeing those tags, I would rate it 4-5 as it is awesome. But I'm dropping it now as I want some tension, some action, some cultivation, some character progression and this novel does not offer that. <<less
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woahchocolatemilk rated it
Spirit Vessel
May 29, 2017
Status: c87
I really like the novel. Even though there are somethings that confuse me (such as why he finds people at the foundation realm amazing when that is the 2nd lowest of all cultivation levels and considering he was once near the highest. I mean I understand he was weaker than them as he just restarted but the astonishment I read is a bit too much).

The other reviews hit this pretty well. The only I must say is the complaining on WW site. So many comments complaining about the main... more>> girl and how the MC basically forgives her too much. Just a slight spoiler for anyone pre chap 85.


Basically the man girl wanted to kill the MC. In the end, despite all her attempts, the MC forgives her. So many people whining about how that is unmanlylike and "What the hell man. He even apologized first? About to drop this harder than the trumpet in Freaks".

Jeez, I think most readers are so used to the eyecandy super cool arrogant MC that they forget the good part of human nature. First of all, he is the one who attacked the main girl for no reason and further furled it, even if it be accidents. And I respect the MC for not slapping her face of and making her desperate as he was the one who started the fight and its nice that he admitted his faults, which I mind blowing that others dislike such scenario.

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This is just a xianxia. It does not have much originality nor does it bring many new themes to the table. Instead what it does is make an fantastic xianxia story. Like many have said, the first fight with the villian is amazing, about 4-5 chapters long, longest fight so far. So detailed, so many twists and turns and just a respectable villian. It brings xianxia themes and makes it flow amazingly despite not repeating anything (so far) as xianxia has many themes which makes one wonder why other authors... more>> repeat so much.

Just think of an amazing xianxia novel, with an MC not strong (he isn't strong and isn't seen as strong by others) but nor is it a torturous one with an MC with nothing who can't do anything until he gets this amazing ring with a 4 million old martial master who has everything needed ever. Instead he gets a vase thats speeds up the growth of plants, thats it. And yet using that to make pills, using his wit to play with others, using his logic to not be the knight in shining armor, he makes for an amazing MC that is just downright likeable. Also it seems to have romance but so far it hasn't developed so far but has suggested a partner. But I couldnt care less, forgot about romance or any other wanted themes when you realise how good this is anyway.

Bad thing: The only bad thing is that the author skips some possible arcs. When you think about the possible arcs he skips, they are always ones that were bound to be boring and repetitive as it is similar to something he has written before or just boring. So why is it bad?

Because he builds them up too much. Not a lot, but too much for an arc you will just fast forward anyway like the MC's journey to the first villians homeland. It was good apart from the fact that the fight lasted less than 1 chapter. Apart from that, very good novel. <<less
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May 24, 2017
Status: c68
Its a nice slice of lifeish story. It was just nice to read.

But two reasons for the 4 rating:

  • The ending of all the villians the MC faces is that they regret their actions and change their ways due to how amazing/hard working/ earnest the MC is. I don't know about the main antagonist since I won't read till the end but the story has given some clues that he is also a "hero" who is just trying to help his kingdom so I guess it will be the same ending. Its just lazy, unrealistic and makes the characters 1D. Whats the use of describing them of all these things when they change their whole personality of one thing, but I guess that is what the MC does in chapter 1 :D.
  • The above didn't really piss me of, it was just annoying. But this really did. So far the author has made an effort to characterise the characters. But the latest one, a goddess, is the most 1D effortless sht I have seen. All her characteristics for the last 10 chapters can be summarised into : How dare you call me useless, Rudel they are bullying me, *Give me desserts and i'l shut up no matter what*. So boring, I just skipped over all her parts, just dull.
And to end it... more>> off, I am dropping the novel. First of all I'm not a massive fan of the slice of life genre and also the fact that you don't feel progress in this novel. Time is inconsistent and we don't see any hard work/fortuitous encounters. For example, MC employs teacher who uses him to do mercenary work. He just stands there looking over a village, doing nothing but shovelling snow but *bam*, he is now OP and goes to school to win the competition. It just felt dumb, dumber than those fortuitous encounters other MCs have. <<less
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woahchocolatemilk rated it
Library of Heaven’s Path
September 1, 2017
Status: c280
Its alright at best. It had a good formula of face slapping. That is all the novel is as the people around the MC, whether villain or friend, are all meant for the MC to somehow faceslap metaphorically. They will all do something/say something/ had done something which he will instantly prove wrong / 1 up / beat them at which will figuratively face slap them. That is what 280 chapters have been so far, very light hearted with just 1 repeated formula in every single f**king chapter.

Basically don't binge... more>> this, you'll drop it if you have any good taste whatsoever. Read it in portions so the formula doesn't become too sh*tty for you. <<less
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woahchocolatemilk rated it
King of Gods
April 1, 2017
Status: c102

Maybe I am too spoilt on excellent cultivation novels unlike this one, such as 'A mortal's journey to immortality' that I recently read. Now that is an excellent wuxia novel.

This one is too generic, too predictable. It hasn't repeated anything yet and i've heard its got big plottwists later on and that it gets good after chapter 200. I can't wait be asked to read that far though. Although it hasn't repeated anything in its own novel, it has repeated stuff from every cultivation novel is the same way as... more>> all of them. So I'm quite bored thus the reason I'm quiting it now.
Other than that, the romance is also very bland. So far we have been introduced to a potential suitor but her significance is more as a potential suitor rather than that of a interesting character/person.
Also the fight scenes are sh*t. Logic is what makes good fight scenes, for an author to describe how abilities work and then show how they are used /broken in a fight is a good fightscene. Here the author just names a few random colourful amazing abilities that no one else can learn, cuz they dont have the comprehension, and randomly counters and overpowers abilities in fight scenes for no real reason. <<less
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Legend of the Great Saint
June 9, 2017
Status: c70
I've read about 70ish chapters. I don't see the plot is the most intricate or mind boggling, but what sets this apart from other novels is that it is a good cultivation story about a demonic method. Not a "demonic" method that is considered "really evil" by the whole world and is banned and yet the MC acts like any other person but rather a demonic story where the main components are alcohol and meat to cultivate it.

I would say I have read quite a bit of cultivation stories but... more>> whenever its about demonic method, it is either a "really evil" method but the MC acts like everyone one of us and is basically a good guy trapped in bad skin or its a MC with no empathy what so ever towards humanity and often showing extremely limited intelligence, which should not be attributed to a human being, in order to create those really cool moments like massacring a whole clan of people just because they kidnapped your girl.

Of course I don't know how this will progress however so far I like it, even if I don't think its plot is amazing, as I feel like the author has nicely shown what a demonic technique should be like and that alone makes me want to read it. <<less
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