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steambunni_ rated it
I Woke Up Pregnant With An Undead’s Child
January 10, 2019
Status: c32
The translation was a bit hard to understand as the punctuation and grammar used wasn't very good in terms of wording. Otherwise, it'd been such an interesting read I dedicated a night without sleep for it. No regrets.

... more>>

Zhang Qiu is impregnated due to rape by a zongzi and ends up being forced to go along with a tomb raiding after a couple of incidents. There were a few bits and pieces that left me with a dozen or so questions because of the poor and vague descriptions when it came to the environment the characters are in. One of which being the place where ZQ fell in, that Gu Mu Country tomb was it? My mans slipped up and got raped by a dead person - literally all I got. Yes that was the key point of the scene, but because we're brought back to it in the later chapters, it'd been hard to imagine ZQ slipping from what you'd think was a high place but is actually entered through a tunnel ??? I'm misunderstanding something ??? Other places include their travels while tomb raiding or on the way to their tomb raiding. I felt as clueless as ZQ was whenever he gets transported magically from one place to another.

I think another issue I had was when ZQ gave birth. The description of the child birth made me want to go neck myself because no matter what, child birth will always be difficult? You'd think it'd be harder for a MALE giving birth to his FIRST ever child by cesarean without any antiseptics even if he had his zongzi hubby to tug out the bub from his stomach. I wish he'd at least wake up from a pained faint so it would make the pregnancy look like it actually happened (you get plenty of evidence that it did, but solid childbirth is amazing). I know this is a sci-fi/fantasy novel.... but.... ZQ can't always be sleeping every chapter after the first ? biiig oof. I totally relate, I'd sleep my burdens away too tbh.

What I feel is even more messed is how he treated the baby as if it weren't ZQ's to begin with. Like, bro, you were the only one pregnant in the party, who else do you think birthed the baby? That freak LJ?? I'm soothed by how he has the tiniest bit of attachment towards his baby though.


Actually, some regrets... but would reread! <<less
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steambunni_ rated it
Xian Wang Dotes On Wife
December 12, 2018
Status: c4
Alright, I'm just writing this small review of what I understood so far in the novel.

The first two chapters of the novel hella confused me because we're introduced to four people with long ass names all at once - these long ass names were expected, but it's difficult to keep up with a story if not just one but four lucky people are shot at you while you're in the midst of processing the setting of the story and the importance of the actions of characters. So, MC and these... more>> people (supposedly royals and a probable general) entertain themselves with a game of chess and some conversation - this just sums up the first two chapters. What I got from it: The MC has a strong backing, and from the summary of the novel itself, she's had a strong backing since birth.

Onto the next two chapters (because I'm too sleepy to continue reading whatever exaggerated descriptions used, I'll just edit this or smth in the morning when I read more) where the MC breaks off her engagement with the prince. I really have no idea why she prolonged her stay a bit when Xian He went to get her, but it's probably out of pure spite for her disloyal servant (I woulda done that too tbh). When she does go, we witness the opposing couple slipping into the sweet embrace of stupidity as they fuss over the engagement as if the betrothed already married. As soon as the MC leaves without failing to leave behind some metaphorical bullet wounds (the revelations are startling but predictable), the ex-fiance is left to mourn for his losses from not marrying the MC.

To put it fairly, the MC isn't really seen as a joke for the witnesses of the breaking-off

WHY I DIDN'T THINK THE ABOVE TEXT WAS A SPOILER: the main plot points are already in the summary, and it's not like I spilled anything uber duber important that the climax of the novel would be ruined. Plus, I need help understanding the situations so far TT^TT

For the first four chapters, I'd say it's pretty good, but to drag on the engagement thing was completely unnecessary - what did expect, anyways? It's a CTN. There are a bit of problems with the tenses used in there, not to mention the grammar (spelling is okay, but the words used could do more work because the inconsistency in the tenses make it harder to read). This is only the first few chapters, so everything is mostly introductions. I'm giving this a chance, the other reviews really make me expect things like that. <<less
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