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Emperor’s Domination
June 7, 2016
Status: c613
This review is as at chapter 613 of the Chinese raws.
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The story premise is that of a shepherd, who was put into the body of a crow for a million years. Over this million years he basically learnt pretty much all the best techniques etc., and used these techniques to cultivate promising young people to the peak level of cultivation so far, celestial emperor. After a million years, he finally regained his body and embarks on a journey of vengeance against the sect that sealed him into the crow in the first place.

Unlike many other xianxia novels, whereby transmigration is only a small part of the novel, the MC's past plays a big role in this novel - he doesn't act like a teen, but like a crotchety old man. He basically has the worst base at the start of the novel, but his knowledge plays a big part of it.

Good points
1) Foreshadowing is often well done - items which are written into the story previously are often pivotal to the plot
2) The MC's universe is pretty diverse, much is written about the different races.
3) Each arc is well enunciated; the different worlds are written in a way that differentiates them from each other.

Bad points
1) Side characters usually only exist for about an arc; while they are often well developed, they are discarded when moving into another arc, which is pretty annoying.
2) The MC is incredibly arrogant - he's basically your typical xianxia MC on steroids, slaughters everyone in his path.
3) The scale of battles can get pretty ridiculous; in one scene the MC fights more than 50, 000 experts and slaughters most of them..
4) The story gets pretty formulaic.
5) The author likes to elaborate too much, e.g. After introducing a particular term he will go on to about half a chapter of why that particular term was so great, its history etc., and how you must know the MC is extraordinary.
6) The past of the MC allows the author to pull a crapton of Deus Ex Machina

In conclusion, read this if you're interested in a someone different xianxia premise, but note that the characters within follow troper pretty closely, its not groundbreaking.

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This review is as at c2253 of the chinese raw and will contain some spoilers
TL;DR: its romance, with abit of comedy. Emphasis on romance.

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- Unlike many other novels in the series, time travel does play a pretty large (and interesting) role in the series.
- Chapters are short, and unfortunately the author has a habit of really dragging out arcs, so if you don't like a particular arc be prepared to have to skim through tons of chapters
- The side characters mentioned in the synopsis basically disappear from ~c1k onwards, however, before that there is good continuity whereby the author does try to let them appear every now and then.
- Nonetheless, as I mentioned, this is a romance story, and it will revolve (particularly the later chapters) around the romance of the MC and her husband.
- There is tragedy in the novel, it basically reads like a historical k-drama (think Da Chang Jin)
- While the old tropes such as the spoilt young master do exist in the novel, the author manages to get better later on whereby some characters aren't just the typical stereotypes.
- Some parts of the novel will not be from the main character's perspective
- While the novel appears to be comedic earlier on, note that the focus shifts to romance later on, and as such take note of this.
- A large part of the novel revolves around misunderstandings, which can understandably get pretty frustrating, but that's how it is.
- Circa chapter 1k of the novel there's basically a wipe of all the old characters, and the MC basically starts afresh.
- The novel is still ongoing
- Be prepared for feels later on in the novel (the poor MC has a pretty tragic life, which gets explained later on)

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spectrearc rated it
Your Highness, I Know My Wrongs
June 10, 2016
Status: c73
I've finished reading the raws of this novel.

You know how some novels leave you with a feeling of satisfaction at its conclusion, a feeling that 'wow this was a great novel'? This isn't one of those novels.

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The premise of the novel was supposed to be comedy, and some romance, but the author decided to swap to palace intrigue midway through the novel, and he's pretty bad at writing it.
- The love triangle basically gets resolved, but not in a satisfactory way
- The ending of the novel was very rushed, and many plot points were not resolved properly
- The later part of the novel was extremely rushed, and swings almost incoherently from event to event
- Multiple inconceivable plot twists are introduced later into the novel, and its clear that the author suddenly had a change of viewpoint in how he wanted to write the novel
- The 'comedy' part of the novel, which was quite well written, disappears towards the end of the novel
Some examples
> What the hell happened to the first prince after his plot failed?
> The author decided to finish the plot within 1 chapter, and basically pulled things out of his arse to resolve it
> Why the hell did the 3rd prince wait until the 2nd last chapter to avenge his parents and not act before then?
> The other dude in the love triangle and the king basically... disappear after the plot point is resolved; what the heck?
> The MC is completely and utterly incompetent, same goes for her maid. If you've read to be a virtuous wife and expect a similar MC, go elsewhere.

I would have given it 1 star if not for the fact that the front portion of the novel is relatively readable, while the end is a complete mess. I would not have started reading this novel had I known how it had ended. <<less
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This is good stuff

  • MC is likeable, he's basically a normal guy suddenly thrust into a yandere maelstrom
  • So far, it hasn't really fallen into the usual xianxia trope
  • Be aware that this is harem, i.e. Pretty much all the girls the MC meets (up to now) like him
  • There are a few mildly disturbing scenes, like a 12 (and 9) year old girl making out with him as of 118.

  • Translations are very slow
  • The raws are locked behind paywall
I need more.
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spectrearc rated it
The Cry of the Phoenix Which Reached the Ninth Heaven
September 12, 2016
Status: c375
The premise of the novel is interesting, but the main differentiating factor behind it and other 'revenge' novels is that usually, the revenge portion tends to resolve itself by the first portion of the novel, and then the rest is usually politics etc.

This novel is slightly different in that the entire novel is about the MC's revenge against the emperor. While there are some wuxia tropes (internal energy etc.) these are generally minor and limited to side characters; the MC is basically a normal human. She also, unlike many novels,... more>> continues acting like she's still dumb throughout the majority of the novel.

The plot is interesting, and characters are rarely discarded after a particular miniarc. I've rated it 4 because it is generally written in a cogent and diverting manner, but the story is, honestly speaking, too long. The general length of such novels is roughly 300+ chapters (?) and this one is double that; there is only so much you can go about before you feel the author is just trying to artificially prolong the novel. <<less
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spectrearc rated it
The King of Hell’s Genius Pampered Wife
February 10, 2017
Status: c1945

The novel is reasonably well written. Plot is cogent, and generally well developed. It's nice seeing an overarching plot unfold as the chapters flow on.


- Author likes to exaggerate the good points of the main character. Expect males the MC sees to fall in love with her at first sight.

- Expect everything the MC does to be perfect, every female character (barring a few) to hate her for her beauty etc., the cliches are everywhere.

- Chapters are extremely short.

General comments

- There will be some tragedy within the novel; this is used in a way that it sometimes seems the author ran out of ideas and just wants to demolish the current plot setting.

- The antagonists will tarry on - the author will make you loathe them, and they won't be easily killed off.

As at 1900+ we're in the midst of the 2nd (?) arc, and the story is still developing.

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spectrearc rated it
Phoenix Rising Over the World
September 1, 2017
Status: Completed
This could have been a great novel. Sadly, it's too rushed. What other chinese novels attempt to do in 3-5000 chapters, this one tries to complete in less than 200 - and it shows.

  1. Many things have their backstory unexplained. Take, for instance, some of the MC's forces - you're basically given a 'time skip', and MC suddenly gains all sorts of forces, you don't get the character development that comes with it.
  2. Too much is unexplained. Even at the end of the novel, there are numerous unexplained things - mysterious characters that never get expanded upon, characters that show up once and then simply disappear, despite purportedly being 'important' figures in one of the most powerful factions.
  3. Things happen too quickly. There simply enough build-up to make resolutions meaningful, or satisfying.
  4. Use of time skip as a plot device is lazy. It is deus-ex-machina, and the novel has a few of those. It is not satisfying, and a sign of lazy writing.
  5. The xianxia/wuxia aspects of the novel are never expanded upon. Early in the novel, the MC's teacher discover she's a 'genius' because she cultivates to level 2 extremely quickly. The entire cultivation system is then discarded like trash, and the MC inexplicably becomes 'more powerful', but still it seems like everyone's more powerful than her. The 'power system' appears to be an afterthought, merely used to explain how the MC/ML gets out of trouble.
  6. The characters are not well developed enough. This, in part, is due to the brevity of the novel. Numerous primary and secondary protagonists are simply there as a foil for the MC's and ML's development, and aren't in themselves developed. Good novels explain (in whatever way) the motivations of the antagonists, the antagonists for this one simply appear, do whatever to the MC, get beaten up by the ML, then are discarded like last season's fashion.
Rather unfortunately, all these... more>> mar the novel. Quite honestly, the author tries, but his/her inexperience shows. My feeling is that this could be one of his/her earlier works, and the fact that the novel is so brief does not do it justice. Read it, if you must, if you like domineering male leads and romance, but if you're looking for a solid, plot-based novel, forget it. <<less
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spectrearc rated it
Mistress, I Was Wrong
February 1, 2019
Status: c160
The problem with this story is that MC is incredibly useless and only causes trouble for her partner, like literally almost every dangerous situation is caused by her reckless, naive and stupid actions.

One would have thought she would have grown some brains after half the story but apparently not. This was mildly amusing at the start, but there is a fine line between innocence and stupidity. MC is deep into the latter region.

As it stands her partner gets into all sorts of trouble because she decides to recklessly save people... more>> without thinking of the consequences, and the thing is she is so useless in combat against anything which she can't immediately suppress with her cultivation level.

Honestly speaking it was ok at the start but as it stands now I just want to throttle the MC every time she does something retarded (which is almost every chapter).

She also has pointless ridiculous power ups which are obviously meant just to keep her power at the same level as the MC, while being completely useless.

See the thing about this is that while it tries to do Yuri, the author still falls into the standard xianxia tropes of having a cold (Fe) male lead who constantly saves his gf. I would have very much preferred to get an MC with at least a modicrum of intelligence.

I have nothing against having one lead weaker than the other but it is really tiresome watching a damsel in distress just getting into trouble over and over again. <<less
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spectrearc rated it
Sword Saint’s Disciple
September 22, 2018
Status: v2c7
It's a really average novel, standard oh I can't kill people MC, fluffy stuff, etc. Honestly speaking nothing really differentiates it from the rest of the novels out there... Read it if you've nothing better to do I guess, also I'll be honest here, the translations aren't exctly top notch, plenty of grammar mistakes
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spectrearc rated it
Your Humble Servant is Guilty!
February 28, 2016
Status: --
A short, heart-warming story of the various misunderstandings between the protagonist, a female Imperial Physician, the Emperor, and a promise made during childhood.

Makes for a good laugh, and has a nice ending; is a parody of the various well-known Imperial intrigues e.g. 還珠格格;步步惊心. Don't expect too much from it, but read it to lighten your heart after a long day.
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Stunning Edge
June 30, 2016
Status: c237
This is a review of the complete novel
... more>>

This is a reborn in another world novel. While it does have many tropes similar to other novels, one interesting point is that unlike many other novels with a historical Chinese setting, this one appears to base itself partially against a more westernised setting.

Good Points
- Characters are well developed; side characters are well developed and have distinct personalities
- Writing is generally cogent, and the author does a relatively good job of world building
- Chapters are pretty long in length, which adds up to a decent amount of content

Bad Points
- Some plot points simply get forgotten by the author in the rush to power-up the MC (e.g. the golden lotus cultivation technique... simply gets forgotten in the later parts of the novel).
- Side characters often disappear after their introductory arc; the novel is distinctly divided into several arcs.
- The author likes to pull deus ex machina powerups for the MC's love interests in order to keep them relevant (e.g. side char disappears, suddenly reappears with a powerup due to some 'secret technique')
- It seems that the author simply gave up at the end of the novel, the ending made absolutely no sense and was incredibly rushed.

Despite all the bad points, I'd say the novel overall is a 3.5; 4.5 if you look only at the initial arc, where the comedy and serious plot are well commingled and developed, 3 for the later arcs which degrade considerably in quality, particularly the final arc where the author decides to basically wrap everything up in 3 chapters. All in all, not a bad novel, but be warned that the ending is pretty terribly written such that it leaves a bitter taste in your mouth, a pity, given how well written the rest of the novel generally is.

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