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soriya rated it
Great God, I’ll Support You
October 13, 2018
Status: Completed
I couldn't stop reading even after I finished the translated chapters... so MTL, here I go! Thanks to the power o Google, I managed to finish the novel in two days. It was worth it.

This book gives me a lot of Just One Smile feels, but it also has its own uniqueness. I love that neither the MC or the ML are perfect people as they each has their own set of flaws. ... more>>

i.e. her naivete and his feelings of being reject by his father as well as his critical health conditions and how it may affect his relationships with people (especially the MC)


Most of the novel is fun to read and the MC is hilarious. She have a few months that will leave you scratching your head at her, but otherwise, she's an adorable and straightforward character. The later chapters tears me up a little, but it was so worth it. wish the author could have added a little extras, but I'm very happy that the site I've read included the ending from the novel version as the web ending left me a bit too abrupt for my taste. <<less
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