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solowars rated it
Di Wang Gong Lue
May 7, 2018
Status: Completed
Note that this book is actually the last of a series of 4 interconnected novels, starting with "Everywhere in Jianghu is Wonderful". The main characters in the other novels do appear in this one, but it is NOT necessary to have read the previous ones to understand this one, although you'll know a little more about the side characters if you have read the previous books.

This story is POV-switching, so it took me a little while to get used to it - I'm really glad the author chose to do... more>> this, as all the side characters and their interactions with each other (and the mains) are very interesting. The plot doesn't move very quickly, and in fact the entire novel spans quite a few years. However, I really love the development in the relationship between our MC (Chu Yuan) and ML (Duan Bai Yue), which takes a few twists and turns before the end. Story-wise, I felt that it was kinda slow near the end, but the characters were so engaging that I couldn't ever give them up, and the humor is always on-point, so even slow parts weren't boring.

Quite an easy read despite the wuxia/palace tag, no complicated political plots, and the cast of characters is easy to follow. I kinda hoped for more about the past interactions of our MC and ML, because when the story starts they already knew each other for a long time. However, it's just a minor thing, and overall I'd happily recommend this story to anyone who likes BL in the ancient chinese context. <<less
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solowars rated it
Thousand Autumns
May 4, 2018
Status: Completed
I really like this story - the plot flows very nicely, and the character development and eventual romance is believable and well written. The wuxia theme is quite heavy in this one, and the cast of characters is quite bulky despite the novel not being very long, but it works out quite well, and the world-building is really cool to me (as a fan of wuxia and that era of Ancient China in general). I was very impressed with how the author wrote MC, as he could have come off... more>> as just another Mary Sue character who does no wrong, but he didn't. Instead we get to see why our MC grew up to be a kind and upright person, and how his experiences managed to change his worldview, but not the moral principles that he continues to stick to. The slow-build romance is indeed very slow, but makes sense given how different MC and ML are.

The only thing I was a little disappointed with was that we didn't get to explore ML's character as much compared to MC, despite hints here and there.

Spoilers for the get-together:


The slow-build is so slow MC only admits his feelings for ML in the very last chapter. However, we do get about 13 chapters of extras where MC and ML get together properly and some peeks into their life together afterwards.

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