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Crossing to the Future, it’s Not Easy to Be a Man
March 7, 2018
Status: c1448
As someone who keeps up with the raws to the most current release (and is also the original translator), this series is something I'd definitely recommend.

A few things first, every chapter and every event has it's relevance to the story. It's a very well plotted out novel that knows where it's going. However, the issue is that most english readers can only keep up with the current translation release, which might warp people's perception of the novel.

The author is the kind of person who reveals the setting as the story... more>> goes along. Thus at chapter 100, the amount of setting you'll have is actually very small and mainly centered around what Ling Lan knows. The author's not the kind of person who feels it necessary to bog down the reader with immediate detail on everything, but she does like to sprinkle in a few things that will show up in the future. I guess the best way to describe how the story flows is like a game; a lot of information is intentionally obscured until it finally has plot relevance.

Don't assume that you can just skip chapters either, because the novel isn't built on episodic events. Every single one of the chapters has it's intention and meaning. Every chapter is meant to further the plot, explain a bit of the setting through other characters, and/or develop side characters. The really isn't much filler.

Anyway, if you like a good, intellectual, or just fun time, I do suggest reading this novel before making any hasty judgements. The story is constantly punctuated by Ling Lan's own brand of humor and is really quite good. Outside of some confusion with names, this series is pretty easy to follow with machine translation too (if you really can't wait for official translations to come out).


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