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tirbb rated it
The Human Emperor
November 4, 2018
Status: c421
Started as promising "second chance" novel but becomes very boring after 100 chapters or so with all these so called "future important figures" that gets introduced almost every 2 chapters. It would be fine if the author actually makes them important figures but I've yet to see them become anything more than MC's henchmen or just get sidelined and have yet to reappear after 200 chapters.

Also most of the female characters are stupid strong and MC just keep getting bullied by them. I can understand that he can tolerate a... more>> relative, but there's this other non-relative with very arrogant personality that treats MC like a servant (she even pointed her spear at him and threaten him at his own manor) which is just baffling and annoying. Last but not least there's a certain consort who's supposed to have no cultivation but gets super strong because of a "forbidden art" for reasons. <<less
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