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wigglegui rated it
Godly Stay-Home Dad
March 26, 2018
Status: c267
Hello, I'm the translator of this novel. This novel is currently the best '奶爸‘, aka 'stay-home dad' novel I have read in my opinion. I'm not really good at giving a review but I will try.

The starting of the novel is quite bad in my opinion as it gives the readers the opinion of "Oh... another cliche young master beating up other arrogant young masters continuously, going around raising his cultivation to get to the peak of cultivation kind of novel." But this is not the kind of novel that... more>> it is.

Rather, this is sort of a slice of life focused novel in my opinion and is not, I repeat, NOT an action-focused novel.

However, do give this novel up to at least chapter 30~

The novel starts to get good around ch30 in my opinion and gets really good from ch150 onwards.

And for a bonus, the MC is actually mature and not childish for someone who has lived for over 500 hundred years, unlike other novels where it was pointed that the MC was over a thousand-year-old but act like some teenager hitting puberty.

Even in the raw, many people also felt that the start of the novel was really bad and cliche and in the later chapters was where the novel starts to shine.


Around the part when Zhang Han opened a restaurant and accepted a gorilla into his land is where it starts to get good in my opinion. Also, this novel is a blend of everything. There is romance, action, family, cooking, music, and other stuff. Although it is a slice of life focused sort of novel, the author managed to put all the other elements into the novel without making the story bad, and instead actually makes the story get better and better.


Also, after reading the reviews of others, I want to point out that this novel is not a racist and 'China number 1' sort of novel. Apart from the start where Zhang Han changed his daughter name to a Chinese name that has his surname, where others would feel that it was racist, there is really no racism at all in the rest of the novel from what I can recall.

It has to be noted that both Zhang Han and Zi Yan, the father and mother of Meng Meng are from China. Zi Yan is not a foreign. Also, I'm not sure about other countries, but if you came from a big, powerful Chinese family (家族), I think that it was a must to take the surname of your family and a Chinese name or else you would be shaming your family.



Adding on, later on, a foreign (side character) is even introduced and there is really no racism but story flow that makes one smile.


Overall, there may be some flaws in the novel, but do wait until there are more translated chapters. I assure that the novel will definitely be enjoyable for most readers during the chapters later on.

I would give this novel a 4 or 4.5 star out of 5. But since I'm the translator of this novel, I will be biased and give it a 5. ^^ <<less
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What a beautiful short read this novel has been...

The story of a plain ordinary man who got reincarnated and meeting with a true genius... The emotions and struggle the ordinary man felt when competing with the genius are amazing.

5/5 star.
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wigglegui rated it
Apartment for Rent
May 1, 2018
Status: Completed
Quite a nice read if I must say so. Recommended for people who like dark, sick and disturbing stories. Also, I recommend everyone to watch the movie adaptation of the novel which can be found on youtube.
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