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vts rated it
Upgrade Specialist in Another World
June 5, 2017
Status: c131
As others have written, what ruined this novel for me was mainly the MC. The character is bland and "naive". I use quotation marks as I feel the author uses awful decision making of MC's part as a way to move plot points forward.

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  1. He kills a young master of powerful family for revenge early on while he still is weak. Kills him and his guards but for some reason leaves some underling eyewitnesses alive knowing they will be able to identify him. These underlings were in charge of kidnapping girls to be r*ped by the young master, but he just left them there. By this point he'd already killed 100+ bandits, so killing people shouldn't be an issue by this point for him. This turn in to a long winded hunt of him which gave author 50+ chapters to write about. If those underlings died he could just have walked away, and gone to the sect he was heading for scot-free.
  2. He knows he has a super OP cheat, and knows others can't learn about it. But then he shows it to a girl he suspects is working for his enemies with some lame motivation like "i didn't wish to believe you lied to me". Now the bad guys know about his powers and want it for themselves. 30 free chapters for author to write about ensuing manhunt.

This goes on. I dropped at 131 cause I couldn't stand MC anymore.


At other points he is a mastermind and tactician, but when author needs something to happen, he just turns the MC into a ret*rd to get it done. Sloppy writing. MC sometimes is a ruthless killer, sometimes just beats the enemies up, in order for them to be able to create new trouble and push story forward.

It's a shame, otherwise the core idea of the story is pretty interesting making the MC cheat RPG-based in what's essentially a xianxia story.

bonus rant: Every fight he's in he wins by superlucky "proc" (like 2% this or that procs when hit) on his gear, the percentages on his items are low, but the plot armor is high. <<less
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vts rated it
God and Devil World
June 5, 2017
Status: c540
Decent post apocalyptic/zombie novel. I like the addition of game elements to the whole. A bit formulaic and repetitive.

However, it has a few points which GREATLY takes away from the novel.

All the lolis. I'm not a fan of the harem setting overall, though I can buy it more in this kind of setting. The women flock toward the dude who can mow down all the zombies and get them food/shelter. But why does it have to be (not exclusively, but A LOT) a bunch of kids

The racism/blind nationalism. The author... more>> clearly has some issues himself with foreigners. It is no surprise that multiple translators has given up on this novel. Almost every foreigner is a HARDCORE racist for some reason. The Europeans all call the Chinese "yellow monkeys" all the time (a term I never have heard as a European). Every time the MC comes in contact with foreigners (European/Thai/Japanese), those communities have all gone full Nazi.

I mean global business consortia trying to attain world domination with their technology and wide networks was a good nemesis for MC by itself. Why did the author have to make them fanatic Nazis as well? It makes no sense.

The beginner villages. WHY DOES HE NEVER GO BACK? It drives me crazy. He's had helicopters and flying mounts for the longest time. He has a bunch of currency to use to upgrade weapons and get more skills. He could help all his allies get their classes and make them a lot stronger. But 500ch later and he still haven't revisited. He did recently get some specific upgrade stones recently though from some random monster kills, and with MC's plot armor that means he's gonna need it soon, so I'm guessing he'll visit a beginner village in a few chapters.

Would probably be a 2 star if I didn't really like post apocalyptic novels. Dropped it at ~300ch, then again now at 540ch. Came back for the action and powerups, left because Japan arc is pretty much Thai arc v.1.01. <<less
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