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weyz rated it
Demon Hunter
February 18, 2019
Status: --
Too much information dump. Too many questions yet it left unanswered.

Sometimes the story is abit of dumb, but entertaining. This is just like watching transformer, bugs bunny, or superman. Full of action pack. But when u think again of the reasons behind the actions it's really stupid. Or like horror movie. So much suspense. But doesn't help the plot.
I actually rate this novel as movie stated above. So. It's good to be read for the first time.

I would binge read other novel. But not this.. Currently rated 3 star.... more>> Ok novel to be read if Ur bored.

If you like Japanese novel that talks about daily life what they do and etc. This is an upgraded novel for you. <<less
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weyz rated it
February 18, 2019
Status: c24
Errr. I drop it at c24. Might continue in future when I'm really bored or something thou.

Reasons for dropping. In my head I was screaming *stupid* loudly. Its lowering my IQ.

Btw. Story is okay. 3 star. Good to read if your bored. But slow development. And drama.... I can't stand drama. Which explain the cussing.

If u pass reading after 24. Ur good to go ;)
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