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Talisman Emperor
April 6, 2018
Status: c226
I decided to give this novel a try after reading some of the reviews that were quite mixed.

At first I was pleasantly surprised to find that the novel was actually quite decent, and I would have said this novel was a 4 star novel.

But around chapter 160ish or so there is a rather anti-climatic moment that happens, while is not a bad thing its just an unsatisfying end to a arc.

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The 2 clans that have hassled and abused the main character and his family are the main villains for the beginning of the story and its entertaining to seem him exact his revenge on them, but in the end he only gets revenge on 1 of the clans which was the minor of the 2 and the major clan (the one that orchestrated the torment) is wiped out off-screen by his aunt.


Again while this was an unsatisfying end to an arc its not a disaster that would bring down my rating.

There is also a ton of plot-holes because the author changes his mind a lot resulting in discrepancies with numbers and ranks.


Main character gets 500, 000kg of liquid thats enough to rank up his cultivation and a vessel that can withstand a full strength strike from a Golden hall cultivator (which is basically a lvl 4) while the main character is still a void something cultivator (basically lvl 3) then a few chapters later that 500, 000kg becomes 500kg and his vessel can now only withstand a full strength attack from a void something cultivator, 1 whole rank weaker now.


Now these might be caused by translation mistakes (of which there are quite a few, the word sword is used instead of sworn so many times...). But they are discrepancies non-the less and are annoying the see.

What makes this book a 1 star is because at chapter 220 the story takes a rapid nosedive from greatness to a generic trash novel with the same repeated plot.


Main character is chased by a powerful foe who wants his treasures, moments before his doom another powerful foe arrives to do the same. The 2 foes fight and one of them escapes after grabbing the main character.

Both of these 2 foes are peerless beauties btw.

Pretty standard conflict wuxia conflict so far and then BAM they all run into a giant aphrodisiac cloud and the same damn stupid plot happens that happens in every damn one of these lackluster chinese novels, main character gets laid and after they come to their senses the women hate the main character and violence ensues.


All in all this is just novel with a promising beginning but clearly the author must have ran out of ideas. <<less
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