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tuado94 rated it
The Human Emperor
August 1, 2017
Status: c163
There are a few plot hole that ruins this for me. The story was really enjoyable from the start but later on it feels like it's just dragging on.

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According to the other chapter he is suppose to be a reincarnated supreme general or some thing like that however he certainly doesn't act like one, and is loyal to an emperor that he has never meet before for absolutely no reason. He meet the emperor for the first time in his two lifes time at chapter 163 after he got summoned to a meeting and talk about some strategy. After saying 3 sentences he was literally sweeting all over from head to toe because meeting the emperor is like meeting the tiger... it's just kinda dumb after all he acts all high and mighty against the other characters that he has heard of and meet before but when it come to the emperor that he had never have any interaction with. Certainly not the act of a supreme general that has killed thousands.

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tuado94 rated it
Red Packet Server
June 19, 2017
Status: c69
The start was interesting enough and the plot has potencial, but later on the writing becomes very lackluster, things repeating them self, dumb things happening that wouldn't happen if MC remotely have a brain.

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tuado94 rated it
So What If It’s an RPG World?
September 9, 2016
Status: v2
The story for this novel is just all over place... main character is just a push over and pretty much follows the decision of what ever new character just turn up made, it's so dull... give out a feeling that he can't think for him self and is there to be ordered around.. There aren't much character development either, every single character feel stale and boring..

The story is just a mess, character could be in a dungeon some where and then suddenly appear in another country doing something else in... more>> like 5 sentence... 2 "main" character could be standing in a dungeon and then one of them die off because some bull sh*t reason, then the MC just continue with the story and like nothing ever happened. <<less
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