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Masked Knight
May 16, 2018
Status: c24
Let me preface this with saying, I have not read all of the novel.

The main character, Harem protagonist No. 22000321421, wants to have s*x. 5 chapters in, boom there's a beautiful (supposedly) goddess-like woman who's just there practically *waiting* to be taken advantage of by his innocence and boyish (?) spirit of compassion and friendship! What a score for the gods of plot development! Some stuff happens, and what would you know, the main female lead who our main character so "adores" (He really just likes her body though, right?)... more>> is super strong and cool and other adjectives. Skip to five chapters letter, boom our main character progresses from an innocent young knight into a s*xual deviant as he kisses our unconscious (by his hand mind you), unprotected female lead. As if that wasn't bad enough, our female lead acts as if the world has just fallen apart from a kiss, what a reaction. But wait, it gets better! Our MC, who is somehow feeling wronged by this, knocks her out again, meets with her brother, and has a conversation that basically goes like this.

"Hey I knocked your sister out don't arrest me thanks."
"Yeah no problem, I'm running away from home anyways"
"Oh we cool then?"
"Nah I decided to knock you out now. Horse, go get him"
"Wait what, what hor- *horse whip nae naes on him and he f**kin dies*
"Don't you dare touch my sister wierdo! Anyways, so long! Viva la Paris! (or something) "

An interesting and completely logical conversation, as you can see. Cut to what's probably the next morning, main man wakes up to main girl binding him (Didn't know she was into that), to which the main character, in all of his glory, feels offended by. Girl asks him some questions, to which he replies to with the usual Shounen friendship bullsjhit, and boom he's a servant now (That doesn't seem exactly legal...)

5-10 chapters pass, during which some plot stuff happens and boom our MC gets his all important mask, as you may have been able to tell by the title. MC has got some master swordsman teaching him because, of course, he is the MC and always deserves the best. Swords guy gives our MC some of his "seed" (Which if you ask me, is hella gay) and says "I don't accept desciples, probably from some dark past for later parts of this novel" and then the author drops some subtle foreshadowing. That is, if you spell subtle with a capital S, and foreshadowing as literally telling you the future plot (Lot's of stories do it, no idea why). after that, skip some more "sage dude is a god, but it's basically just magic you'd see in some rpg sh*t" and meeting some probably kinda cool skeleton, and we're onto our MC's most powerful skill, "x-ray vision" which he of course uses the spy on the naked female lead, a future hero if I've ever seen one.

And with dear regret, that's basically when I drop the story. All in all, with my explanation you can see literally nothing of substance happened, and our MC is the same shounen little bitch you'd see anywhere else. People keep telling me to read past chapter 40 or so on and so forth, but considering this story is 300~ chapters long in total, that's almost a 5th of the story, and clearly not worth my time. If a story isn't good for a fifth of the story, it's not good. bye <<less
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