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wapulos rated it
The Male Lead’s Villainess Fiancée
January 17, 2019
Status: c10
I like the MC. She is pretty much level-headed. She is not naive nor gullible, unlike other MCs of this genre. She is also not the cunning, scheming, ruthless type. She is basically a normal person.

She wants to avoid the Prince as she knows what would happen to her if she continues to mingle with him. Yet at the same time, she is kind enough not to ignore him when she sees him struggling or in a difficult situation. She is also not in love with the Prince.

What I... more>> like is her dedication to her studies and for a better future. Also, though she might be afraid of the Prince, her fear doesn't hinder her from saying or doing what she wants. Hence, she does not pretend before him or anything. That's why I say that she is not the cunning or scheming type.

I prefer an MC to be like this which is why this novel is unique among the others.

Aside from that, I also like how the background of the ML's personality was written.

I just hope that the MC will be perceptive enough to realise the difference of the ML'S actions towards her compared to the original story of the novel she read. I long to see a MC who will counter such different or unexpected actions FROM the ML. <<less
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wapulos rated it
I Alone Level-Up
February 8, 2019
Status: Completed
I came to this novel after reading its manhwa adaptation. I love the manhwa... but reading it until the end of the novel, there were a few points wherein I was disappointed. Still, the manhwa is cool.

What to like:

  1. the MC - now I know that there are some who don’t like the MC, but I like how his character was developed. Since I didn’t start to read the beginning through this novel but through the manhwa, I definitely loved how the MC’s courage was developed. The account of what happened before he acquired his special levelling powers; I felt goosebumps while reading that part, honestly. I was able to embrace and sympathise with his fears at the beginning to the point wherein I celebrated when he faced his fears and overcame. Also, I appreciate that his personality changed the moment he grew stronger. Somehow, because of the betrayal he experienced at the beginning, his naivety was gone. Some might say that he is ruthless, but for me, I say that it was all because of what he went through. I also appreciated stories with MCs who are ruthless but with reasons. He became who he is because of what he went through.
  2. the other characters - there aren’t many novels that could make me like the side characters. The other characters had their own backgrounds and stories as well, even the one who betrayed the MC in the beginning. Also, their POVs weren’t as exaggerated as Sovereign of The Three Realms, wherein the other characters praise the MC too much for my liking. It was too shallow. This novel, on the other hand, was written well., I look forward to reading the other characters POV in this novel.
  3. the plot - it’s consistent. True to its title, the plot remained consistent. Its seriousness, setting, characters, etc; all are consistent to the plot. When I first read the title, I thought it would be like the other novels with ‘levelling plotline’ wherein it would be light and fun to read. But to my surprise, this novel has a serious and dark plot after all - which is a plus as it made the novel belong to a few unique ones. The way it was written made me feel its atmosphere. So I guess it also boils down to the author’s style of writing..?
now to reasons to dislike:

... more>>
  1. the romance - the development was too rushed for me. But I have to admit that I like this romance better as it is no harem. Still, I would’ve preferred that there would be no romance at all rather than reading a rushed one. On the other hand, I like the female lead’s character.
  2. the ending - it was dragged on longer than I would have liked. The author could’ve ended it with an open-ended conclusion. To my disappointment, he dragged it on for 20-40 chapters. I regretted reading it all the way. I continued reading it because I didn’t want to miss some action.. indeed, I didn’t... because there was no action at all!!! It was just filled with drama!!! Don’t get me wrong. I like drama.. just not the dragged ones.
  3. Lastly, the plot - kinda contradicting for me to put the plot in the ‘dislike’ section after putting it in the ‘like’ one. The reason is personal preference. Until the end, the MC was alone in the action. No teamwork. No one else could fight alongside the hero because the enemy is just too strong them. No further development of friendships. The MC gained friends, but in the end, they can only depend on him to fight the enemies alone. No character development of the MC through friends.. True, the plot is consistent to its title... but it is too lonely for my taste. So yeah, I guess this is a personal preference.
overall, the novel is good. I recommend you reading this.. but I recommend reading the manhwa more :D

even after finishing the novel, I still look forward to reading the manhwa as it is really good. Highly recommend!! <<less
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wapulos rated it
I Quit Being a Noble and Became a Commoner
January 29, 2019
Status: c54
I dropped this. This is heavy for my head.

I can't help but fee angry for the MC'S situation. Her helplessness made my head ache. I don't want to continue reading it anymore.

This is 1 star for following reasons:

... more>> 1. Translation is done poorly

2. The title is misleading

3. Slow pace. I could have tolerated it but the plot makes me angry as I read further

4. Annoying characters. Honestly, I don't have any love for the characters. The MC is okay esp with her goals. But for the other characters esp the Prince and his men just make me want to throw up in disgust.

5. The plot. Honestly, I don't find it interesting. I was enduring reading the novel in hopes to get a gist of what the plot is.. But now, I conclude that the plot is not only uninteresting, it is bad for my head.

I regret wasting my 3 hours reading this. <<less
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Story Rating: 2.5/5

Translation Rating: 5/5


- Fast pace.

- Writing is good as it leaves the readers mysteries to solve, unlike most reincarnation stories. It’s the reason why I continued on reading.


- Plot is not really my preference. Reincarnated after being ... more>>

hounded by her husband to death

gives my mouth a bitter after taste.

- Characters aren’t attractive:

1. female lead: I cannot really say that I like her. Her stubbornness which led to her

death in her previous life because she committed suicide

honestly doesn’t make her attractive. I can’t see any principles which she stands on. (including the male lead).

It is more like the both of the characters consistently followed their emotions instead of their rationality.

2. Male lead: I don’t think he deserves a second chance. I do like reading possessive Male lead type of stories but I would prefer the Male lead here to suffer the consequences of his actions. It is as if the plot was made to give him a second chance.

Personally, I don’t see character growth from the characters. The reason why stories about reincarnation are appealing is because of the “chance” for character growth and maturity.. but in this story, I don’t see that happening. The Male lead is still the same. The female lead is also as stubborn as before.

It made me think, “what’s the point?”

So yeah... 2.5 rating from me. *shrugs <<less
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wapulos rated it
The King’s Avatar
January 17, 2019
Status: c1405
What to like about this novel:

    • Action
    • No romance (Yeeeey!)
    • Characters - esp the shameless ones
    • Comedy - I don't usually choose to read novels for this genre alone but this genre in this novel is a great plus!
    • Game - although I would rather play the game than read about it in a novel, this plot is well written.

This is now one of my favourite novels.

I can't help but laugh at the dialogues and interactions of the characters. The author has done an excellent job in writing action and comedy. I mainly came to read this for action but I appreciate its humour much more! This is like One Piece or One Punch Man in a sense.

I like how shameless and laidback the protagonist is. He is officially one of my favourite characters. I can't help but be excited for any shameless actions Ye Xiu will unexpectedly do. In fact, I keep on reading this novel waiting for any shameless actions he will do! LoL

Aside from him, I also appreciate how all characters are unique. The character development of the people surrounding Ye Xiu - even those who are his enemies - is worthy to be admired.

The pacing is also not rushed nor dragged. The author has done an excellent job in not making the novel boring nor making it feel rushed.

What makes this novel different from other action novels is the absence of romance. And I love it! I've been searching for great action novels without romance for a very long time. Usually, action novels have romance in them - mostly with harem which I dislike - and truth to be told, I don't like how romance had been laid out in those novels. I basically just ignore or skip those scenes. But now I finally found one!!! I'm so happy

thank you, translators, for translating this great novel!

What to criticise:

  • A few confusing lines- that's to be expected for a story written in an omniscient POV. A few times, the reader will be confused who 'he' or 'him' or 'they' meant even with the context, but one can just ignore such details.
  • Unrealistic or unfeasible game scenes - as one who had experience in gaming and programming, there were scenes wherein I would think "that's so impossible" and so on. Buuuut, I just ignore them since the story is quite interesting
  • A few loopholes - this is understandable though. As a writer myself, I could understand how the author can forget little details.
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Sovereign of the Three Realms
December 13, 2018
Status: c1500
[Edit] Now, I officially will not continue reading this. I cannot tolerate it any longer. It has become boring and rather rushed.

Final Rating:

  • Story: 2 (it had a great potential but sadly went down the road)
  • translation: 3.5

Unique plot. This is the only novel with this kind of premise, which is why I'm still reading its updates. I can ignore other negative aspects of the novel except for one - the romance. Honestly, I don't like the women in this novel except for ... more>>

Jiang Chen's sister

Hopefully, there won't be any romance for her in this novel because I dread for her character development as I observed how the author wrote about his female characters. There was also a woman whose

feelings grew for Jiang Chen's cousin the moment he hit her as revenge

I get it that the woman deserved it but the thought that she 'felt' something for him when she was hit by him cringes me. I was like, "Really?" with a facepalm. I mean, are the women here THAT lacking of self worth? As a woman, I don't agree with the author's view on women, much more about the romance. Anyway, I'm still reading the novel for the story plot. I'm just annoyed when women get involved. Some women, I can tolerate. Some, I can't. About the situation with Miss Dan, I didn't like the development though I was relieved that Jiang Chen


took responsibility for her and for his daughter

That way, his 'mature' and 'responsible' character was maintained. Still, it was enough for me to confirm NOT to expect a good portrayal of the genre Romance from this author. But for the unique plot alone, I hang on to this novel. So I guess it means that I like this novel compared to other reincarnation or transmigration stories as I intentionally gloss over the negative parts in order to finish the novel. A thumbs up to the author for that :) <<less
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wapulos rated it
Release that Witch
February 22, 2019
Status: c90
I can’t help but to review even though I haven’t reached chapter 100 yet.

Although this is harem (one of the genre I certainly don’t appreciate), the author didn’t dwell much on it. I like the fact that there are men around the MC who are helping him out. The witches are of course ladies, however, the story is not that focused on romance.

also, the MC has no powers. He is as ordinary as a normal person. He didn’t even have any ideas about how to defend himself! The weakness the... more>> author gave to the MC helped me ignore the harem tag. Because of the Mc’s weakness, the witches were also needed in a sense to protect him. But not only that, the men around him were also needed.

I am thankful that the author is not as biased on the harem and romance tag for his story as compared to other authors.

I actually look forward to the politics, the inventions, the nation building, and the influence that our MC will bring upon the world he was transmigrated to.

As of the moment, I couldn’t find anything to say negative about the novel. <<less
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wapulos rated it
Xianggong, Please Divorce Me!
February 8, 2019
Status: c33
I was about to write a review after reading around 12 chapters, but I'm glad I waited until the recent update. At least, I will be able to give a fair review.

What to like about the novel:

  1. The Female Lead - she is basically a headstrong, level headed and smart woman. Also, she is independent and unique among the women in her generation. From being a girl who dreamt of romance, she became a woman who wanted to stand on her own feet. Though she became too extreme on the other end for my liking, I still rooted for her desires and goals in life. I just hope that the novel will be consistent in her goals.. or at least will be able to properly write a resolution on her character development.
  2. Style of writing - not too much details, not too less. I often read light novels (either Chinese/Korean/Japanese) that don’t have details. Though having not too many details will make the story move faster, but having less details will make it less imaginative for me. Although I cannot say that this style of writing is my favourite, I can still appreciate it nevertheless.
Now, on to the reasons to dislike:

  1. the situation - I can’t help but dislike plots wherein the leads cannot make a choice on their own. Such as the time wherein the in-law pushed the work for the manor to the female lead.. and about the emperor towards the male lead.. it makes me frustrated. The leads are being manipulated... both of them too! Yes, the author may be doing this to have reasons as to why the couple will develop feelings for each other and to have more reason not to divorce, but I still disapprove these reasons. I mean, they are being manipulated over and over again. Such manipulation makes me think that their feelings for each other are cheaply developed. I mean, think about it. They get to develop feelings for each other basically because they were pushed by their circumstances and because of the people around them. I can’t help but think that they are victims and that their ‘love’ was born out of being victims from the ploy of other people. As such, I can’t appreciate such development of their relationship.
  2. The aphrodisiac - I dislike the fact that the author had to use such things in order to push their relationship. Yes, s*x pushes physical intimacy, but I totally disagree that it will influence people to love their partner. As a matter of fact, many do it out of pleasure and not out of love. Hence, I totally disaprove the author’s frequent use of aphrodisiac to push the couple to have a reason to be inseparable. The author could have thought of other ways for them to develop feelings for each other.
Concerning the male lead, I can’t say I dislike him, nor can I say that I like him. So, he is a character... more>> I would shrug off about. There isn’t a trait of his that attracts me so I guess he is just an ordinary character for me.

The reason I continued on reading is because of the female lead. I am curious as to what would happen to her goal of becoming successful with the situation she is in and with the setting of the story. I just hope that the author was able to smoothly write the Female Lead’s transformation of her desire to divorce. But I’m not too hopeful, seeing how the plot was written with the dislikes I just wrote above.

Overall, three stars from me. Translation is not perfect, but it is better than other translated novels. <<less
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