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Reading on Google Translator, hence why more advanced compared to translations.

You most likely saw the cover, read the description and thought: This is a slice of life harem story with a virgin old-man as the protagonist, pretty much a generic light read, right? That's very wrong, so wrong I will try to explain all some extra info from the initial chapters for you to see if you get interested.

Nakamoto Keisuke was summoned to another world when he was 15 years old, in the year 2000. He was forced to fight... more>> for a Kingdom, 2 years later he saved a girl (Elsa) in that same world and both became lovers, why? Because the Hero was nothing more than an hero to the Kingdom, but Elsa reminded him that he was human. 15 years together, as husband and wife (Yeah, he is no virgin, 15 years doing it), she was sacrificed in an unexplained way to allow him to fight against the Demon King, he won and returned home without nothing else, the year is 2017. The story starts about 1 year after he is back, already 2018 (And to add, a little over a year after losing his wife to boot, hence try to understand his reluctance against accepting little girls into his love life). To avoid inconsistencies in memory of the world and to "explain" his absence, a spell was released and the result was: 17 years as a shut-in, even his parents believe in that.

The MC was a normal Japanese who was forced to fight to survive in another world, now he is a "Hero", a self proclaimed garbage disposal that cleans monsters for the sake of others, he can kill if it's an enemy, thought he has an special hate for Goblins to the point he can tell them they will live if they provide information, and kill them regardless. Why does he lives like a loser even after 1 year of returning with all his cheats? His strength is too great, as such, he can't do delicate work, because he was summoned early, his studies are unfinished. And his Magic? He has Attack Magic, but it's not precise, it's the type that is too strong and scatters damage. He can also buff himself (But why when he is already too strong), and he has powerful healing magic (He can be decapitated and survive), however, he has nothing else like radars, map, item box, hiding and more specialized abilities (Appraisal is considered an exclusive ability by heroes though). He level is high, so he really is focused on damage dealing plus tanking with the ability to recover his allies,

After this 1 year later, he receives the visit of Angelica, his compensation, but why 1 year later? It seems that a compensation for him was actually considered against, and some wanted to turn him into a criminal because of unknown events. This shows that he wasn't exactly loved by the powerful people in that world, you can already guess where most of the action of this story will come from. And why he doesn't try to improve nonetheless? He considers his current suffering his atonement for Elsa's death, and as irony dictates, his regret even awakened a skill called paternity on him. He is already a very broken person by all most psychological standards.

The 3 main initial heroines: Angelica, a small blond big boobed priestress, volunteered to be offered to the hero that she read about in histories from that world, she lived in a monastery all her life, only girls, no contact with men, she was thrown into the other world with no way back, and what she found was a malnourished old man, but she is still going strong... Or is she? Though she is a priestress, she is no "strongest priestress" or special one, her level is ok for the other world, but nothing much, though she is stronger than normal humans from Earth already. In fight ability, she is pretty much useless, but may help others with magic in the back..

2nd heroine is a normal height even more big boobed library girl, she is quiet, but she has the makings of a psycho. She is also a super hardcore fathercon (A girl that doesn't know her father? That's literally impossible, they would die without one. / Her self proclaimed best place was inside the testicle of my father, but she had to be born with half her mother genes. Ugh), and since she is a modern girl, she helps Angelica (And MC to a lesser extent) about today's technology. No browser history is safe from her. (Think about teaching the girl about the story about Sodom and Gomorrah, but rather than focusing on the sins, and salt statues and stuff, it's about the daughters making their father drunk and being impregnated by him.)

3rd heroine is a fail girl who really looks a lot like Elsa in her early days, but the contents are bullsh*t, why? Her family is just bad, and she doesn't have a father.

There are more later one, but only these 3 appear in the initial chapters.

All girls have or awaken some level of Fathercon (as the title implies).

For the arcs of the story, each arc until now adds someone to the family rooster, 1 Arc is Angelica, the villain may sound weak an generic to some point, but Arcs 2, 3 and 4 connecting his current way of life with his life, in all pros and cons, and shows his priorities an abilities to fight his enemies. The enemy is a little girl? What about threatening by cruel ways? What about Overkill and vaporize in a surprise attack? What about super strength bearhug and crushing like that?

However, he can't do much against his "daughters" (specially Angelica), and while no s*x has happened up to now (They are minors), s*xual content exists to some extent, as the girls are all up for doing it. If you are looking for those parts and a lighter story, Arc 5 is the one, while Arc 6 is the current one going on.

Also about the world building, many stories with isekai and modern setting add some mystery on Earth, maybe a clan capable of weak magic, or some weaker supernatural abilities like limited telepathy, maybe even super ninjas. This world seems to be based on the real world though, events skipped by MC from 2000 to 2017 may influence his life, in fact, the novel presents some hypothesis that, if the numbers are based on real theories (I have not checked, but I feel they may have influenced the base of the story), they really do give some interesting real life contexts about human psychology and even differences between how wars have evolved from the WWII, going through the Vietman war and the current Iraq war (Since this one is post 2000, MC learns about it from these points). There was certainly a lot of thought in the plot. <<less
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ssj4maiko rated it
The Death Mage Who Doesn’t Want a Fourth Time
November 17, 2018
Status: c291
This is so interesting that I was forced to go to google translator and read the rest of the story (Hence why I'm far ahead of the current translation/c177).

The description doesn't make justice for the story, if you think you are getting a revenge story, you will be partially right, but considering it will take some years for the reincarnators to appear (They have to die in the second world, and they are all busy playing super heroes, so it won't be fast), they don't even matter too much at... more>> first. For enemies you get the main religion of the biggest "human" empire, on another faction it's the god of said religion, vampires that worship an evil god, the god of reincarnation that f**ked out MC over, and more later on, and all these factions are not necessarily friendly towards themselves, and a number of times actually mess up between each other, while our MC allies are increasing and getting more coordinated.

His powers are not really a cheat like the other 100 reincarnators, the Death Attribute and Ridiculous mana actually have a reason to be there, though it takes time to be revealed, you could say his main original cheat is his poker face.

In regards to the harem, since he is a growing child, his body doesn't show s*xual interest (like normal children), most of his harem is made up of really tall or muscular women, no little girl loli (which is rare for the trope). He has already pretty much promised to have children with some of them when he grows enough.

first pregnancy comes at 12 years old, though it was in a very weird and unexpected manner.


In regards to the gods, unlike the usual western omnipotent god, the gods that appear here are somewhat close minded. Rodcorte, the god of reincarnation for example does too many ridiculous acts, the reason however is simply because he is only a god of reincarnation, he is powerful in regards to souls and his reincarnation circle, but can't do much in anything else, hence, he gives little attention to people's thoughts and personalities, focusing on short term strategies for immediate results. Alda, the god of light, life and law of "Lambda", can only watch what his believers do and pray for, but can't watch unpopulated areas, or areas with no believers, for example, so he doesn't get the whole story either and acts on his own beliefs, it's no wonder that he is constantly confused about the situation.

If I were to compare with other works: Our MC powers are something like Ainz from "Overlord", a mix between necromancer, curse, poison, and absorption abilities, there are not many attack spells, but it's pretty good for defense. The plot is a mix of "I'm a Spider so What", where you have two perspectives of events in two different words which may influence each other a little, also the main story starts from the moment MC is born (in the third world) and goes on from that, and "Reincarnated as a slime", where our MC starts helping "monsters", though in this case, they are a race of people that the main human religion dislikes, and everyone around him gets stronger as our MC gets stronger.


There is also some casual "Kingdom Building", and MC likes to recreate stuff from his original world like food, however, unlike other stories where MC knows everything from agriculture and stuff, most of his knowledge here comes either from a lot of trial and error, but also some knowledge (Specially about human biology) comes from his second world, where he was a guinea pig forced to obey commands by scientists in experiments using his Death Attribute, so, because of those years, he is now able to use his unknown attribute somewhat efficiently in the new world because he knows the potential. <<less
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This is almost an slice of life story in a "problematic" world.

First let's go with who is MC, he is a japanese highschooler who likes making content (doujinshi stuff), and seems to have some bad history with black employers during part-time jobs. Upon being summoned, the King asks for a contract that they will fight against the demon lord in return for support, but upon reading the conditions, MC is pissed by the unilateral conditions from his kidnappers, and refuses, eventually being kicked off the castle.

This was actually a good... more>> thing, because upon arriving on this world, the God of Contracts, which is the main god in the story, does not allow for any sort of contract pledged through him to not be fulfilled, otherwise, a "curse" will be given until the contract remains fulfilled, that includes cases, for example, when the fulfilling condition turns impossible to accomplish, for example, if the condition was to give something to X, and X died, then it would be impossible. Hence, the King tricked them on their ignorance of the rules in this world to get "powerful slaves".

His cheat skill is the ability to edit skills, to explain it, imagine the following (I'm making these skills up) :

Prediction: Skill to "guess" "things" in the "future" / Slash: Skill to "give" "low damage" to "enemies"

Now let's exchange one particle, so you get, for example, Skill to "guess low damage to enemies", which would allow one to merely guess something and low damage would be inflicted on enemy, while the other would be "give things in the future", which could, let's say, be able to give unusual abilities in the future. The more powerful the skill, the more MP it may consume, so there is some level of balance. Another way would be "Guess 'enemies' in the future / Give low damage to 'things'", you can imagine their use. So from 2 "useless" skills 2 cheat skills were made with weird but usable abilities. And MC makes a lot of weird but effective skills.

So, MC is paranoic against black employers, but knowing he can't return home, he decides that first he needs to stabilize his situation here, his objective is to live well without working, and if he can make a skill to achieve that, even better.

The Waifus are all slaves, why must they be slaves? Basically, his skill only works on himself and on things associated with him, so his slaves are ok too, not only that, making a skill between himself and a slave makes it's into a somewhat custom and more powerful version of a skill, the problem is that it gets tied to the person.

The concept of slave in this story is also quite unique compared to other stories, the slave collar is not an item bought, but something related to contracts, in which case, you accept being in the care of someone else until a certain objective is accomplished, then the person is automatically released, so to be a slave there must be consent, however, as seen from the king, tricking and threatening are ok too, so pretty much, the tying one person to another is like touching the soul, but the used concept of slaves is pretty much one sided, where one serves and the other receives. Why this god made such a ridiculous situation. Well, things get more clear later on.

Another exclusive concept is the idea of skills, basically, every human has something like a crystal collar in themselves, this collar is used to make contracts, one more thing though, is that they can also take their own skills out through that, and install new ones. This means there is a "Skill" market that anyone can buy, so if someone learned singing, and doesn't need this ability anymore for whatever reason, the person can take the skill out and sell, if it's high level, even better.

So MC gets a slave harem like that, buys skills, makes cheat abilities for the waifus, tries to find a stable home and a source of income to only then settle down. That would be all, if not for problems starting every time he settles in a new place.

As mentioned in another review, while MC is the typical virgin that avoids any talk about the thing, later on, when he already has some small level of stability, he does it (fortifying slaves is always welcome). <<less
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ssj4maiko rated it
Atelier Tanaka
January 30, 2019
Status: c83
I'm MTL'ing and I can't stop, but I needed to make a review to have some time, since it was just too funny. Let me describe the appeal of this story for those curious about it. First, this novel is not recommended for those easily triggered by names.

First of all, this novel is a parody of the genre. You know the usual generic harem hero, he is bullied or is ugly, but he has a heart of gold, then he shows his power, he doesn't even try but gets all... more>> the girls? In Atelier Tanaka, the genre is subverted. MC is a 36yo man, he is a Wizard (30+yo virgin), and quite paranoiac in regards to STDs, hence, he got healing powers from the god of isekai, he wanted to be handsome, but god refused. He is ugly, and has an even uglier heart, he saves the girl and expects a reward? But that doesn't happen.

So, he goes to an adventurer guild and gets partnered with a 1 guy 2 girls trio, when they reach the place of the first mission, the 3 were having s*x right in the next room. That's the sort of love luck he gets here. Some small spoiler from the start of the second arc, so you can have a small taste of what you will get here.


One of those two later gets in love with him, gets to his house together with former boyfriend and confesses her absolute love to him, in front of the cucked guy, but because he is a friend, and Tanaka doesn't want "used goods", he refuses, and tries to tie both together, but Lolibitch is serious, and does everything she can to get his d*ck. Oh, the girl he likes eventually put her own pee on his tea as a form of harassment... He liked, and she kept doing it for the thrill.


In regards to power, MC got pretty much all the necessary for maximum healing, so his healing is Max, his magic recovery is Max, his MP is ridiculously high, and he has the INT to support maximum healing. The other undocumented cheat is the ability to earn and use Skill Points, so he can easily "learn" magic. To counter that, however, his Luck is terribly low, and with his bad luck in general, they should be related.

In regards to women, Tanaka is, of course, unlucky, but if we are talking males, males are usually very friendly towards him, but he doesn't care, he wants a harem, and he is a virgin, so he is quite "easy" to entice. He has some unconventional ideas sometimes that somehow works, for example, the use of "Little Girls Network", where he gives some money to random little girls on the street, asks something and gets an answer (They are not always right), both allowing his to continue his search and "healing his heart". There are some crazy ideas for the most idiotic reasons.

The narrative is in first person, however sometimes the POV changes to Sophia (the maid, also the one Tanaka likes the most [Possible main heroine?]), and both use very personal ways of talking. Sophia is always stressed out, but trying to appeal to guys, while Tanaka is constantly thinking about who he wants to bang, and what he needs to get there, he always addresses everyone by a nickname in his mind, like Lolibitch, Princess Bitch, Loligon, Loli Muchimuchi, Dark Muchimuchi, Loli Big Tits, Royal pu**y, and so on. (I'm not repeating characters here, each nickname is a different girl.)

Oh, MC is a lolicon, not that he likes children, but because there is a better chance that they have their hymen intact.

As you can see, that's the level of Main Character we have in this story, but the other characters around can be just as crazy (or unlucky), and that's what makes everything fun to read. <<less
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ssj4maiko rated it
Jujutsushi Wa Yuusha Ni Narenai
December 13, 2018
Status: c169
I'm reading from Google Translator for the sake of latest chapters, as I got really into it. Here I will try to explain what you should expect of this story and see if it's to your liking.

First, about the plot/world building: A classroom suddenly finds itself being transported to another world, the self proclaimed god says he is trying to save them, but has little time, as such, giving hurried explanations of what they should do, and telling them a human kingdom has promised to take care of them, then,... more>> once they are transported, they find themselves scattered and isolated inside a dungeon, and at the end of it, a transfer gate to said kingdom, problem is, it seems there is a limit of 3 people to go through.

Hence this Isekai is actually a Battle Royale, with some trying to trick others, and others just trying to help everyone, after all, this limit info comes from the same dubious source as everything else. There are all sorts of events between such classmates, friendship, romance, betrayal, murdering, suicide, etc. Because they are isolated inside a labyrinth, there are no other local humans, only monsters and other classmates.

In regards to world building, there are ups and downs:

In regards to the class, it's one conveniently created and even the author understands that, a school focused on studies (Hence hard to get into) for some reason has delinquents, the class also has all beauties and handsome in one place, there is the evil guy, the quiet girl, the fat girl that loves to eat (heroine here), the otakus that stay on their own and the otaku that despises everyone else, a romantic couple that love each other, there is even a lesbian and a gay couple, so pretty much, it's a convenient setting filled with as much "diversity" to the point of being unrealistic, but if you can let it pass, the rest is all fine, it's for the sake of the story after all.

In regards to the isekai world though, you could say there is nothing besides unknown world filled with monsters, each classmate woke up to a Job Class, there are the cheat jobs like Hero and Saint, plus others, and normal jobs like <Element> Magician, Warrior, Archer, etc, but the world itself seems devoid of logic... Or is it? By my own idea, at some point, some places were so "strange", like inside a palace, sewers, a "kingdom of monsters", an abandoned city filled with vegetation and animals, and some zombies akin to Resident Evil, etc, that let me consider the idea of an extra storytelling akin to Dark Souls, and by that I mean to compare the logic of enemy placement and strange places connected creating a confusing lore with some hidden logic there.

There is not much linearity either, because the groups move by teleporting, sometimes a group that should have advanced a lot finds themselves teleporting to a group that shouldn't have progressed as much, sometimes, two groups seem to be in the same place, but the "difficulty level" are so different that they are either in different places in the same area, or in actual parallel worlds or something like that.

In this world, the class also adds stats, while there are no "levels" and numerical values, they do get gradually stronger, so magicians are glass cannons, they are usually very strong in damage dealing, but normal humans themselves, meanwhile, close combat jobs reaches inhuman levels of speed and strength, with little to no long range.

The MC gets the Shaman job, more specifically, an "exclusively curse-based" Shaman, so he is a magician (no physical buffs) with no direct attack (or defense) magic, he is ill suited to battle and hence can't survive alone, he is betrayed by one of the delinquent guys in class, survives and has to work hard, and while he is not the typical "bullied kid" in such stories, other classmates may turn his life into hell thanks to their own biases.

The Heroine starts as a pig, she is big, horizontally and vertically, is betrayed by her classmates too and left to die, but even after saved by MC, she is still a coward to the point of being able to escape by herself into battle, she does change though, turning into a monster of close combat enough to have slimmed down horizontally while remaining THICC (She has a skill called Blessed Body, hmmmm...?). Later on turns into pretty much Lu Bu (Dynasty Warriors) mixed with some Berserker (Fate/Stay Night).

And that's about it, there is no harem (There is the Hero's harem party though) because the only humans around are classmates, if I were to say MC has one cheat it would be to say he always has the "complex of the weak", which means he always knows he can die, and will try to be prepared most of the time. His powers are no cheat, if he gets a power that looks like a cheat, he finds out it's just a shortcut with added convenience to something he can do manually, while other characters with similar abilities can upgrade and/or create magic items from random items out of nowhere.

However, it's not one of those everyone is an enemy, even MC got in very good relationships with other classmates, having to leave them thanks to ordinary and extraordinary circumstances (like being kidnapped by a monster and having to save himself).

If you start the story now, there will be a number of chapters with the hero party, most of the time fighting something similar or stronger compared to MC and resolving them much more easily, while increasing his harem party, you may find it frustrating, but try to keep it going up to arc 5, where heavy changes will happen to that party. <<less
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ssj4maiko rated it
Instant Death
June 27, 2019
Status: v7c10
First: Treat this novel as a parody of the genre. When you think there could be a small annoyance to the characters or the story that could take useful time for the rest of the story, something will arrive and magically solve all those mundane problems conveniently, so you don't need to focus on those small details, and get a taste of how the story will work. This is not bad and is used mostly for comedic purposes.

Second: MC is Overpower, but it's arguable, reason is, yes, he can kill... more>> anyone and anything just by wishing it, however that's all, he is not athletic, he is not that smart nor dumb, he is just some guy with an ability. The Heroine in every other regard is stronger than him, although still on the levels of a normal person. You can think of it like this: The situation is getting worse by the second, in 1 minute the world could be destroyed. Can it be solved instantly by instantly killing the enemy? Yes? Then there is still time.

Third: There is no harem, MC is not interested in such a thing, rather, he prefers playing his games, which he is quite bad at. You could say he is a dense character and stuff, but for spoiler reasons, you accept that, when it is said that he is not interested, you truly understand why he isn't and why he won't be. This is not a romantic story.

Fourth: Usually in an isekai story, MC arrives in a game-like world, and game-like things are basics so you treat them as the norm. This is not the case here, as the 2 are outside the system, they don't have levels, skills, classes and so on, there are no gods nor entities on their side and they have to survive and find a way back home, and all they can rely is on MC's ability to kill anything and sense other people's desire to kill him, plus the heroine's weird past that turns her as the common sense character of the story into another weirdo that is still conflicted with herself. This concept is similar to those of Death Mage and <well knows story where multiple people reincarnate in another world, but...>

I'm a Spider so what?


So, with that out of the way, this is a story where nothing is what it looks as, good people can be jerks, victims can turn into jerks, the sages are jerks, the gods are jerks, that random world destroyer entity that nobody even knew existed is also a jerk, and you only feel satisfaction as they are killed over mundane things. You could think that it's one of those stories forcing something onto the reader, but that's not necessarily the case, the world is chaotic, it's not about killing the demon king, in fact, there are multiple of them and they own territories, so wars against a demon king are akin to wars between Kingdoms, not some fight for the fate of humanity.

And then you get "World Myth"-level entities, which are mainly the Sages, they are previously summoned people with "Moderator access" to the system, which means they can use the system to their advantages to some extent, but nothing outside of what they can already do initially, their task is to "protect the world from Aggressors", which are monsters that come from the other worlds to destroy this world (Or do they, who knows really?), and find other Sage candidates to replace those that have fallen in battle or can't do their job anymore or something (And if you get summoned, it's do or die), and there are also Gods and Demons (Which have the potential to destroy the world, not just mankind, the planet itself).

You could say that the Sages could deal with the other problems right? But they don't because they don't care, although they are former humans from another world (Japan), they are the epitome of the overpowered characters that thinks of themself as god-like entities, do whatever they want, and most if not all of them don't care about what can be rebuilt, because it's easy for them to build things with their overpowered abilities, so one of their pastimes is to play with the world, while protecting their playground from those other-world invaders.

If you read Death Mage and know of Rodcorte, you can think of them as somewhat similar to him. So once one of them meets with MC who wants answers, you get double the satisfaction. :) <<less
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ssj4maiko rated it
Shinka no Mi
December 21, 2018
Status: c143
First, let's go with the basics, this story is a parody of the Isekai OP harem genre, in fact, you could say it's a very direct parody of the likes of Arifureta.

The MC is the typical bullied small person wit ha heart of gold, however, while usually the status would be based on prejudice from others towards MC, in this case, we could say it's very appropriate. MC is weak, fat, smelly and not very intelligent, the school in fact is an idol school, so everyone around is beautiful/handsome, athletic,... more>> though not necessarily intelligent (It's an idol based school, so that's secondary to looks). Of course, it's not to say that MC is isolated without friends, however, he isolates himself from his real friends to avoid problems against them.

The whole school is summoned to another world by some sort of god-like entity who pretty much says they don't care about whatever, gives them some cheats, and says there is a kingdom doing a summoning, so they should stay together to get there, otherwise, who knows what can happen. As can be guessed from this, MC is isolated during the transfer, and as such, ands up separated in a forest filled with powerful monsters, however, seeing that situation, the God-like entity gave Seiichi on last gift: Absolute Dissassembly, the ability to dissable everything from enemies he wins against, of course, he first needs to win in the first place, and with terrible status, no battle skills to help, no food either, his only weapon? Besides a stick, only his terrible smell, after 1 week without changing clothes, they pretty much turned into lethal weapons for the lulz. His status claim he is not even human, but a sub-human, such is his standing, until he finds the titular fruit of evolution, where he gets some skills (including smell control), and turning into a handsome taller guy.

Of course, it wouldn't be a parody without completely reversing the situation and turning OP. His smell seems to attract the attention of a certain Gorilla (Actually a monster called Kaizer Kong), who gets in love with him after witnessing his "still in growth" skills.

The parody doesn't stop there though, everything is pretty much reversed, what about the cliche experience of entering the adventure guild for the first time, just to have it turn into a terrible experience, the cliche of registering into the guild then having 3 big and unfriendly guys calling out to them, just to have it turn into "WTF!?". All the cliches are reversed, not only positive cliches are turned regrettable, but mundane cliches are also turned more dramatic than expected.

So, MC is ridiculously OP, but that's not what he wants, in fact, he feels like his body is evolving in ways that are getting out of control, which is not very welcome, but he can't go back anymore. In here, MC is so powerful that many of his actions are ridiculously played, like when he decides to fight a smile, and not only his first step when running created a crater in the ground, he completely vaporized the low level monster. The evolution is so out of hand that he can learn anything as long as capable, like animaland monster languages, special and unique abilities, etc.

So, what's the objective, and the harem?

The harem is the uncommon type, there are a mixutre of weirdos besides the gorilla, there are the likes of a cursed girl, a normal donkey, an adopted imouto, a battle crazed knight, etc.

His objective is, in short term, to survive, he would like to go back to Japan, but if impossible, he looks for a way to live well in this new world, so he is looking for something like a stable source of income, like getting a job. MC is not interested in meeting with the other students besides the few of his friends, but he has no info on them either way.

The story sometimes change POVs, one of the sides is the demon side, in special a certain Demon General that can't get a boyfriend, and another side is the students, usually represented by MC's best friend Shota, who was summoned by the Kaizer Empire together with everyone else. They don't know that MC is alive, and are trying to survive the terrible situations. Of course, even though MC was a sub-human in all regards, there was at least one girl on that side who had the hots into him, the typical perfect girl turned regrettable (Kaori from Arifureta reference), of course. <<less
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