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vkg313 rated it
Nine Star Hegemon Body Art
November 7, 2018
Status: c527
In response to some of the negative reviews:

Mom can't cultivate because she doesn't have a spirit root. The end. The MC isn't God.

Ex-fiance broke off the marriage because he was too weak. That's fine too. I hate it when people say thats cold hearted. She wants someone who can be considered an equal. They've never met before and there's no reason for a cultivator to marry a mortal and become a huge weak link. On top of the fact that she was really kind in the way she cancelled the... more>> marriage too. I also hate it when people say that he shouldn't chase after a girl just because she's beautiful. As if all of you people haven't chased someone because you were attracted to them. Damn Hypocrites. The father has his own problems that are explained later in the story and can't spare any manpower to help his family.

Story is good, and the scheming is interesting. I like his cultivation technique. The MC gets setbacks too, versus the always in control MC. I highly recommend it. Updated at chapter 200:

The only problem that I see is that everyone else seems kind of stupid except for the MC, including his own people. That's extremely annoying. Also, there are a lot of cliches, which seem to get a bit worse in the later chapters. It lacks a spark of originality.

Updated at chapter 324:

Also, it's weird that the evil side is united and the good side has tons of infighting. Unity among evil people seems highly unlikely, unless there's one really strong person forcing them to do so. Of course, we haven't learned much about the other sides' higher ups.

The scheming has gone down somewhat in quality too. I understand what people are saying when they say that the MC makes some of the dumbest moves possible, just so his "dao" or willpower won't be affected. Like seriously acts like he's the strongest and can't be harmed for some odd reason. No disguises or anything.

I just want to say that I used to look forward to reading this story as it released, but now I don't really anymore, which I feel, tells me a lot.

I decreased it down one star as a result to a 4 star story. If we are being accurate, currently, its like a 3.5 star story. Maybe the author will improve in the future again.

Chapter 356

All of a sudden, the MC became a brainless person, and decided that he needs to toy with his enemies to death, instead of directly killing them. The author decided that the MC no longer needs to use his brain or use disguises to keep his identity safe. The plot also seems to repeat somewhat like Martial God, Asura, where instead of repeating tombs, there are repeating secret realms with inheritances. It's not bad to that level, but it's still repeating somewhat. I hope that changes. It's still a 3.5 star story.

Chapter 527

Apparently, using your brains is now the "incorrect" path and not proper for the martial dao. That's so stupid. If people scheme against you, it's okay to scheme against them. Sure, improving your own martial might is important, but there is always going to be someone stronger backing up your enemy. Even if you crush junior, senior will try to kill you if your too straightforward. I get that your sect won't want to kill off geniuses, but that won't stop people from trying to scheme and secretly assassinate you.

It hasn't gotten better or worse. I'm slightly annoyed at how the MC gives a lot of precious treasures away to his team mates. Its actually really annoying because you notice that he does this through out the story, and gives them tons of pills and stuff. Its annoying because a team should be a two way street. If the MC gives them stuff, they should also give the MC treasures that are useful to him. Its so dumb. I understand you want to make your own force, but others need to contribute back to the group.

His Sect is a piece of sh*t. He should totally leave it for that merchant sect, where everyone is treated fairly and obtains resources based on their own abilities.

The MC has a ridiculous number of enemies to the point where its messed up. Author needs to cool it down.

Still a funny read though when he starts messing with people.

Recent arc was tied up nicely, but that doesn't really change the overall trend.

Still a 3.5 Story <<less
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vkg313 rated it
Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms
December 5, 2017
Status: --
Even if you make a new page to reset the poor reviews...a bad story is still a bad story... all you did was remove all of the positive views that initially were garnered by the story when it first came out...

A ridiculous harem story where women all just randomly fall in love with the MC, leaving you thinking, quite literally "wtf"...

It started with something that sounds like it would have been a great story, but the author just wreaked it. If you literally have nothing to read at all, then... more>> I might suggest looking at this one.

Cultivation Chat Group is like a 1000X better than this story. <<less
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vkg313 rated it
Immortal Ape King
June 28, 2017
Status: c11
Not sure if the story is going to be good or not, but the translation by WuxiaNationTL is difficult to read because it feels machine translated. Also, when you read the story, it feels like a child wrote it, so it might make your head hurt...

The main character has just started cultivating, and is supposedly a genius because his soul crossed over, and how he would be better than everyone else, if only he had resources or was born into a better clan. There's a bit of whining. Then the... more>> author goes on the say that cultivation speed wasn't much of a problem any more in a later chapter. Also I didn't get whether they explained what his previous internal injuries were from.

He was also an orphan in his previous life, and now he has parents. Doesn't feel like he is grateful for having parents now. The crossing over of his soul is also kind of like, "Oh okay, I crossed over. Thank you god." It required no real adjustment on his part...

Also, apparently using a bow will give him prefect control of his strength and coordination of his entire body, which I don't believe that is true at all. Apparently, using the bow will help him refine his body so it gets better suited for control...

I haven't seen any actual character development for anyone either, making you feel like this story might be a bit shallow. Also, I don't feel like anything has really been happening in the story. No antagonist, just the MC trying to get strong.

This story kind of feels like a subpar version of The Desolate Era. It has a water cultivation attributed MC, Houyi archer, alive loving parents, etc

I can't really judge the story properly this early, so I guess we will see how it goes. But if it continues superficially like this, I'll probably drop it soon. <<less
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vkg313 rated it
July 13, 2017
Status: v1c6
The story is everything that you hope for in a VR novel. The world is real, and doesn't feel like a game, like those other novels like the great thief and similar novels. The extra cool thing is that playing the game helps him improve in real life as well.

Each chapter is nice an long too, compared to other novels.

Hoping for more updates soon!
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vkg313 rated it
Gob Tensei
July 6, 2016
Status: C12
Its weak and there doesn't seem to be a particular direction that its going in. Very slice of life kind of story with a creepy masochist MC. Nothing special here
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vkg313 rated it
The Gate Of Good Fortune
May 30, 2019
Status: c395
I agree with GingerMessiah. He has a good review contradicting all of the negative points of a previous poster with many likes.

Although a lot of bad things happen to the MC, a lot of good things happen too. And it is his fortune to survive it all and get stronger. Most people would have died.

Harem elements in this story are lower, and I like that the MC can actually be friends with multiple female characters without either side feeling the need to get into the other's pants. It's refreshing. If... more>> you want to read about a regular harem, there are like a 100 stories out there. You don't have to read this one.

I also like how the cultivation struggle seems more realistic. The MC can be attacked by people multiple realms above himself, versus a cookie cutter one where they are just a few levels above and the MC can overcome them with his talent or flees and comes back later stronger to kill them. And you won't really see people who are a realm above, but "disdain from taking action because its beneath themselves" or "disdain from taking the treasures of weaker people". Stronger bully the weak period even across realms.


What I don't like is the blatant waste of cultivation resources being used from his personal stash for the war. You know you require a ridiculous amount of resources, yet you still waste 1000 high spirit stones per shot, telling people that they shouldn't stop shooting and use all the stones they can. It's like a bad joke when the MC has resources to cultivate for a long time and then wastes them on a fight that doesn't affect them much once your loved ones are not in danger...

He also wastes cultivation resources on other people even when they have no way of ever paying him back. Generosity only goes so far, especially when you're weak. He also reveals all his greed inducing treasures a lot, which makes him enemies with everyone. Only a moron does that, and his yellow bead of good fortune can only do so much against poor decisions. He is unable to be respectful to stay safer like a normal person.

Even worse, when he does have a decent amount of resources, he "conveniently" does not cultivate and get stronger faster because he just wants to explore or something. Plot device to keep the MC weak happens over and over again.

Also, giving a fake name where all you did was switch your first and fast name is stupid. The fact that this is a common thing in chinese novels is really sad. It feels like all MCs are universally stupid.

I also find it stupid when a MC intentionally leaves behind tracks for this enemies just so he can taunt them. I find that to be really stupid. He takes a high number of cocky moves that backfire greatly.

Another Unfortunate thing is that some of the plot threads get resolved in terms of enmity really quickly through a few chapters. All of those people that tried to kill him over all of the continents are killed off one at a time over a group of chapters. It doesn't ruin the story, but it leaves you slightly unsatisfied, even though thats how the real world works. Unlike other stories, the MC doesn't always kill off strong antagonists. He just finds a way to escape, and both continue living their lives until the MC runs into them again when he's a lot stronger.

Another thing I found weird is that people kept trying to kill him claiming he was a devil cultivator, but as the story went on, that stopped completely. Now they just say that they want to kill him for his treasures instead of lying about it, although he never stopped using that devil axe...

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vkg313 rated it
One Piece Invincible
October 10, 2018
Status: c19
If you are looking for accuracy, you shouldn't read this.

This is a fanfiction obviously. The writing isn't that great, and feels a bit childish. The translation has some typos here and there too.

... more>>

Apparently there are dinosaurs in East blue somehow. And according to the author, people with bounties in the hundreds of millions just wander East blue. And then it went from belli currency to gold and silver coins...I stopped reading One piece after the time skip, but I don't know if that became a thing.

Also, MC is overly OP. He can get and use all devil fruits. No limitations. Unfortunately, he became stupid all of a sudden.

He is getting crew members in a similar order to Luffy as well with the navigator and swordsmen. It is lacking a bit of originality.

He even gave away the healing fruit so far to his one and only crew member. So apparently no one can get in the water on that ship. He says its for her protection, but she is a non-combatant, and if she falls in the water from not being able to protect herself, she'll die anyways.


It might turn people off that the MC and navigator have Indian names, but I don't mind.

Its an "okay" read, if you're just looking to pass the time.

I had to drop it because I got bored. It doesn't have the same appeal as One Piece. It's like a watered down version. <<less
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vkg313 rated it
Peerless Martial God
August 5, 2018
Status: c2000
I just want to give Totally Insane Translations some props for continuing to translate to the end. It's actually very impressive if you look at it from this angle. It would have been simple to quit, with all of the negative feedback this story gets, but they are going to the end, and I respect that.

The major problem with this story is that the villains are too 1 dimensional and almost always "arrogant young masters". The villains are always sprouting lies and covering the truth that the MC exposes every... more>> time. And somehow only the MC's friends are good people. Sometimes the MC offends people for no reason other than "they looked at him with disdain". Like, who the hell cares if people look at you like that. Everyone in this story is too extreme, including the MC, especially in later chapters.

On the other hand, unless someone died, they still show up later in the story, because the MC goes back home over and over again, so you get to see the changes in all of those areas. I like that about this story. It doesn't deserve one star, but its definitely not 5 stars either. I'd say 3 stars. An alright read. <<less
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vkg313 rated it
Sage Monarch
September 28, 2016
Status: c38
Story is fairly plain xianxia story with lots of killing, and less plot. Cultivation system is interesting though. I'm also glad that the MC is supposedly empathic to all creatures, and not a psychopath like other stories. Glad Wuxiaworld picked it up overall.

My favorite lines:

Yang Qi chuckled. "Where do you think you are, back home at that institute of yours? You think you can make a comeback after being beaten like this? We're in the jianghu, the home of danger and viciousness. You seriously think I'm going to just tell... more>> you my name and let you go, so that you can return to the Sea God Institute and get some more powerful people to get revenge for you? Well, I can tell you, that's not going to happen."

He was by no means boasting. With the flick of a finger, he sent a stream of true energy directly into the young man's forehead.

Praise be that he MC isn't stupid. He is overly fixated on his former love. <<less
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vkg313 rated it
Hail the King
May 20, 2019
Status: c475
Story isn't bad, but repetitive and somewhat slow at times. It starts to grate on you.


What I don't like is that the MC stopped focusing on all of the Diablo Characters, and just worked on the barbarian character. On top of that, he is min maxing, because "he can just switch to other characters." But if you don't level up those other characters, they are just going to be useless weaklings... doesn't make sense...

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vkg313 rated it
Ancient Strengthening Technique
March 20, 2017
Status: c197
Its a decent novel when it comes to the relationships, however, its still a harem story, and at least 80% of the story seems to revolve around women, so it only gets 3 stars from me, and that is being generous. It gets hard to read about a horny guy continuously. If you can't handle that, then it's better to skip this novel.

Also, this story has an incredible amount of "text walls", so beware before reading.
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