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teambdugz rated it
Demon Hunter
December 7, 2017
Status: c9
Post-apocalyptic novel that has better writing than your average chinese web novel. Not nearly as good prose as novels like Grandmaster Strategist, but way better than basically every wuxia/xianxia. Another thing I always look for in a novel (that this has) is if the author is willing to write from the POV of other characters. If this is present, then you typically get better world-building and character development for side-characters.

This is only strenuous to read if you aren't willing to read something that remotely resembles an actual novel. If you... more>> have the English ability of a teenager, you're good.

MC is the typical strong and mysterious type. Early on you are introduced to what his overall goal should be though he is working more towards survival and growth.

This actually deserves something between a 4-4.3 but I rounded up. I'm definitely drinking the kool-aid a bit on this one but I'll probably update the score once the honeymoon phase of a new, decent novel wears off. <<less
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