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styricum rated it
The Undying Drama
October 23, 2017
Status: --
Below avarage. The plot got me interested at first with the wishes and such but soon I realized the so called wish actually mana you can replace every word "wish" with "mana" and absolutely nothing changes. MC is classical walking mana pool transported from earth. Dialogs created like a dull theatre sketchs or worse (like teenage girls whatsapp group, you cant tell whos who or who said what after couple sentences even with the short such chapters) without much introduction of characters or environment. So basically its has nonexistent worldbuilding,... more>> forced dialogs, absurd ability devolopment, idiot (not the funny one) MC. Cant even get close to your avarage jpn novels with same tags. <<less
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styricum rated it
The King’s Avatar
May 1, 2017
Status: c617
Author spouts bs through whole novel. I think he read some vrmmo and decided to be more realistic by adapting them to comp. mmorpg games but he clearly has no idea what he s doing.

-No gaming experience (i think he watched someone playing WoW for a bit most of the

game mechanics from there but sadly mixing couple of games together doesnt make it...)

-No logic (players can see others expressions in-game :o, and they have so much rpm they can type anything they want while playing intensly and game has... more>> so much bugs to exploit that only MC knows, players uses their keyboards and mouses to move like they are inside cmon just make it vr game why push it that far)

-Yes legendary plot armor (MC literally god in game, he doesnt die, he doesnt get abused with his 20 lvl gap, he has ultimate class only he can use, he s the only one that can transfer character with crafted item!!!, he can solo everything boesses players guilds npcs)

If you are looking for a MC that dominates wherever he goes withouth any logic or

anything to back his OPness its just perfect for it. <<less
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Typical Japanese novel they find the title first then think completely different story. Nothing dark about this MC or light about other gods. If you are going to change the roles between you could just call it story of dumb and one dumber mischievous gods dear author. Nothing separates this novel from others exact same story oever and over again "OP from start" or "cheat" MC fights against corruption of a church or a kingdom or both. And since you cant write it better than others at least let this... more>> one fight against something else. Create evil trees and fight them it would make much better story. <<less
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styricum rated it
Chaotic Sword God
January 25, 2016
Status: --
If it was possible I would give -2.5 stars MC basically playing ip-man he is a poor guy get bullied by everyone he come across so he has to get revenge by dueling and beating them. but still.... no noone acknowledges the poor guy so he has to keep going.

Complete opposite of peerless martial god MC who never stops talking BS instead here they spout some 10 years old senseless phrases then fight like more kiddie style they dont even have arts or style they just b***ch slap each... more>> other. only good part is TL group they really work hard I wish they were to choose another novel <<less
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