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superpsycho7 rated it
Unlimited Anime Works
July 30, 2017
Status: Completed
Don't take another bad comment too seriously.

This novel deserve for 5 Star for real, it remind me from Terror Infinity but with anime reference instead.

Someone said he's racism, it's not, it's more patriotism than racism.

... more>> On earlier story, he treat anime world just as a games. Even treat heroines like "Woman who should I conquer".

But as the story grew, he changed, he's attached to anime world. So it wouldn't be the same.

He truly cared about all (Harem) of them, even so he would do anything for them. Until they (harem) aware how &important his existence in their life.

So the harem is not just a background character, they also changed (which I like) for better.


Later the earth changed, even some of the anime world merge on it. It's chaotic that Nagato from Kancolle and Nagato from Aoki Hagane always quarelled about who is the true Nagato, Reimu Hakurei who always extorted MC with her shamelessness, there are also eastern myth mixed in this novel, like Lady Wa, Fu Xi. Etc.


oh and one more important thing in this novel


Loli, Loli, Loli, and Loli.

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superpsycho7 rated it
Dragon King’s Son-In-Law
September 17, 2019
Status: Completed
Wooo, a decent and a fun read at last. It's a bit slow on earlier chapter, and less conflict because what did you expect from a novel who has "Slice of Life" tag on it. But honestly I really like this kind of novel, it's just bored with non-stop action.

I kinda like and hate MC's personality though, like it because he's always calm, low profile, stoic and smart. But hate it because he's just too timid at facing on his relationship with the heroines though it get better after he... more>> "tasted" it and completely let loose. (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) as for the harem


Zhao Yanzi - she's the Dragon King's daughter, you would definitely hate her on early 500 chapter for reasons. She's extremely childish and rash and sometimes hypocrite (she's still a teen tho). Of course if you watch anime or manga then her personality is Tsundere Violence. But after she experience life and death with one of the harem, she started to appreciate things more and respect them, so she's simply become one of the best heroine in this novel because it's actually her who agree with MC's having harem first.

Xie Yujia - MC's Class Leader and later he found out that she's actually his Childhood Friend/Arranged Marriage at some point, and she also did know about this. Gentle and Graceful. She's definitely my favorite in this novel. Perfect Wife Material.

Liu Linlin & Liu Lili - The Twins from upper realm, they are become MC's maidservant after he released them from punishment in Dragon Palace.

Su Han - MC's class teacher. She's an Inquisitor from Dragon Temple who make a balance between Human Cultivator and Dragon Cultivator. She's a Cold and Stubborn type, but you'll definitely like her. Oh and also she's MC's first time.

*possible harem
Duan Yao - Daughter from the Sect Master of Heavenly Mountain Sect, started as his enemies. MC and their sect are fighting each other which end with Her sect's half destruction. Later their sect sacrifice her as apologies for MC and make her join MC. MC rejected her, and later she's become a disciple of Zhen Fei.

She sacrifice herself for protecting MC from Evil Dragon near end chapter and she's in vegetabled state even after the novel end.


also, Grandma is the best character and the purest form of human ever. <<less
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