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tazaporsugu rated it
Garudeina Oukoku Koukoku Ki
October 13, 2017
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i cant say series worst but like a snack. after all he buy tons of demi humans is meaningless. he show off his power for he want much more demi humans fluffyfaggettonening and buy them.

this type act really like a retarded acts...

    1. why the f**k you give your damn artifact armor for nothing if you have a power to create a sh*tty jeweleries on the first case.
    1. why you still try to monopolize the slave trading on your hand for nothing. (if you want more slave them after that... more>> probably trash humans visit the demi humans residents and kill the mans and capture the childs and womans finally rape and torture them for nothing. author are you really dont have a brain or trying to act like this for sake your meaningless fluffy fantasies.)
    1. if you have a power like a destroy the whole country what is you problem selling your rare scales or feeds some trash humans for buy free peoples. (okey first time I say this MC want to escape humans eyes but he cant stop buying the peoples like a rich trashes. stop you idiot wtf is wrong on your brain show some guts if you cant show some brain...)
    2. if you want a solution firstly kill kidnapers and slave traders give them a fear and nobles wtf are you doing whole years? just a wasting your time this authors lame ways...
this series really have no senses of logic or justice or blah blah etc... I really want to know how this author still alive after all of this logic like a 5 years old spoiled child like a brain. still if we say snack yeah I cant say bad after all if

you high this series can readable but still all of those high dead brains still can think same thing about this series logic lame and meaningless. <<less
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