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viper764 rated it
Common Sense of a Duke’s Daughter
April 20, 2016
Status: --
The premise of the story is very misleading.

The essential idea is that the main character is from Japan, and reincarnates into the body of a villainess from an Otome game she played. Except she “merges” with that villainess, and it happens at the moment where the villainess gets a bad end. Great premise.

The problem? The villainess wasn’t really evil.

Everything she does is petty stuff that is justified later. The entire “redemption” promise is completely discarded. Rather, it’s the good guys who are apparently stupid and bad. Everyone that opposes the... more>> MC is shortsighted, ignorant, or dumb. Everyone that supports her is brilliant and capable. She always succeeds in everything she does.

Characters are flat and one-dimensional. Most exist purely to admire and brag about how brilliant the MC is. Because of this, the story is predictable.

Overall, the writing is decent. I can see why people would like it. But a ton of wasted potential. <<less
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viper764 rated it
The Girl Who Ate a Death God
May 30, 2016
Status: c34
A contender for the best LN on this site.

Unlike many other LNs or WNs, you can TELL that the writer of this story knows her craft, is capable of writing excellent dialogue and plot. There are times when a character says something and I'll go "oh, that was clever." That rarely, if ever, happens when reading most other stories here.

In particularly, the characterization is nuanced... not everything is black and white. Our protagonist is not a hero, or fully a villain. What she is... is engaging, entertaining, and delightful to... more>> read about.

The plot is the classic war story with the evil empire and the righteous rebellion. Except our protagonist is on the wrong side. Throughout the story you get this sinking feeling of inevitability, because you know how the story ends. And you don't particularly want her side to win, but you don't want HER to lose.

It's rather unique.

It helps that the translation does the original work justice, and reads like one you'd pick up at the bookstore.

All in all... if you're into great protagonists and war (and even if you aren't) give it a try.

5/5. <<less
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For Japanese Tsukkomi-type comedy, this light novel is absolutely hilarious thus far. The receptionist in the first few chapters is absolutely brutal, and the jokes are perverted without being overly vulgar.

The characters have a ton of personality. Like most comedies of this style, their character traits are taken to extremes for comedic effect. In the main character, this manifests in the fact that she was a naive male shut-in who trusts too easily stuck in a succubi's body.

It's still pretty early, but it's moving along at a good pace and... more>> I've enjoyed each chapter. It's also apparently popular enough to get a manga adaptation so I'm looking forward to where it goes.

Also the reviews on this saying the story is trying too hard to be funny are some of the dumbest things I've ever read. That's like complaining that a Shounen manga talks about friendship too much, or that a horror story has too much gore.

It's a comedy.

Trying to make you laugh is, just maybe, the point. Humor is always subjective and maybe this isn't your cup of tea, but in that case, go read something else. To knock it down for trying is just silly. <<less
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