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Elixir Supplier
January 8, 2019
Status: c630
this story starts off well and seems to be interesting, but it later slowly turns the MC into an arrogant and selfish person.

while the change is slow and not abrupt, partly because the slow is slow and is mostly a slice of life of an MC who wants to be a hermit, it does leave a bad taste in your mouth once you realize that the MC isn't the same MC you've started to like at the start of the novel.

at the start, the MC is portrayed as... more>> a nice and kind person. he literally jumped into a river and almost drowned to death while trying to save someone. he is filial to his parents and respects the old. he doesn't want to interact with the powerful people but is persuaded to by one person and then more and more people start looking for him. not to mention that the system itself issues missions where he has to get expensive herbs to make medicine.

the second he gets rich however, all these is forgotten and the MC wants to live life as a hermit, dedicating his life to the system and becoming the best pharmacist in the world. the system however, forces him to actively seek patients and heal them.

as I mentioned earlier, he needs to buy expensive herbs to do this so he becomes okay with healing the rich and powerful. however he soon slowly shows his arrogance, where he refuses to treat people and is fine with watching them die if they do not obey his treatment plans which are almost all lifestyle changes (such as - do not eat fish, do not drink alcohol.. ect - oh yes, the author also hates fish for some odd reason since eating fish is somehow the root of all evil)

after a hundred chapters or so, the MC becomes proficient enough to use his medical knowledge to hurt people. and he does this often. making people who do not conform with his morals and views of the world or incur his displeasure crippled/handicapped/suffer.

strangely, he does not do anything to the rich people who target him and only attack the goons who annoy him and his parents.

fast forward a few more hundred chapters where his cultivation finally puts him at the top of the world, he starts using his internal strength to burst people eardrums and drive them insane as well.

at chapter 600, he finally causes someone's death due to his selfishness. he clearly knows that his formation on the mountain is harmful as it almost killed his mother a long time ago, and the formation later caused the death of someone who walked in accidentally to try and pluck some wild grass.

this formation is a little strange to be honest. at the start, it was only a an illusion formation, but later it became a qi gathering formation for no reason, then it started to hurt people and kill people...

oh and the MC also went on to burst the eardrums and drive the children of the old man whom he killed when they confronted him about it.

as for the romance....

i dont know what the author is trying to do with the romance honestly.

he was in a good relationship with one of the characters and they were happy and almost engaged, but she just dropped out of the story. a few hundred chapters later, it was said that they weren't talking ever since and then just gone....

and that sick rich girl who was treating him suddenly kept on popping out in the story.... <<less
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tides rated it
My Amazing WeChat is Connected to the Three Realms
May 3, 2019
Status: c2800

There is no harem in this

There is nationality in this

At chapter 1400, the main female leads "awakes" and leaves MC for over a thousand chapters.

The MC hasn't found her yet, nor has he become an immortal, so we have the MC chasing the female lead for over a thousand chapters.

The MC personality is annoying. He doesn't kill and this always results in his enemies coming back to hurt his loved ones. Sometimes, some of them nearly dies and the MC never learns.

The MC is also weak and somehow on this earth, where nobody is supposed to cultivate, there are powerful and rich families who are cultivators.

they going around throwing billions of dollars and using their cultivation powers to brainwash people. Not to mention that there is also a huge island with people who are half-step immortals.

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tides rated it
Legend of the Mythological Genes
May 26, 2019
Status: c477
not very good.

what we have here is a very interesting novel.

the first few chapters are very good and sets out the unique cultivation however it quickly goes downhill from there.

... more>> The mc's family quickly become irrelevant to the plot and his actions regarding them are strange. however the MC personality just gets worse and worse and it shows that the author has no clue how to properly write the unique novel that he has created at the start as it quickly turns into a typical xianxia.

not to mention that it later becomes fan fiction due to him bringing in aliens and more, but again all of these is irrelevant to the plot as the MC will just use his plot armor to smash everything.

The MC gene-equation cheat is only used on himself and his dreams of becoming a geneticist is quickly forgotten. he finds powerup after powerup and we see his "vitality" spiking very often.

The MC does not create any relationships at all and quickly forgets about everyone who has helped him. also characters never last as they are usually killed or the MC just becomes so strong that they disappear from the story.

majority of the chapters are describing pointless stuff. fights can last for more than 5 chapters and because nobody but the MC is relevant, you can just skip the entire fight dialog and you wont miss anything at all.

also the university entrance examinations spans for more than 100 chapters.... nothing and nobody in this 100 chapters are ever mentioned again.

MC cultivation and fights/combat

the MC power level spikes insanely and yet there are still people who are stronger than him popping up all over the place...

for example, it is written that the strongest cultivator on earth is only a cultivator elite. yet the MC only takes a few weeks to become stronger than a cultivator elite.

for example, his cultivation/vitality in the first 20 chapters is normal, then later he goes from 80ish->100ish in a few chapters, then from 100ish -> 270ish then -> 500ish -> 900ish -> 1200+...


the MC also talks alot about "saving" his family and tries to leave his family, but later on he decides to leave his family with the feng family...???

so much for all that "family" talk...

there is also no romance...

fanfic tag

The novel later on becomes fanfic, where people start using genes/skills from anime such as naruto, and even aliens (from the movie aliens) comes out....

MC plot armor

there is also some plot armor/unreasonableness about the MC genes.

as we all know, the MC genes are not at the "sun wukong" level yet, but he can summon the monkey god and/or use his legends to destroy his enemies attacks already...

while all of his other enemies are also on a similar mythical path, they cannot summon the final god of their path like the MC.

for example, one person who is stronger than the MC is on the path of king yama, but he is only at the stage of an asura, just like how the MC is on the path of sun wukong but only at the stage of a stone monkey.

so while the bad guy can only use the power of an asura, the MC can use the powers of sun wukong to wreck him, despite being weaker............????????????

Selfish protagonist

the MC is also very selfish. he first notices it when he refuses to save two girls who begged for his help. he explains that because he had transmigrated, he feels no sense of belonging to the world. (but he feels for his family???)

later on, he meets a village of herbs and while eating and drinking with them, he says that they have helped him alot and he owes them "a great favor".

a few sentences later, the village is attacked and he continues to eat and drink and ignores everything. when the village chief asks him for help, he refuses to help them until they offer him their treasures.

MC's other "cheat"

not really a cheat as per the author, but it seems like the MC can absorb martial arts just by reading the manual. it's should be written as a cheat but I dunno... he later learns martial arts just by looking at them... <<less
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tides rated it
Living in this World with Cut & Paste
April 27, 2018
Status: c101
i really like this.

despite how the MC is a complete moron and every cell in his body is a complete coward, it's fun to read. remember, the MC is like 12? years old. his entire life he did nothing but eat rabbits. his power obviously does not include an increase in his IQ or his intelligence but it definitely shrunk his balls.

mmm the though process of a beta... and how he tries his best to achieve his 'normal' 'boring' life.
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tides rated it
I Found A Planet
April 20, 2019
Status: Completed
its okay-ish. the MC is short sighted and very nationalistic.

first and foremost- It requires about 380 chapters before the plot starts moving and the aliens come, that is a little too much and most people will not read so far...

also a warning: the novel becomes a xianxia later on.

... more>>

The MC& synoposis

The MC seems to pursue money by bringing back tech from the planet.

he doesn't really bring back the tech as it is however, but forms a company and hires people to do research in the direction of the tech. when the researchers are stuck, he will drop huge hints or just give them the tech and let them build it which is much more realistic than "mansion in post-apoc".

the MC seems to be very nationalistic which is reasonable, but later on they start suppressing him and sometimes you'd wish that he'd just pack up and leave or fight back. the MC of "mansion in post-apoc" is much more realistic and likable in this regard.

regarding romance

the MC tries very hard to build his harem because he believes that he should get one because of he owns the planet. his mother tries very hard to hook him up but does not find successful because he doesn't want to get married.


chapter 150 is when he sleeps with a woman for the first time in the novel, but it's just a fling. later on however, he manages to brainwash the girl into being okay with being his concubine (not mistress) and marries another girl. he also hooks up with another girl...

he has..6 children I think, at chapter 300.

ironically and very realistic, all of his women + children leaves him once the war starts except for one, but he quickly picks one more up from his planet's universe.

so much for being loyal to a man who cant be loyal


he also becomes very protective of "his" planet and it is confirmed that he is the only human living on the planet.

plot moves very slowly. in fact I think theres no plot besides him bringing back tech and getting rich....


however around chapter 150 the cause of destruction in the planet is slowly unravels and at 250, he finds proof of the aliens.


only at the end of volume 2, chapter 350ish does the MC focus change and move towards to aliens and then at 380 or so, everything starts moving quickly and the novel starts for real... but it seems like most people will not get that far sadly...

I Have a Mansion in the Post-apocalyptic World is a much better novel in the same genre, but while mansion in post-apoc focuses alot on the zombies, this one focuses on the tech, business and earth alot more. sadly the MC loves his country so much that he's willing to be suppressed by them so the MC sometimes irritates the reader. of course, everything seems to be a part of his mega-plan to fight against the aliens in the end.

as for score, I would give this a 2/5. its not bad and doesn't deserve a 1, but its below average and worth a read if you are interested in how countries react to advance tech and politics.

the novel is in volume 3 right now and I cant decide if it'll get good yet so...2/5

It requires about 380 chapters before the plot starts moving and the aliens come, that is a little too much and most people will not read so far...

about volume 3....

i have no choice but to drop this to 1 star. the more I read the more I feel like I wasted my time.

as mentioned, volume 3 is where the "War" starts but


when the aliens finally attacked, the humans decided to start a "tournament" style "war" every few years instead of just kicking out the invaders.

also the aliens turned out to be humans who moved to a planet where they can cultivate, so it became a xianxia novel and earth is slowly creating it's own "qi". science is also slowly changing and all modern weapons slowly become worthless while cultivators become more and more powerful over time.

the author writes that since the "qi" is weak, it is the best time to kill them all and we already have robot soldiers on earth but nope. earthlings will be joining this tournament every few years while the alien cultivators slowly wait and will enslaves us all once the "qi" has recovered.


About Nationalism

i initially added a Nationalism tag but removed it, because it really isn't Nationalism. While the MC shows an insistent to not conduct business outside china, this is due to politics and what he is concerned about is his tech and his safety.

The examples quoted by the MC are also all recent events and real, coupled with the fact that the MC actually helps the US fix it's gun problem and economy later and it is revealed that


everything was part of a plan to create a proper world government so that space exploration and that the defense of the earth is possible since again, he is preparing for aliens to attack earth due to the parallel universe (but in the end it is cultivators who attacked earth....)


so I removed the Nationalism tag

end of volume 3 and volume 4 to completion

basically a complete and utter mess.

note that all these happened in around 5 chapters so you can understand how terrible it was with all the timeskips and stuff.

end of volume 3


so continuing from where I left off.

humans basically lost for several decades and "surrendered" all of their planets and space ports except mars.

BUT although humanity lost everything, the aliens lost more. because the cultivators fought with their bodies while humanity used mechs and the cultivators decides to just end it all and started to attack humans again. but humanity used their newly upgraded nukes to nuke all the cultivators.

then the cultivators who were at a loss, called one of their saints to help. this saint used this two hands and squeezed several planets into dust (but not earth).

MC answer was to send a black hole bomb + 10, 000, 000, 000 nukes and bomb this saint to death. peace occurred.

fast forward a few years, the MC decided to "integrate cultivators into humanity" (yay!)

but remember that the cultivators has a few more saints? well the answer of how to make sure that the saints do not do disagree is to bury 100, 000, 000, 000, 000 nukes on all of the planets that people are living on and say "i'll detonate if you disagree"


and it worked! this is the end of volume 3. yea. f**k this sh*t right?

volume 4

now volume 4 is only 20 chapters, so you can probably imagine that the novel went to sh*t and people stopped giving the author money or he just lost interest and decided to start a new book because well, this book has turned into shit. i'd give it half a star if I could.

oh and it's still xianxia. basically they traveled to a xianxia world (for real this time)

volume 4 spoiler but, its best you just continue reading instead of reading the spoilers here

so MC goes to this xianxia world, he randomly walks into a cave and finds a cultivation technique (i sh*t you not).

he then goes to a village and it so happens that there is a sect reciting. he joins the test and he passes it... and joins it... (remember at this point the MC is probably a few hundred years old but whatever, he passes the test)

apparently clone/avatar techniques are trash in this world and he gets one the second he joins the sect. he makes a clone and sends to his world and teaches some members of his family the techniques he learnt.

back to the xianxia world world, he then goes to gamble and win tons of money. he buys more cultivation techniques and uses ai to make his own cultivation technique.


volume 4 basically tries to turn the book into a xianxia and then at chapter 20, the final chapter, the author writes this


There is nothing to write in the back, the protagonist Chen Jin is basically invincible, no matter what the villain appears, the protagonist can easily get it.


f**k this shit. <<less
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tides rated it
Wu Dong Qian Kun
February 23, 2018
Status: c800
The start is really awesome, but after awhile, you realize that you are just wasting your time reading this.

entire chapters are used to describe one move in a fight and fights are so slow and after the first few hundred episodes, you'll just skip them.

the MC always fails to kill his enemies because either he's too weak or too scared, so he'll let them beat his dog, kick his parents, burn his house and whack his horse for a few years while he trains then come back and kills them.... more>> it's fine if it happens once or twice, but this happens almost every arc.

the bad guy, doesn't die. he does not die. they spend 50 chapters fighting, then when he's about to die, they'll stop. or he'll die then revive....80% of the novel is the MC just fighting the same guy over and over again with him going to new towns, pissing off the mayor and fighting, running away, watching his horse get beat up, come back kill him, meet bad guy. fight. restart. <<less
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tides rated it
June 9, 2018
Status: c1
the story is ridiculous and all the treasures in the entire world keeps appearing infront of the MC for no reason.

he is a reincarnator from earth and he has a set of cultivation techniques that has over 10000 stages. He uses it all the way from chapter 1 to chapter 9999 and it's basically better than every other skills the entire universe has created.

he is born with the strongest and never seen before martial spirits so ignore the synopsis because his spirit alone can flatten the entire universe.

the second he... more>> is old enough to walk, he walks to a lake and finds a cave with skills and weapons from another continent from a person who can destroy the entire continent he is at right now by flicking his finger. This also comes with strong bodyguards that can kill the king of the country he is in with a stare, and an entire sect too! This sect constantly sends him stronger bodyguards each time he moves to a stronger country too!


he later finds that this guy was captures and tortured for billions of years because of power struggles in the clan. No shit. You left all your weapons and stuff in the cave so durh


when he goes to another country for the first time, the bodyguard has a senior brother who is also the strongest man in the entire country!!

when he goes to school, his spirits dig up one of the strongest treasures in the entire world for him! WOW!

one of the good things in this novel is that his cultivation increases REALLY fast, but this also means that NOBODY will EVER matter because he will keep moving to stronger countries/realms. There is also 17 different cultivation realms so far in the raws (yes! 17!!!) and the raws are not even done!

200 chapters in, he also starts becoming cocky for no reason. He will taunt his enemies by telling them about ALL the treasures and skills he has, then kill these enemies who are 1 realm ABOVE him in ONE HIT. 2 lines later, he will remind himself that he can't let anyone know about the treasures he has.

also he cultivates by eating super rare pills that drop onto his lap that nobody else can find and his cultivation increases monthly. He also has an ability to create money out of air. I'm not lying.

don't read this.

Remember this line " is that so?" if you want to read because the second you start seeing this, you know the novel has went to shit. <<less
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tides rated it
Martial Peak
August 9, 2018
Status: c1047
The novel starts off well but it quickly becomes trash.

The MC character also changes quickly.
... more>>

For example, he threatened to wipe out the demon race in front of the demon king who he can only run away. He is clear that he cannot win but still he does it anyway. He also raped one girl and immediately said he didn't want to take any responsibility. Funny because it was the same thing that happened with Su Yan but he wants Su Yan so badly vs this girl who has done nothing but help him. Later one he also tries to rape another girl and only stopped after she threatened to break his dantian.

This MC isn't the same guy you read in the first 700 chapters anymore. He becomes utter trash for no reason. High realms also keep on popping out for no reason and the novel drags on to 4000+ chapters when it should have ended around 1800

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The Sacred Ruins
April 11, 2018
Status: c900
The other reviews are extremely misleading.

this novel isn't bad but it isn't good either. The author is trying to write a mystery novel but doesn't do it well, leaving you wondering what the heck you are actually reading. Alot of reviews are telling you that this is the 'most hilarious' novel ever but that is not true. There is actually also no mystery here at all, just that the world was damaged and it's slowly recovering which is what caused the "Apocalypse".

some people talk about how the selling and auctioning... more>> of enemies is hilarious, but it's really not THAT funny as he essentially captures them and ransoms them back. There is almost zero bidding going on after the first chapter and it becomes more of a ransom exchange for the majority of the plot.

not to mention that the translation are not even near the funny arcs yet so there is zero "funny" chapters right now.

if you can power through the first 70 chapters or so, you will understand a little bit regarding what is going on, and the MC powerup/fighting arcs start. The fighting also occurs non-stop and it becomes tiring to read after 400-500 chapters as nothing else ever happens. He becomes so strong that he just beats everyone who comes even if they are 2 realms higher and all sorts of people from all over the universe arrives which later becomes a plot hole as they are not supposed to.

The first 70 chapters are written in such a way that you will have no clue what you are reading, what is going on and it is completely boring as the characters themselves are also trying to figure out what the heck is happening, and the only thing happening in the first 70 chapters is a bunch of people fighting and killing each other for fruits, and the MC obtaining a breathing method that makes him stronger than the publicly acknowledged no.1 mutant in 2 weeks (?).

this is also not a cultivation novel but an evolution novel, where the vast majority of people have to eat fruits and "evolve" their body into stronger realms. This also lengthens their lifespan but it is not immortal cultivation or seeking the dao.

would I recommend this to someone else? The answer is clearly no.

there are many other novels that are better to introduce to someone else.

but would I continue reading this? Probably yes right now because alot of the questions are answered and it's purely a "beat em all" novel right now. <<less
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tides rated it
Scholar’s Advanced Technological System
July 8, 2019
Status: c1000
probably the most popular urban novel on qidian

but sadly it isn't that fun to read.

the research into maths is good and all, but the solutions are not presented (durh cus the author cant solve them) and all the "tech" and "math" is skipped over.

... more>> this novel, just like the author's previous work is a little nationalistic as well but that isn't really a problem because you shouldn't be reading chinsee novel if you dislike such things.

one interesting thing is that while the MC "pushes"tech forward due to him solving maths, the consequences of doing this is never shown and the MC just goes on to continuously rack in cash from awards and more. It's a little bit disappointing in this regard because he not only solves math, but many problems in other fields of study as well.

as for the MC and his family+friends, nothing ever progresses which is again, very disappointing despite how the entire universe revolves around MC. <<less
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tides rated it
Night Ranger
April 9, 2018
Status: c261
The author has some skill in writing as he constantly reminds you that time is important, however the author shoots himself in the knee by stretching time for the MC.

The author constantly tells you the amount of days required from one city to another to create a sense of distance yet throws it away so that the war will not come before the MC is ready. By 'ready' I mean becoming stronger than god.

In 250 chapters, the MC progresses from zero to the 2nd highest cultivation level in the world.... more>> He travels around half the world, fight wars, explores new lands, battle gods and destroy cults in 2 months. Yet according to the author, just the time required to go to the nearest town takes 3 days.

Some readers will try to tell you that events which took place only took half a day to end but still the travel time is obviously stretched.

If u want to read a novel that makes no sense, breaks logic. This is for you. Otherwise stay away. <<less
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tides rated it
Returning from the Immortal World
February 21, 2018
Status: c348
The starting is good but later on the novel becomes really boring. I don't know what I am reading for as the MC only does things to get revenge, but he obviously doesn't care about anyone and anything.

The further you read, the less things matter and the MC is literally just killing everyone who blocks his way with a kick.

His parents and family is forgotten, his harem doesn't matter and they only appear once in awhile to remind you that they are still clinging on to him, but the majority... more>> of them are also forgotten and doesn't matter. Not to mention that his entire 'revenge' is a joke at the end.

All the interesting bits about cultivating in modern society is gone the second he enters university.

The story is basically

1- best part, high school student struggling to fit in with society and get out of poverty

2- university and developing his island - he literally stops caring and kills people for annoying him

3- everyone in 1&2 is forgotten, including his family, everyone who he doesn't like is killed becuz lulz he can.

4- why are you still reading this novel? <<less
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tides rated it
Realms In The Firmament
February 2, 2018
Status: c192
great start but author makes MC dumb so that the other dumb characters will shine.

MC is more dense than JP isekai MC.

AGAIN, this novel separates the girl because he's weak and she doesn't appear until 1000? Chapters later.

Author doesn't even remember his own cultivation system here.

don't waste your time on this.
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tides rated it
Talisman Emperor
April 9, 2018
Status: c261
1/5 stars if u want a good novel to read. 5/5 stars if you want to read tournament emperor. There is absolutely nothing but tournaments in this novel. Very disappointing too because the starting was really good with the cooking and talisman crafting. Also nothing seems to matter after awhile. So much was talked about how the restaurant was 'protected' by a higher power yet it was smashed to bits and all the staff killed and yet nothing happened. The weak and alone MC had to take revenge himself and... more>> even the city mayor tried to kill MC. <<less
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Martial King’s Retired Life
January 8, 2018
Status: v2
Leaving a review here because the translator seems to mind these alot and cries easily if many people gives a bad rating so I'll give it a 4.

I really like this novel, it's one of the funnier novels out there but the reason why it doesn't get a 5 and a 4 is because it doesn't have a plot. I haven't finished volume 2 since I'm waiting for more chapters to read but so far it's just the MC goofing off with his 2 friends who, are made into goofy... more>> characters by the MC despite their serious character. The main female lead also seems to have become a comical character and somehow everyone seems to tolerate the MC's nonsense which is not logical, since they believe the MC to have no value at all to the organization.

The end of volume 1 drops a hint about the MC past which doesn't make sense, trying to make it a little more serious and perhaps introduce an antagonist but....

Right now, it's really just a feel good novel, where the MC goofs around and brings everyone down to his level. There's nothing wrong in reading this or getting more people to read it but there's also no main issue to talk about, unlike the silly alchemist which actually a power struggle taking place in the background and a main antagonist. <<less
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tides rated it
The Legendary Mechanic
April 28, 2019
Status: c800
The story of a person who is transported int the mmorpg he's playing, but several years before it starts and as an NPC.

however I find the mentality of the MC to be weird. He is aware that he is an an MMORPG and has become an NPC, so there will be no romance because he doesn't want to be in a relationship with other NPC.

this causes him to become very selfish and often gets his "friends" who are NPC in trouble. Any NPC who treats him well will find themselves... more>> in trouble because of him since he just doesn't care about them. for example, one of his teammates who helped him take orders for his crafting services ended up in deep debt due to his disappearance, while another who helped him at the very start is left wondering what happened to him, again due to his abrupt disappearance. not to mention that he later returns, but the only purpose for his return is to steal tech from her family.

his relationship with players is also weird. he uses them as a source of income and gathers a group of players who will eventually become the best. their relationship however does not become anything more besides that of a business relationship, partly due to how the players think that the MC is an NPC.

the MC also not seem to have any "goals". the goal for the first 400 chapters/first arc is just to take revenge and get strong. the 2nd arc is to help his group of players take part in the world tournament and his preparations to go into space, and later the 3rd arc, is the galactic arc.

He does not seem to want to bother finding out a way to return or find out what happened to him. it seems like he is playing the game as an NPC, yet is a special existence due to how he thinks that he is a "player who turned into an NPC".

most of the MC advantages come from how he is aware of which npc gives the most OP skills and he actively works to get them, or of him going to dungeons/place where the treasures are. in short, the only cheat he has is his knowledge of future events yet he progresses so much faster and gets more exp from all of the players, partly due to the one year advantage he had when the game was offline.

i would say that the start of the novel is very promising, which is why you would see all the 5 and 4 stars review. however the MC's insistence to "isolate" himself from all the NPC because he is human, and then isolate himself from all the players because he is an "NPC" makes the novel tiring to read and disappointing.

what we have here the MC running around the entire game, breaking all the plots because he knows everything about them and getting all of the OP skills yet never makes any notable relationships with anyone.

sadly, this just becomes tiring to read after the first few major arcs because you know the MC doesn't care about anything besides getting stronger and all he will probably be at the end is just a notable NPC... <<less
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tides rated it
Sovereign of the Three Realms
March 31, 2018
Status: --
A complete waste of my time. seriously.

It starts out very good, you get very good MC, side characters, friends and enemies. but guess what? they're all shoved one side later and never talked about.

All the characters you like will be written off for no other reason besides that they are not the MC.

... more>> The entire novel is basically nothing but tournaments. he goes from country to bigger country to sect to bigger sect and joins tournaments after tournaments. the novel should be titled "sovereign of the tournaments".

The MC cheat is supposed to be knowledge, but yet he is able to slap people above his cultivation levels to death.

The love interest are pretty good, but again, he only get 3 of them. the rest are made into his followers and never mentioned again... <<less
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Game Market 1983
February 1, 2018
Status: c65
this story is really good but the TL has dropped it.

c65 is the last chapter and c66 is basically a huge FU from the translator. This is because c66 is when the MC starts to change history and create his own 'future'.

the frustrating thing is that c65 is essentially a good end for us unless someone wants to pick it up so don't read c66.

assuming c65 is the end, the novel is about someone who time travel back and helps nintendo create and market the games we love, and enjoy... more>> life in the 80s <<less
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Gourmet Food Supplier
February 1, 2018
Status: c229
GFS threw away the MC's personality as fast as possible. making GFS about the food only. this made GFS boring to read since the food isn't even real or possible to recreate unlike Shokugeki no Soma.

if u want to read about a person who is reduced to nothing more than a cooking robot, customers who can be called A, B or C, dishes that are real but impossible to recreate and is essentially fictitious besides the name of the dish... read this!

An example of the dishes in GFS.

Hamburger but the... more>> ingredients are pulled from a pig that was frozen in an ice block on the planet pluto and it's super fresh and has no pollutants. it also ate nothing but krytonite so it is super strong and has no fat! The bread is made out of flour that is crushed meteorite, combined with water from the ice blocks floating around in the galaxy X01-99. <<less
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tides rated it
The Desolate Era
April 22, 2018
Status: v41c21
Very disappointing.

The first 20 volumes or so is excellent, and as usual the romance is utter shit.

He gets a daughter eventually but nothing she does will ever matter, nor does she get into any trouble ever.

The only lines we get about her is about how his clone is protecting her in secret, how she's having fun outside and eventually her cultivation with zero bottlenecks and perfect life. Her dad, the MC, is basically non-existent in her life but they have a perfect father-daughter relationship. Yup. Oh and her mum died... more>> too, so single dad.

The 2nd half SHOULD be about him trying to revive her but it's actually about how the MC goes around cultivating, having fun and killing bad guys. And then he fails at cultivation and gonna die so he remembers to ask around 'who can revive my wife?'.

Tiny arc about him trying to, then fails. So okay, im gonna die, lets go on a vacation!

While on holiday, finds a technique that will stop him from dying. YAY!

In the process, becomes strongest person in the entire cosmos and a war starts!

Dead wife? Nah who cares about her, lets fight the war!

So end of novel, he finally revives wife and everyone who died. Okay. I waited 25 volumes for this.

Not worth all the 5* it's getting. At least it has a happy end thou <<less
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