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wargrelet rated it
Shinmai Maou no Keiyakusha
August 23, 2018
Status: v8c1
well a typical novel story didn't like the plot much only read due to damn hot girls !!!hurrayy!!! To the author and illustrator for that

story was okay but battle parts buzzes me off, battle didn't seemed like a battle they seemed like way to promote

erotic power boost and their school life seemed more realistic than battle part

well anyway I like the protagonist Basara, Mio was very hot girl, Yuuki character was understandable (who would like their childhood crush to be stolen), Kurumi seemed like forced to harem, and Zest... more>> is most adorable of the girls with Chisato being the s*xiest, Maria was the misfit of the bunch

so what you see in story is a plot due to demon lord position just like in politics of our world

a stupid hero clan (and why I call them stupid is because the banishing incident where elder bunch of hero clan didn't even try to use any magic to stop the culprit I mean it is the origin of heroes and they don't even have a powerful guy stationed there in case anything happened, seemed foolish to me)

Author did a fine work for their school and normal life but failed at making the battle seem real or it could have been great (i seriously recommend author to work on making battle feel real) reading the battle the made me feel like I was swallow something that could have been a fine piece of work if some proper ingridients were added

(so for god sake make monologue and dialogue during battle realistic)

so I gave it one star for school life and normal life and one for the girls and if the battle were good I would have given it two more stars (and don't expect a total of five stars from me I mean the protagonist has a harem and he should be kicked there by every girl once for having a harem like how mio kicked in beginning and only once by every girl except Chisato because I don't hate the guy it just soothes my soul that at least he suffered once from each girl except Chisato it just doesn't suit her to do that) <<less
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