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spalk rated it
Renegade Immortal
August 4, 2018
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ISSTH and AWE are two of my favourite novels but this is really bad.I pushed myself to read till 160. There is no mystery, no suspence, no interesting techniques. The MC is really boring. He used to be a good guy who wanted to cultivate to please his parents but after their death he becomes a ruthless killer.I don't have a problem with him killing but it is just that. He has no personality and no special traits. All the story is the same. He meets useless people who want... more>> to kill him, he kills them and then other people come for revenge.

In ISSTH the MC likes to earn money and cheat people which makes him interesting. He also has a goal, he wants to be strong to find out about his parents.

In AWE the MC is presented as pure but he ruins everything around him in a very funny way which makes him very likeable. He also has a goal, to be immortal.

In this the MC doesnt have a trait. He just kills people. He doesnt practice techniques he just cultivates. He isnt even clever. He doesnt have an extra skill like for example potions. He doesnt have friends or romantic interests. He doesnt even speak much.

I can't understand why people rate this so high. The only way that I pushed myself ro read till 160 is because this is Er Gen's work but really it was a waste of time. <<less
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