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valzione rated it
March 9, 2018
Status: c426
I gave this a fair chance when I thought it was going to be one of those "MONEY MONEY MONEY NO NEED FRIENDS, JUST MONEY MONEY MONEY MONEY MONEY" korean novels.


In the end, most koreans seem to be masochists of some kind and while greedy and moneymongers, that plotpoint does pass and isn't used anywhere near as much as the overuse that can be seen in LMS.

The mmo world does seem to be interesting... more>> and the skills seem to have quite obvious flaws and strengths as they should, the production system also seems interesting at first but that slowly turns into just meh due to infinite "design own item that becomes turbo op and remains that forever"-slots.

Another bad point that sees much use, is explaining lot of things with "unlucky" or otherwise with luck, which just feels incredibly lazy and cliched, thankfully though, this is not at the level of overusing, atleast yet.

Lastly, especially starting from within 300-ish chapters, retarded racism plotpoint starts to be used a lot, and it's still under heavy use, you'd think young adults wouldn't be this retarded and countries wouldn't send disfunctional teams to some world stages but... yeah. Below some examples of retarded racism present.


This guy plays with korean person, HE MUST BE KOREAN, this completely feels like these people want to burn the aforementioned person on a f*cking stake because of this, and it doesn't seem to be just the nationalist party (i could believe it from soviets or chinese, but it's not either in this example's case)

This guy doesn't want to badmouth MC who is korean, HE MUST BE KOREAN (same comments here as above)

"We are at national competition, but because I personally dislike asians being a skinhead (???), i'll just verbally abuse this guy who is stronger than me and way more important as he is acknowledged to be the strongest player in the game, almost causing the team to become crippled", seriously this is what I thought best describes this one character, and better yet, he apparently wants to win for his country (????). What kind of country would send person like this in national stage of any kind?

Lastly, the only country that isn't deemed as the devil, is just south korea (surprisingly there is nothing about north korea despite ample poor plotpoints about china and japan. The other countries are portrayed usually almost as bad as japanese in chinese novels.


tl;dr It's decent novel with less focus on retarded korean masochistic moneygrubbing, but this is compensated by other bad things. Don't expect too much good stuff as the MC is more or less a Garu Stu with masochistic tendencies and "bad luck". <<less
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valzione rated it
Godly Stay-Home Dad
March 25, 2018
Status: c4
I remember there being another novel with similar idea, so I gave this a try, this is just 4 chaps in so might give this a try later, but this doesn't appear to be nearly as good as the other one. TL quality is good here though.

Below some spoilerish things that turned me off this novel.

... more>>

First of all, "the name your mother gave you is no good because it's not chinese"... What kind of parent is like this???

Secondly, the plot here seems to be "MC came back from immortal world to time before he died" it doesn't appear that his previous body survived this tribulation, but he still expects his items to be on his person, and even pulls out a random treasure, all while emphasizing how his cultivation is lost and he has returned on earth. This makes no sense at all, did his body return or did his soul return, why does he have his ear treasure but not his ring if his body returned, where is his cultivation?

While we are at that, the world he returns to seems to be completely different world than the one he originally left/died in, which atleast with this little amount of chapters seems to be purely unexplained plot convenience.


Basically it feels like the author first had an idea, and he then went and added more things later, feeling like there already wasn't enough and that some things he wanted to use weren't explained earlier.

I'm also guessing there is going to be A LOT of "china number oneeee!!!!" things here judging from ch 3-4.

Decent read though regardless of all the faults I guess, atleast compared to many other chinese novels here. <<less
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valzione rated it
SSS-Class Suicide Hunter
April 5, 2019
Status: c5
4 stars out of 5

I won't give you in depth analysis of the story as I can't read moonrunes and as of writing there are only 5 chapters out.

I went in expecting nothing, maybe carbon copy of every single KR story ever where the MC is masochistic money obsessed scrooge.

What I found out instead was a broken MC, someone really mad. The first 5 chapters are too short to see whether this will also fall into the same KR copypaste category, but my first impression was: damn that's clever, I... more>> have questions and there is potential here. <<less
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valzione rated it
Forty Millenniums of Cultivation
October 15, 2017
Status: c197
Quick rundown

Cultivation isn't a "sit in cave for billions of years to reach level x"-type which makes the story more interesting, since while it should be understood that slow and steady wins the race in cultivation etc, but pointlessly inserting huge amounts of exaggerated numbers for years/resources/everything makes you lose interest in them, you could just as well erase that stuff and instead replace it with "long time" and it would be just as good or even better, this one surprisingly doesn't have too many of those exaggerations.

Premise is cultivation... more>> type of world (duh) which actually has a modern type of setting. Countries exist and are relevant, instead of just being cannon fodder for mc/villain, many different types of devices have been given interesting cultivation based descriptions for their inner workings.

MC isn't turbo op, but instead intelligent and a bit eccentric and seems to be good at comprehending things, has no ghost grandpas telling him everything about everything, side characters aren't too deep, but they aren't 2 dimensional either although they seem to suffer of catastrophic "mentioned and after MC leaves area they are never referred to ever again"-syndrome.

Not many usual "i rape/kill/rob things because X" motivations and plot events that are usually prevalent in chinese novels.

No portraying random caves as some godlike perfect locations to sit in when there is comfort of modern civilization.

Modern civilization mixed with cultivation is actually interesting

Story has it's bad parts that seem to just be plot armor that is too convenient (atleast once around ch 190-ish) but these are mostly minor and can be skipped without losing much. <<less
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valzione rated it
Shadow Hack
April 17, 2018
Status: c230
Originally read this and thought it was kind of unique and interesting with its concept.

Reasons for the initial thoughts:

1. Cultivation wasn't "sit in cave for bajillion years for x"

... more>> 2. There seems to be modern society with its comforts which usually doesn't exist or gets dropped fast

3. Cultivation wasn't your usual "random qi" sh*t.

4. The cheat itself was kind of new and original

Now that all this has been said, the reasons I came to drop this now are:

1. The chapters were never good, they were bearable, but I don't really recall enjoying reading this. Mainly done to kill time in train.

2. MC's personality is terrible, it isn't at level of "ok I got my cheat now, I better desperately run as fast as possible to make sure the first thing I do is slap those who 'wronged' me", but it is not much better, and with latter chapters it has gotten worse and worse.

3. Author seems to be obsessed with killing and violence, seems like there are feelings of repression irl, idk. I do know its expected in wuxia/xianxia, but I just feel it is kinda overdone here. On bright side, there dont appear to be so many s*x obsessed people as in say, strongest abandoned son.

4. Turbogreedy villains, another cliche that is also overdone here. The villains are legit so greedy that it feels like they got lobotomized whenever they see something they like/want even if it is just suspected. It gets so bad author pulls the endless reserves cliche to counteract the losses and making them seem pointless.

5. World doesnt make much sense since it hasn't been described properly and lot of things have to be guessed. At some point you kind of just accept that the virtual world, dimensions etc. Work how they do just because they do.

6. Cliches and hypocrisy a plenty of. The longer you read the more obvious they become, would add inconsistencies but can't really recall any examples.

That is just some of the reasons. Overall I'd give this a 2 stars, since things just seem to be going downhill.

Tl;dr not particularily good, and seems to be getting worse, but hey it kills some time atleast until ch 200-ish <<less
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valzione rated it
World Defying Dan God
November 21, 2017
Status: --
I made it just few chaps in, honest impressions;

  1. writing or translation style on first tl site feels childish, not sure if so originally, or due to translator.
  2. Really generic setting, crippled MC, fiancee about to be stolen yadda yadda etc. good encounter -> MC gets op
  3. Everyone is like in generic cultivation novels, everyone in family is a d*ck aside MC's immediate family and people who are obviously MC's friends villains are extra generic and 2 dimensional (although this can't be judged properly since all the bad points piling up made me drop this in like first few chaps in)
  4. The other generic villain challenges MC to alchemy and martial duel (why would you challenge a cripple to also match on alchemy? readers know he isn't a cripple but why would this generic villain make himself look like retard by challenging someone who obviously shouldn't know alchemy into alchemy match when he should already win the martial fight easily?)
  5. This was last straw for me, MC encounters generic villain who insults him in really weak manner, MC first accompanies the generic villain in arguing like little kids (says MC is way more mature than others right after???), reveals he is op (like in every other novel) and then MC proceeds to go all HAhaa and act like little kid who beat the other little kid for a toy (despite being said to be so mature...)
TL;DR Premise seems really interesting but story itself suffers from many faults, some of which are generic and can be ignored and others just being dumb.
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