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thousandautumnleaves rated it
Renegade Immortal
September 3, 2018
Status: c586
"Renegade Immortal" is the first cultivation novel I actually decided on finishing (after dropping a few others like Battle Through The Heavens, Tales of Demons and Gods) and here´s why.

The MC, Wang Lin: he is not handsome - nor particularly talented at first. Instead he´s smart, hard-working and lucky. While his over-board luck makes me sigh it hasn´t been a reason to drop the novel yet. He starts off as a scrupulous, somewhat timid yet determined, smart kid and later on after a few traumatic experiences and realizations ("this is... more>> the cultivation world? Good! Good!") in the world of cultivation (plus the influence from his somewhat-teacher Situ Nan) he becomes cunning, ruthless, cold-hearted and opportunistic while still keeping a sliver of humanity (sadness, loneliness, love for parents and lost love) in his heart. MC also can be said to have the nature of a killer, while he does not kill indiscriminately he is easily provoked to do so especially in self-defense or for prevention of having to defend himself later. He also will scheme an attack if he wants something badly enough and the opponent is around his power level.

This leads me to the next point actually... in the world of RI this attitude is pretty normal!

Cultivation world... PK world? It´s literally a tough world. In RI I found the way immortals and cultivation were implemented the most interesting/natural compared to what I´ve read so far. Why? Imagine a world filled with millions of people that will live for centuries and centuries, won´t the planets explode eventually from overpopulation? Right, they provide the solution themselves by sanctioning the killing of each other for often superfluous reasons. The cultivators' motto is „might is right" and a saintly or stupid person will never succeed. If you are a gamer imagine a PvP world.

Furthermore, OP & BAMF* in 15 years? Won´t happen. Training takes hundreds of years and the average cultivator will need thousands of years to become OP. Even then there´s always someone stronger in the world, somewhere. This also includes the MC (even though his luck is so good that it hardly matters haha).

Harem: After reading 60% of the story I can safely claim that there is none (yet?). Women try to flirt with the MC sometimes but he isn´t interested at all and they either die or disappear from the plot eventually. He has one long-lasting love interest and had one accidental „one-night-stand", that´s where it ends.

Philosophy: some arcs (especially the soul formation one) get a bit philosophical about stuff like life and death which is neat.

Consistency: the author must be taking lots of notes while writing because he never forgets stuff the MC promised someone around 300 chapters ago or names that haven´t been mentioned for 400 chapters. This is not a given even in professionally published books, so a big thumb up haha

What I disliked:

some boring chapters/arcs.

MC is mostly alone/solo or gets quickly backstabbed. That is a bit sad and boring to read about after a while but on the other hand it underlines his path in life, most immortals are lonely creatures.

MC is so smart and lucky that many other characters look too stupid to live (which is usually quickly remedied) in comparison. There are still side characters I adore though (for example the messenger with the „forget" dao and some others).

MC always gets some chance to heal up bad injuries during a fight while his opponents rarely find a chance at all.

MC's moral compass is very questionable but understandable given the people he meets during his long journey.

The world is a tad monotonous, no variety in cultures or the like even across planetes. Oh well.

lots of word repetitions, the author especially seems to adore „spit" and „cold snort".

So in total I give this novel a 3.8 rating.

* for those not into MMOs or fanfiction: OP= over powered, BAMF=well... lots of cuss words haha pretty much means that this character kicks ass, hard. <<less
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thousandautumnleaves rated it
The Founder of Diabolism
August 15, 2018
Status: c69
One of the best light novel I've found on here so far (besides King's Avatar). I'm not a BL shipper yet still enjoy it very much.

Why? Most of the works I´ve attempted to read from this website got me facepalming pretty fast (kind of like Jiang Cheng actually). I mean... MC too many advantages without having to do anything for it, too Mary Sue, too... just... ugh. The characters' personality too flat, too plain, just... ugh. Plot goes from A to B to A to B... just... ugh. And then... more>> I found this.

English is not my native language, yet after having read various books over the years the translation was easy to follow. If I had to nitpick anything it´s the character names. All characters own 2-3 of those (birth name, clan name, courtesy name)... it gets a bit confusing after a while.

The pacing is too hurried indeed and keeps jumping but this actually gives MDZS even more the feel of a somewhat episodic ghost story even though the happenings are very connected. It somehow fits.

As for the characters, I find them to be quite charming, some are very ambigious and/or vicious, none are truly evil I think. The romance moves slowly indeed, torturing the poor BL fans *hehe* Myself, I prefer it like this, I read it for the rest anyway :p

Definitely on the lookout for another one like it.

Because I just have to when I see people dissing work and author because of simplicity and not disliked tropes & the likes: While this novel got quite a few plot devices and plot armors abounding at the start especially I went into it fully knowing what the category light novel entails. They are usually written like modern YA literature and anyone expecting a masterpiece of a plot should head over to goodreads or gutenberg. <<less
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