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This is your usual Japanese MC (wishy washy, soft, weird attitude about women)

if you like that kind of MC go ahead! At least there's something unique in this story, MC is a demon king's subordinate.
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i finished reading up to volume 1 and watched the anime, so this review is somewhat a comparison.

what I like from the novel is of course you got a lot of detail about everything that happening, it's for story and world building, but if you compare it with the anime (which is pretty good) it seems to be a lot of unnecessary information is distracting you in the novel.

with the anime we can see how our MC looks, he's by no means your usual and normal guy, he looks like... more>> doesn't even care about what other people do but is still observant about his surrounding and can plan ahead, and in the anime they potray our MC to be a mysterious guy with a dark past.
and if you plan to read the novel after watching the anime just prepare for the big difference, novel author potray MC to be somewhat gloomy, unsocial guy but still a normal teen, with a lot of detail reader can know a lot of what his thoughts are and what he feels at the moments, and this detail make MC to be potrayed as a normal (cliche) or rather a bland character that somewhat have a mysterious past.

maybe to enjoy this novel is to read it without comparing it with the anime, but with the anime already finished airing and it's still somewhat new it seems to be hard. <<less
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tempetahu0 rated it
World Defying Dan God
February 13, 2019
Status: c466
BEWARE as of chapters 466 it's all machine translated so please bear in mind for slight headache.

story wise it's pretty interesting for xianxia genre, there's a comedy, little bit naughty moment and romance
all in all it's a generic xianxia novel with usual plot and setting but still there's it's own charm to make it an interesting read.

well until it got machine translated tho, at least if they edit it with previous translator quality then it's fine, but I think they just want to churn up a steady chapters with... more>> no regards to quality. <<less
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tempetahu0 rated it
Instant Death
January 10, 2018
Status: v2c10

we get OP MC but this is not about fighting or leveling up like any other stories, he start his journey just to get back to japan so don't expect any detail about fighting scene (he's already super OP).
the world build around MC and his journey, so you get a lot of mysteries and unanswered question but this is what makes it more interesting, you as a reader not have that much of difference in view about this world as MC (yeah more setting, pov, and details... more>> but still not that breaking any mysteries).

i can say the pace is pretty nice it's not too slow or too fast, it's just right for me.

but I do hope translator-san get an editor to edit all his/her chapters, sometimes it's rather frustrating to read, we get a new plot but it's hard to read because the grammar or weirdly composed sentence. <<less
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Miki Nazuna (author) is like the kid himself, all his story is bland, OP MC it's like his grade school imagination somehow turns into a book, I don't know who the idiot to accept something like this.
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