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Heaven Awakening Path
April 25, 2016
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Hello, I will clear a few misunderstandings regarding the genres.

1) There might not be much romance

Now, this might not be true, and there might be some romance later, but it seems unlikely. If you’ve read the other work by the same author (King’s Avatar on gravity) you will probably know what I am talking about. There would be plenty of bittersweet conversations, but a full out romance seems unlikely.

... more>> 2) Protagonist is not lazy at all.

So MC is neither lazy nor does he intend to hide his power. He has his circumstances as you would know when you read the novel. 3) MC may seem OP at first, but later you will realize that things are much more than what they seemed at first

4) Last of all, the build up is slow, but it’s not unexciting. It is enough to keep you hooked if you get past first twenty chapters <<less
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