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Against the Gods
March 18, 2016
Status: c530
I used to love this novel for the starting 200-300 chapters. Sure there was nothing new in this novel as the novel borrows most of the elements from other novels of Xianxia/Xuanhuan category (Talented protagonist being reincarnated into a "trash"/ Super powerful & All-knowing Master who lacks true body (Jasmine) / MC having super OP treasure) but it was still fine given I liked the MC’s personality.

Now it has become totally repetitive. It’s annoying to see every idiot out there claiming how strong they are and then getting their... more>> asses kicked by Yun Che. It was fun at start but now their arrogant attitude is annoying the hell out of me especially seeing no villain has any brains... they are just stupid villains who continue to underestimate Yun Che even after knowing that he can easily defeat opponents far beyond his level.

The other thing I’m hating is how easily Yun Che easily overcome every trouble. No matter how strong the oppponent is he always gains new power or find help during the middle of a battle. He might use all his stamina and author would highlight that it's impossible for MC to continue but then MC would easily overpower dozen of strong guys... There are events which author would hype to showcase that MC is deep crisis but then resolve the said crisis by giving MC heaven defying treasure or legacy. The plot armor is too thick. It’s like all the treasures and legacies are waiting for MC.

Romance and harem in the series are totally annoying. Author really sucks in the romance department. Most of the female love interest are one dimensional idiots with no personality at all. His past life love interest, his little aunt, the princesses from Blue Wind Empire and Phoenix Empire... their personality are completely same (Kind hearted plus naive and stupid). Its like author just changes name of the female character but they are all same including their jade like skin! You wouldn’t find a single girl interesting. And those who are interesting at start will soon turn into one dimensional after falling for Yun Che’s awesomeness *cough* Little Fairy *cough*

The baddest part is how author keeps on saying how awesome Yun Che is. Plus author would tell us about his abilities multiple times in a chapter. We already know he can defeat opponents far beyond his level and that he has support of many legacies but there is no need to be a fangirl in every chapter and repeat this in every chapter which has action. Of course character shilling is important in such novels but there is a limit. <<less
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The Desolate Era
September 25, 2016
Status: v18c10
Another ripoff by IET of his own previous work. If you have read one of his novel than you have read them all!

No creativity at all. He just like to exaggerate details (millions of kilometers territory, trillion worlds, 100 km giant, etc) for he believes that means strong world building ~_~

Why did I say it was a ripoff of his previous work? Let's see:

1. MC would always be born in a strong clan who has large influence in their area but then we learn that the clan is just trash.... more>>

2. MC' father would be strict. MC would strive for his affection.

3. The clan has suffered grave injustice in every novel. MC would always help his clan achieve revenge. All the times revenge is focused on his mother's enemy. Yeap... Coiling Dragon, Stellar Transformations and now this novel.

4. How could normal measurement be sufficient? Everything has to be exaggerated. Trillions of worlds, Millions of km territory, thousands of kingdoms, 100 km giants... why? Do they serve any role? Nope! Just plain stupid exaggeration.

5. Descent of 0IQ arrogant enemies. Every enemy is same. Author would like to say that the enemies are smart and cautious but at the end they are plain idiots.

6. Stupid love interest. God I hate the romance in IET's works especially after reading Stellar Transformations. This book is also pretty much same in that regard later on. That annoying girl serves his motivation for powering up! How genuine!

I could go on. You might think that they are used in every xianxia... nope. IET literally copy-paste his works. His protagonists are same. Everything is damn same including the ending. <<less
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Tales of Demons and Gods
March 18, 2016
Status: --
Looking back I now realize that I was too harsh on this novel in my review. Yes, the novel is full of cliché tropes but author is good in exciting action scenes and making bad guys feel dreaded. So if you're looking for something full of adrenaline then it's for you. This novel is not for me though due to its female characters. I could stand the repetitive plot, dumb enemies and plot holes but couldn't handle the annoying romance. The main love interest is one dimensional idiot. She has... more>> no personality at all and it makes you wonder why author wants us to give a damn about the stupid pedophile love. All the other female love interest are idiots as well who fall for him due to stupid reasons ~_~ Believe me the romance in this series will kill you. <<less
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strixflash rated it
Renegade Immortal
May 16, 2016
Status: Completed
Finished reading Xian Ni (Renegade Immortal) and I would definitely say that it's one of the better Chinese novel out there. Don't worry the review doesn't have spoilers :)

The ending was satisfying. The only disappointing (and frustrating) part was the boring romace.

The storyline focus on different phases of MC's life (innocent toddler to eccentric expert). Er Gen has done each phase very well.

For the first time readers the starting 100-150 chapters might seem bad. I can understand that as those chapters focus on MC's transction from a naive... more>> child to a ruthless cultivator instead of action. Later on you realize the importance of those chapters when the series take a dark tone. The starting chapters are light hearted and yet tell the dark side of world.

At start MC is hesitant to kill even after learning that the world follows the law of jungle. Er Gen smartly wrote the transction of a naive child to a ruthless cultivator. You could actually feel the hesitancy MC shows as he steps on the dark side. Later on he becomes totally ruthless but the starting of series provide the reasons.

Some would say that it's a revenge story. Believe me this is not the usual stupid revenge tale. Xian Ni is 2K+ chapters but the revenge part hardly last for 100 chapters and even in those chapters more than 50% of them are focused on outside adventures. In other tales you always root for MC but in Xian Ni you would actually feel sad for the bad guys.

The revenge arc was full of bittersweet moments. The best part was the epilogue of revenge arc...I won't spoil them for you but believe me they are the most beautiful chapters a xianxia series can have.

The most unique part of the series is that Wang Lin's life is full of tragedy unlike other xianxia. Sure MC is lucky in cultivation but he's hardly happy. The storyline is grim and even the death of minor characters would make you sad.

A novel worth reading even though it gets dragged out later on. I would call it my favorite novel but sadly the annoying romance stopped me. But still worth a read. <<less
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strixflash rated it
A Will Eternal
May 25, 2016
Status: c500
"A Will Eternal" has been really good so far. Er Gen knows that people have high expectations from his new novel, and thankfully he doesn't disappoint his readers.

No repetitive plot. No decent of stupid villains. Er Gen uses smart and funny situations to progress the plot. Bai Xiaochun is a well written character who wins your heart with his shameless yet lovable personality. His adventures as "Chicken thief", "Plague Devil", "Little Turtle", or the Aphrodisiac pill episode, etc would make your day.

The starting is full of jokes and humor,... more>> and yet it's crucial to the story. Er Gen smartly wrote the personality of MC using humorous situations.

We get to know about the personality of Bai Xiaochun (meticulous and cautious) and the extent he is willing to go for survival. Everyone wants to live for an eternity yet the determination in Bai Xiaochun is far beyond others. His determination and his personality makes him different than the rest... The starting is focused on that and it's crucial to the story.

The thing I like the best about Er Gen is the abilities he create for his characters. We see many abilities in other xianxia and honestly most of them don't make sense even if they sound cool. But Er Gen is different. See "Lifting heavy as if Light" ability as an example in this novel. He explains the ability with "leaf" as an example (You can use leaf to carry heavy as well light weight depending on the way you use it). He just doesn't gives some heaven-defying name to the abilities... He creates them in such a way that it makes sense. The abilities of characters are really creative and cool.

The battle scenes are intense as well. The first life and death crisis Bai Xiaochun faced were full of well choreographed fight scenes. After reading the fight scenes you would say now that's a cultivator!

I don't even need to talk about the humor! The adventures of "Chicken thief" and "Little Turtle" would make your day :) The humor gets even better around Ch.89... there is a scene which would make you go crazy from laughter!! You should be wary of pills our MC creates!

The world building has been limited so far but I'm not worried as world building is Er Gen's forte. I'm sure the world building of this novel might even surpass his previous novels ^^

This series is definitely worth the time. Er Gen is at his creative best. <<less
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strixflash rated it
Ancient Godly Monarch
May 21, 2016
Status: c45
Don't really get the hype this series is getting. Sure the starting was somewhat good but hardly something for which I would shout like a fangirl. People are praising the series for its so called unique cultivation method. Just because the cultivation involves constellation you would call it unique. People really loves to misuse the word "unique". Nope. There has been nothing new or unique in the story so far. Battles have been boring and author has shown no unique abilities for the characters. The techniques have impressive names but... more>> in all honesty they are boring. So far the storyline has been pretty generic. Really nothing new. Same cliché of girl refusing to marry MC as he is trash. It will be followed by MC showing his awesome capabilities. And then the event of MC showing his epic side takes a dark turn by the arrival of trouble for his clan/sect. Sounds familiar? Totally generic.

Then there is the descent of stupid villains who tries to kill MC and when MC is about to kill them they use the most stupid dialogue "If you kill me then my clan/sect would kill you." Just what you would expect from author of PMG. <<less
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strixflash rated it
Battle Through the Heavens
May 15, 2016
Status: c377
I had high hopes for this novel seeing it's popularity but I was totally disappointed. The story itself is bad but the translations further ruins the fun for English readers as its full of pinyins for even common words which can be easily translated.

Why am I saying it's bad? Let's see...

MC's luck is so good that even the Lady Luck would die from jealousy. I understand that in such genres MC should have heaven defying luck but BTTH crosses the line. MC would find that even his sh*t... more>> is gold.

Author would waste chapters in introducing some beautiful one dimensional female character in every arc. They would fall for MC because of his awesome powers and superb looks. Author doesn’t focuses on any character development for the female characters... they are their just to fangirl and bring trouble for MC as arrogant young masters can't stand MC's charm *cough* The female characters are all looks but zero personality.

Battles are dragged out and honestly most of them are hardly any impressive. The most annoying part is that author would define MC's handsome features during the middle of a fight ~_~ We already know that MC is syper handsome as author explains it in every two chapters but does he have to mention MC's handsome features during the middle of a battle?!

The training is the most annoying part. Honestly the cultivation levels are hardly any impressive in this novel unlike ISSTH. Author would waste dozens of chapters for the process in which MC refines Heavenly flame. Chinese novels are 60% training and 40% adventures but in other novels at least the training part is good... BTTH has the worst training arcs. I get headaches whenever I read training arcs and that includes him refining heavenly flame or pills.

Boring world building. From what I have seen so far there is nothing impressive or unique. Perhaps that will change later on. <<less
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strixflash rated it
Shen Yin Wang Zuo
March 27, 2016
Status: --
One dimensional protagonist who is hell bent on killing demons because his father told him Demons are evil ~_~ It's like humanity is totally good while Demons are pure evil. The real world doesn't works like that. No race thinks themselves as evil... even the most heinous crime has a reason behind it. A life is a life whether it belongs to a human or a demon. But in this story the demons are pigs to be slaughtered by MC. (There is no absolute good or ultimate evil... that's what... more>> I like about the other Chinese novels like ISSTH or Xian Ni).

The other problem is that the MC has no personality. <<less
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strixflash rated it
Dimensional Sovereign
September 17, 2016
Status: --
Only few chapters out so hard to judge but the synopsis sounds really interesting. Dimensional Sovereign is a modern fantasy novel. Kang-jun is a hard working guy trying to meet his ends meet but the fate has never been kind to him. Thankfully a mysterious entity takes pity on him and offers him power to fight his fate and become rich and powerful. Generic? Perhaps. But which novel doesn't uses cliches? What matters is the execution of tropes and author has done that well.

Perhaps some would compare it with Arena... more>> but honestly this book is totally different in its own way and has its own good points. Like the translator said the novel has very different elements. Believe me it's different and interesting. Give it a try. <<less
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Absolute Choice
April 1, 2017
Status: c304
Absolute Choice reminds me of those dumb stupid hero tropes of American and Japanese comics in which MC goes on a journey to save the world after suffering some tragedy. Yeap! Oh I'm not spoiling anything. You can feel the stupid vibes from start. Author couldn't think of anything better to serve as a motivation for the protagonist. Absolute Choice is a mixture of copying stupid superhero tropes along with usual xuanhuan elements. Did I said that copying the character design from other works as well? Well, the cherry for... more>> this lovely cake is the dense protagonist who author wants us to believe is smart. Being naive as a child is fine but even children are not so dense!!!

Then there is how stupid the misunderstandings are (they are funny for the first time). A character who has lived for countless years get so easily fooled by a misunderstanding and starts loving our dense protagonist! Being a million year old monster means she can easily get fooled. Reason: she is a virgin! Such smart writing! Author deserves award for this. The only good thing about this novel is the English translations. <<less
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strixflash rated it
Lord of All Realms
March 20, 2018
Status: c638
Let me tell you about the great plot of this novel which is supposedly "editor's recommendation" on WW. Here is the plot :

Factions within MC country are in civil war. They want to kill each other. MC is almost killed by an opposition faction. But then enemies from other nations arrive so all warring factions unite to ward off invaders.

Now the MC and his country are fighting the foreign countries. They are after each other blood and won't stop till either side dies. But then a twist happens: aliens from... more>> other planets invade. So MC's country and the other countries temporarily make peace and join forces to ward off the aliens.

Now MC's world and the aliens are under war. But then an exciting twist happen: enemies from other galaxy arrives. So MC and the aliens from his current galaxy make temporary alliance to ward off the other galaxy enemies.


Well, I'm sure you already understood. I'm not exaggerating the details. This is what truly happens. MC almost dies at the end of females from opposition faction and his allies are killed by the same females. But when the 'temporary alliance' happens they start following in love. It gets repeated 5-6 times. The worst part is that the so called love is forgotten as the plot moves on larger scale.

There is nothing interesting in novel. The fights are boring. The world building is lame. I didn't find the personality of MC interesting as well.

Would advise you to skip this great novel. <<less
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strixflash rated it
Ancient Strengthening Technique
August 14, 2016
Status: c121
Don't know why this novel is so popular. The novel has no plot and it lacks engaging characters. The story is so bad that it would make you cough up blood from seeing the stupidity of plot.

MC would pick two heaven defying treasures from an old man who is trying selling the two "junks" from years. The ancient strengthening technique would offer him random techniques at random levels without any logic. MC would impress the ladies, who are supposed to be mature, with his stupid dialogues. I don't think author... more>> has any experience with ladies otherwise he wouldn't have wrote such bland conversations between MC and females. The world author created is surely lacking in common sense seeing how characters believe that MC is smart ~_~ <<less
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Wu Dong Qian Kun
May 17, 2016
Status: c298
I wish I could say that the novel is good. I had such high hopes for this novel but sadly...

This novel suffers from the same problem as that of author's other popular novel (Battle through the Heavens).

MC's luck is just too good. I know novels of such categories have main characters bathing in luck but in this series (and BTTH) the MC is literally diving in ocean full of luck. MC would find heaven defying opportunities even in the worst situation.

Fight scenes are hyped for nothing. Epic names... more>> for fighting techniques but zero substance. No creativity.

Author would repeatedly say that MC's luck was good for once but he shouldn't be cocky as that was once a lifetime opportunity... Well, I have read around 300 chapters and the stupid luck is raining on MC regularly.

Also, there is no personality in MC. The spirit in his OP treasure is much more interesting than the MC. Honestly MC is totally boring.

There is also a scene similar to r*pe in the series. (MC is kind of drugged/controlled). Author uses that to establish a relationship between MC and the girl. To be honest that forced s*x wasn't necessary. Chinese authors use such dumb ideas when they fail to think of ways to establish relationship between MC and a potential love interest.

The antagonists aren't interesting as well. They are the standard stupid villains who underestimate MC and when MC kicks their ass they would use the usual line: "How dare you harm me after I tried to kill you?! My clan/sect will kill you." Seriously? Most of the antagonists are like this.

Then there is the antagonist MC wants to defeat in order to gain revenge for his father. I thought he would be interesting and different from the other stupid antagonists of the series. So far he's same as the rest.

Characterization of main antagonist matters the most as he is MC's main goal so far. Would you give a damn for 300+ chapters if you realize that MC is doing everything he has done so far to defeat another stupid guy?! <<less
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King of Gods
September 24, 2016
Status: c94
So far the series has been real bad. Extremely disappointing so far. Dense MC, one dimensional female lead and stupid side characters. Shallow character development and confusing cultivation levels. It has everything which we hate.

The only reason I am reading is because the translator and GGP (admin of GravityTales) promised that it has some good twists.
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strixflash rated it
Spirit Realm
August 2, 2016
Status: --
A month ago I read hundred of chapters of this novel using machine translations and I really liked the novel. I'm glad that it is picked up by veteran translators. It's much better than author's other works "God of Slaughter" and "Great Demon King" ^^ It sure does have some annoying stuff at times.

Of course the story has the usual Xuanhuan stuff (nothing original) but that doesn't decrease the fun at all even though it do makes you punch the MC at times and curse the author.

It's a good novel... more>> for wasting your time. <<less
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strixflash rated it
A Record of a Mortal’s Journey to Immortality
April 13, 2017
Status: c1300
(Spoiler-free Review) I have read the story till Ch1300 and have now decided to keep it on indefinite hold. Can't bring myself to read a story which offers no enjoyment. Why? Because both the plot and characters are bland. Author has given protagonist zero unique features. Protagonist is totally bland just like plain water. You won't find him memorable at all. Meng Hao is memorable for his money grabbing skills. Bai Xiaochun for his shameless narcissistic personality. But Han Li has nothing for us to remember him about. He... more>> feels like a robot with a mission: just focusing on immortality without enjoying life. What's the use of power if you don't even enjoy your life? The plot is nothing better: Cultivating for decades/centuries in cave, zero interest in female/friends, zero interest in enjoying life, zero interest in everything except inmortality, few adventures in which protagonist most of times is forced to do others' bid. That's the plot for you. Just what is enjoyable in the story then? Sadly nothing. <<less
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Seeking the Flying Sword Path
March 2, 2018
Status: --
As you would expect it's another copy paste novel by IET with some minor modifications.

Demons are evil as they feast on humans. Act of killing humans make you accumulate sins and hence bring the wrath of Heavens.

But if Humans feast and kill animals as a part of food cycle the sins accumulated are almost negligible.

... more>> You see MC is someone who hates evil. By evil I mean the act of feasting on young human children. Making children orphans, etc.

But the great part is that the evil is only limited to food cycle of Demons. Because MC himself enjoy the meat of animals. Tell me when humans kill animals and eat them... isn't that the same evil humans in the novel blame Demons for?

I'm not some PETA ambassador or anything. Heck, I enjoy non-vegetarian food myself. Just saying that the author should try to be neutral instead of only calling Demons as pure evil.

It's food cycle as far as Heavens are concerned.

Author can't say that those eating fish are evil but the ones eating chicken are saints. Or can he ? Well, he exactly says that.

The novel is full of such great logic. <<less
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Dragon Martial Emperor
May 18, 2016
Status: c85
After reading this novel even I feel like "trash". Seriously this is the most annoying novel out there and that's saying a lot as I have read PMG and MGA.

There has to be a character in every chapter who would call MC "trash" even after seeing the superior abilities of MC. Even after getting their asses kicked they would call him "trash".

As for plot: Well, there is no plot. A random guy would bump into MC. Call him trash. Side characters would provide boring commentary on how MC is trash... more>> compared to that hotshot who is from superior clan/sect... MC would kick random guy's ass. Random guy would run away and bring help. The random guy would complain that "trash" humiliated him... repeat.

Author realized that their was no story so he decided to add some mystery on MC's family. Well, in all honesty it hardly matters as the mystery was half baked. Side characters tries to make us believe that they were protecting MC from shadows which hardly seems believable. It seems like author added that plot line randomly.

Really this series is not worth a read unless you want to cough blood from anger after reading it. <<less
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strixflash rated it
I Shall Seal the Heavens
May 28, 2016
Status: c686
I Shall Seal the Heavens (ISSTH) is one of my favorite xianxia series out there as the story doesn't follow the usual rinse and repeat format unlike the other popular novels out there.

ISSTH is not only about Meng Hao getting powerful in every arc. As Meng Hao once said Immortality is just a destination but what matters the most is enjoying the scenery.

ISSTH would make you laugh. Meng Hao's conman skills would make your day and so would Lord Fifth. It is also the only xianxia novel which would... more>> make you cry. The novel is full of strong philosophical moments.

Sure the entire story is focused around Meng Hao and the focus on side characters is pretty low but ISSTH'S side characters are one of the most well characterized side characters out there.

ISSTH has one of the best female side characters out there. Sure we see some fanrgirl but most of the female cultivators are unique in personality. They are not some stupid and one dimensional characters. I especially liked "Big sis" from Fang clan. The chapters focused on her are treat for eyes.

ISSTH has the best Master-Discipline relationship out there. Usually when I read cultivation novels the Master-Discipline relationship is pretty shallow. But in ISSTH the personality of Pill Demon is such that you can't help but praise the author for creating such a perfect character. The arc in which Meng Hao was accepted as his legacy apprentice was one of the best storyline out there.

Meng Hao sows karma with many during his journey for better or for worse. I liked how the story wasn't about just getting power-up. The Desert Migration arc was one such beautiful arc. Meng Hao developed family love for the tribe he was protecting. I especially liked how he got sad when he learned that one of his "subordinate" (who was once his opponent) was killed in order to draw him out... that scene was so painful.

I think the best part for action and fantasy readers is that the story doesn't focuses on "arrogant genius" vs MC. We don't see the descent of one stupid villain after the another. Plus author rarely uses tournament style arcs and when he do they are full of suspense and drama.

Er Gen is a genius when it comes to creating unique abilities. Characters have so many never seen before abilities. Plus the battles are rarely dragged and most of the times there are no stupid side characters reaction.

Believe me this series deserve a chance. Give it a chance. <<less
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strixflash rated it
Plundering the Heavens
April 13, 2017
Status: --
I have read far ahead in raws (mtl) and I really enjoyed the story. The plot stays true to the description so expect some nice kicass and shameless moments. Honestly the story is a nice and the main character is pure enjoyment. It's so good to see a protagonist being arrogant but having the power to be so. When the protagonist lacks power he schemes against his opponents. He do have his bottom line as seen in later chapters.

The translations provided by Qidian are passable but the abuse of pinyin... more>> is frustrating as it takes away the enjoyment. All in all its an enjoyable novel. <<less
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