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traitorAIZEN rated it
Sairin Yuusha no Fukushuu Hanashi
November 26, 2016
Status: v2c16
I was expecting a lot because since the description resembles Nidome no Yuusha. I was hoping for a similar dark story overflowing with gore and malice that will make me root for MC in his madness to get revenge on those who betrayed him. But unfortunately, it became a huge disappointment.

The author clearly doesn't understand the concept of revenge and the emotion that comes from being betrayed. And what's worse was the MC being tricked again and again by those who betrayed him in his previous life. And it's hard... more>> for me to consider his actions as 'revenge', it looked more like silly pranks. And then it turned into a generic adventuring story.

Don't waste your time reading this novel, it's not worth your time. <<less
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traitorAIZEN rated it
Release that Witch
August 7, 2018
Status: c600
Too bad there's no 1.5 ratings.

The story was really exciting in the beginning, watching someone hated and useless turning the table and improving his fief is a fun read. But as more and more witches appear and the more he create modern stuffs, the harder for me to keep on reading it because of the issues I seen in it.

(might contain minor spoilers...)

First, the witches. They are just so convenient. So convenient that I wonder what would happen to the industries after they die since some of them... more>> heavily depend on witches' powers and those powers can't be transferred. So convenient that whenever the MC needs something, there will always be a witch that will appear to solve that. I even just consider them as humanoid version of skills he gets if this world follows a game system, and the MC will be that op character. But ofcourse the MC needs to be surrounded by females right? And since the MC needs a lot of skills, there will also be alot of witches that it becomes harder to track who is who.

Secondly, the MC. If I remember correctly, he's just a mechanical bluprinter/engineer. I understand him having the knowledge to create machines. Steam engine? Why not. Gunpowder? it's cliche so why not. Chemicals? Now you're pushing it. He's just a mechanical engineer but suddenly he becomes so all-knowing.

What really turned me off big time is the pace he pseudo-modernized his fief. Yup, 'modernized'. I consider it different from advancement of the civilization. And these heavily depend on the witches' powers. He tries to recreate the 'modern earth' in this tiny fief of his. He keeps churning modern stuff one after the other, and it's truly convenient that the people quickly adapts to them in just a short amount of time. Medieval era people easily adapting to modern technology, how believable is that?

Then theres the water system, heating system and then the last straw for me, electricity. Like wtf!? Are you gonna create televisions? internet? airconditioners? Or maybe flying cars? I doubt it'd be impossible since a new witch will appear who has the convenient power that can make them happen. And there's also those lightbulbs he created along with a half-ass explation. I'm sure if only we've invented laser guns and swords then he would've also introduce it to these medieval people. In the first place, the basic knowledge needed to understand the modern technology is not a familiar thing to these people.

This kind of kingdom building is plain stupid. He should create simpler and more practical machines or methods that are more in line with the existing knowledge, technology and resources of this world. For example, instead of relying on electricity and lightbulb, he could've made a lamp or candle thats shines brighter and lasts longer. Who's to say it's impossible in this fantasy world? Atleast that way they won't heavily rely on the witch powers or complicated electricity producing machine that's way beyong their understanding. And that's also why the witches are so convenient, he can just use them as shortcut method to bypass any needed effort to study and adapt to this world and era. He migth have created books from his memory and somewhat educated the people but, I consider those knowledge as half-ass because it's impossible for him to know and specialize in everything of the modern era.

And if ever he and the witches suddenly disappear or die in battle (ofcourse we know they are the protagonists and there will be plot armor then eventually win in the end, but imagine if it's not that kind of story) , what happens then to these things he created? With the half-baked knowledge of the people, they won't know how most of them works. The most they can do is keep it as it is, not fully knowing the science know-hows behind each of them. And they'll slowly return to a lifestyle that befits their era, maybe they'll keep some of his reforms. Worst case scenario, there will be bloodier wars using the wepons he created.

Again, that's why I call it him 'pseudo-modernizing' his fief and but not actually helping in advancing the civilization. He spoonfed his advance knowledge to the people of a medieval era of a different world. Yes, his modern knowledge might've been the end results of the long effort of innovators in earth's history but, this should not be the end results in a fantasy world. He already provided the finished products so why should the people try to innovate and slowly, but steadily, create their own technology and way of life? The MC has deprived them of this choice. The people just need to follow the road he created to spare themselves any unncessary efforts, efforts that could have led them to a different road.

From a practical point of view, this story is so stupid. But if your turn off your brains and just go along with it, then you'll probably enjoy reading it.

This review just ended up focusing on MC's use of the modern day knowledge. I couldn't help it because it's such a huge plot hole for me.
After reading some of the reviews after writing mine, I have to say I deeply agree with yowamu, youseiki, and triggerk's opinions. <<less
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Translation is excellent, as expected from Tseirp Translations.
Somewhat intriguing synopsis.
Has the potential to be an above average fantasy story.

But the story content, atleast the volume 1, failed to achieve anything grand to separate itself from other jp isekai stories. The content might look packed with potential but felt bland after a throrough read. It's not bad but it's also really not that good. It's full of these mini events that advance the story tiny bit at a time. But as whole, it served as a fine foundation for... more>> what's to come in the future, some character relationships are developed and mc's life in the frontier has been established.

The volume 1 might have these flaws but it's not worth dropping the series. I look forward to reading more of it. <<less
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traitorAIZEN rated it
Everyone Else is a Returnee
May 1, 2018
Status: afterword
A really good read. I got hooked immediately from the synopsis alone and from then on it never let me down. The MC's experience in the millenium of solitude, the worldbuilding, the characters, and the humor. I really enjoyed everything of it.

I like OP characters with very likeable personality, and the MC is not your bland JP novel character.

That harem tag really bothered me before reading this, but it wasn't as toxic as those JP harem. It's very mild really, and the MC is not that stupid easily flustered kind... more>> that goes shy and scratches the back of his head (still looking at you generic JP protagonists).

And also the humor, I really loved it. The tsukomis are really funny especially with the angels and their mini angels war. I'd liken it to konosuba type of comedy, not exact as konosuba but the level is up there with it.

When there were times that I thought the plot will get boring and predictable, it suddenly hits me with a new concept/twist and just imagining the possibilities that can come from it gets me excited all over again. This kind of cycle throughout the story is what made it very enjoyable and never gets boring.

I really enjoyed this novel. Yes, it might lack tension even in the finale but that didn't really affect the overall enjoyment for me.
I very much recommed you read this novel. <<less
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December 18, 2017
Status: c195
After reading the reviews before reading the story, I've prepared myself to be infuriated and annoyed by the MC. I've prepared myself to go through those 100 chapters while hating the MC. And after reading up to the latest chapter (ch195), i've realized that those preparations were misplaced. It's not the MC but it was the author who was really maddening.

The MC isn't your typical protagonist, he has attitude and personality problems. Maybe that's a big NO NO for others and find him irritating. But I did find that personality... more>> of his to be rather interesting because he's out of the norm but still reasonable/relatable to some degree. Imagine yourself being treated trash and always being misunderstood just because of your outer appearance, you work hard but in the end the payoff is deprived from you, and no matter what you do you are stricken with extreme bad lack you can't escape from, would you still act all positive and mentally sane/healthy? If you do, then you're a god damn saint or just a broken psychopath.

The story did not improved after 100 chapters because of the "character development" that the other reviewers said. It improved because the author stopped being such a sadistic cruel douche who tortures the MC with extreme bad luck. It was like the author gave the MC a bad luck stat and set it to a maximum degree during those earlier chapters. It was because of that that the MC's personality became so screwed up. And after reaching chapters 70+, the author slowly stopped his sadistic bad luck torture causing the MC to slowly stabilize/improve his mentality and personality. He's had a better luck and his hard work pays off like how it normally should be especially with his special job class.

The story so far has been quite good and has a promising future. <<less
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