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Feng Yu Jiu Tian
December 23, 2016
Status: v15c5.3
I gave this one a try because the author is Feng Nong and she did a wonderful work with Gu Fang Bu Zi Shang.

Actually, I was a bit disappointed. I was expecting a mature, intelligent and scheming protagonist. You can get that from the MC. Occasionally. The MC is a big baby that the main lead is always pampering. Throws tantrums, sulks, famewhore, can't even be considerate enough to the lead. He's naive and good-natured at times, vicious and has bad temperament at other times. The consistency of his character... more>> is difficult to fathom until he grows up (just a bit though). It really tests your patience until you somehow get used to him, I guess. Apart from his modern knowledge, he's unreliable. I guess it's his luck to be put in an ancient setting.

Which brings me to another point. Apart from the soul transfer thingy at the start, we never see much involvement of magic again. It's like the author used it as a convenient device then tossed the involvement of the whole idea. It's a bit like running away to me.


The novel isn't the type that builds up until you're left with a breathtaking ending. It starts good then slips downhill, gets good again and then bad but you're holding on to the side characters instead of the protagonist and hoping the development gets better again.

I love Rong Tian and Ruo Yan. Seriously, why are they so madly in love with Feng Ming? (The power of boner is strong.)


There are still some good parts. Smut is frequent. The depth of their romance gets better. You can see that they really care for each other. There are also some nice scenes where the underdog turns the situation around with modern knowledge. The political development is interesting. Actually, it's saving grace (for me) is the political development. It is massive and interwoven. One action causes a ripple across nations. It makes you ruminate that the world is always interchanging constantly. One action is never really too small.

So the verdict is to try reading it but have a bit of patience with the MC. <<less
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