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tofumofu rated it
Rebirth of the Wolfish Silkpants Bottom
July 22, 2018
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was kinda cute at first


I hate it when ML s are written as overbearing pricks that dont know what no is

Its not romantic. Its not cute. Its actually quite repulsive.

ML keeps doing things that MC already expressed multiple times for him to stop. Gross.

... more>>

theres this one part he dry humped on MCs leg and kissed him to get off while MC was sleeping. Gross.


Also MC may be mentally 30 but ML doesnt know that. ML is a legal adult and MC is in a 13 y/o body that passes for 10. So, pedophillia. abso-goddam-lutely disgusting. I couldnt bear to keep reading. Its just wrong.

Also despite being bl its slightly homophobic ? "Even as a homo he has morals" the heck is the author tryna say. Stuff like this happens multiple times like, no, stop.

Honestly this would have been so cute if ML wasnt written as a douche with no morals. Non con is frickin disgusting. Shame on u if u think its romantic or hot. Ew. Ew ugh. Ew. <<less
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It's one of those counterattack system novels.

(well in this case she's a heroine who's counterattacking the canon fodders counterattack?)


... more>> The first few arcs are mundane and with basic plots you see everywhere. But it's not too bad. It's still above average lol.

But later on my gosh it gets so good. The plots aren't so basic anymore. The arcs later on made me feel things bro. I cried at a few of them.

+ each arc is not that lengthy so you know that there isn't much of that unnecessary bullsht to increase word count.

The romance is pretty nice. It's dependant on the mini plots. They don't have fixed personalities so it's refreshing each time.

Major plus point would be the fact that the male lead isn't always that perfect big boss golden thigh. It's great.


mpreg tag needs to be added he he


It's a good read. I read 700 chapters in a go today lol. <<less
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tofumofu rated it
Legend of Concubine’s Daughter Minglan
March 22, 2018
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Its like the ancient china webnovel version of Little Women.

(but like with more poison and drama)

Its a really good read. Its not as stressfull as other transmigration novels and the tone feels laid back especially at the first half of the novel. Its really appealing.

I especially love the relationship between the granma and ming lan. Its heartwarming? Idk. But its nice to see some love. So used to seeing treacherous and licentious family members with no sense of familial love. This was a breath of fresh air I... more>> suppose馃崈馃崈


+ points for the MC.

shes very human. <<less
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Its really good.

Though the premise is overused the plot is still very interesting. Theres a lot of comedic parts but got parts that almost made me shed tears too. Especially during the later parts. Gosh.

+ the characters arent one dimensional. Theyre very individualistic imho. Esp the MC.

But the best part lol I think would be the sheer ridiculousness of when the mirror tells the MC about how the harems can destroy worlds. So ridiculous 馃槀. I love it.
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Its really good 馃槏馃槏

I love how the MC isnt this ridiculously op female

Instead shes just very meticulous and careful with her planning. There isnt that problem where side characters iq levels start dropping when facing the MC either. (There are a few idiots who have like 0 iq from the get go lol)

The ML tho. Like wow I really appreciate when the ML doesnt take 5 seconds to fall in love with the MC. We get to witness an actual romance in the making.

A good read. 馃憤
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