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superpsycho7 rated it
Unlimited Anime Works
July 30, 2017
Status: Completed
Don't take another bad comment too seriously.

This novel deserve for 5 Star for real, it remind me from Terror Infinity but with anime reference instead.

Someone said he's racism, it's not, it's more patriotism than racism.

... more>> On earlier story, he treat anime world just as a games. Even treat heroines like "Woman who should I conquer".

But as the story grew, he changed, he's attached to anime world. So it wouldn't be the same.

He truly cared about all (Harem) of them, even so he would do anything for them. Until they (harem) aware how &important his existence in their life.

So the harem is not just a background character, they also changed (which I like) for better.


Later the earth changed, even some of the anime world merge on it. It's chaotic that Nagato from Kancolle and Nagato from Aoki Hagane always quarelled about who is the true Nagato, Reimu Hakurei who always extorted MC with her shamelessness, there are also eastern myth mixed in this novel, like Lady Wa, Fu Xi. Etc.


oh and one more important thing in this novel


Loli, Loli, Loli, and Loli.

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