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vamsip000 rated it
Womanizing True Immortal
July 11, 2018
Status: c400
This novel satarted intersting but it cannot be fully matched with the title as what we are expecting form title like womanizing mage. This novel was as our ML tries to get to make many women love him by his efforts and there was no elobrate s*x scenes just single line. After nearly 400 chapters we know the true identity of MC and after his life and death battle he was rest and recuperates somewhere and the plot gets boring as he restarts cultivating from sctratch. When we first started... more>> reading and from synopsis we think rolling MC all the way but not in later and thats all the filtring was somewhat likable but it stops later. <<less
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vamsip000 rated it
The Strongest Hokage
April 28, 2018
Status: Completed
spoilers given by second review I am making corrections

... more>>

its was not black zetsu saying he was third son of kaguya it was the author of this novel

obito was controlled by black zetsu like how madara controlled nine tails

obito does not hate konoha or minoto it was black zetsu and the author clearly stated that obito showed his killing intent toward naruto not minato and black zetsu can see ashura chakra in naruto and don't want him to be obstacle in future

obito used nine tails that madara got from kushina to attack konoha was to distract minato and kill naruto but as in original minato sealed nine in naruto

the hokage term means the strength and status but here our MC nominally become hokage of hidden rain before he gave it to tsunade

yes one piece arc was unnecessary but the author told that MC consumed too much power and he was not able travel in space without space channel although he can go back slowly but it will take long time so MC dicided to rest in nearby world until he regains his strength and thus he entered one piece world and a simple story about it and his return to ninja world <<less
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vamsip000 rated it
God Of Soul System
July 8, 2017
Status: Completed
Hardcore fans of One Piece that love luffy, that love naruto, that love ichigo do not read this. Because in this series the plot was completely controlled by MC where the original MC of the anime in this are completely become background characters as they hold no importance.

I have enjoyed this series. MC was not like other where they are transported to anime world and create harem with all the main characters that are beautiful. MC only and truly loves Boa Hancock from start to finish, although there are many... more>> followers to him and love him.

As for the story only one piece was still running and author made an interesting story to complete it and naruto and bleach somewhat follows the story.

I like it so I completed it. <<less
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