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sohaile199 rated it
January 29, 2017
Status: c31
Started off real nice, Main character was cool and arrogant with a mysterious background. Now at ch 31, which I am surprised I survived throught it, the MC has no personality, only listens to what others tell him and cant give his opinion truthfully. I dont even know where the author is going with this anymore. I will definitely drop it.
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sohaile199 rated it
Dungeon Defense
August 26, 2016
Status: v2c2
WOW!!!!! I haven't read a novel that played with my emotions so mush, like zhu xian, other then this one. I was very reluctant to read DD because of the short number of chapters, but in the end I read it and was happy with what I read. If you are also like me, then just start reading it now, it is very satisfying. There are a little bit of cons here and there, but I assure you that the author/translator does an incredible job in making it better when... more>> he explains why do those things happen, which is part of the reason this novel is a roller coaster of feels. So good, so good. There are not any new novels in this genre to compare it to. Btw zhu xian is my favorite novel in case you didn't know. <<less
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