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The Second Coming of Gluttony
January 12, 2019
Status: c59
Wow.. just wow.. this novel just didn't stop in bringing surprises.

A novel That actually deserves 5 Stars..

It's mature in the sense that.. it feels like it's written by an actual adult... Like the author doesn't hold back experiences or insights about what's interesting to see..

... more>> It's like.. a merit of it's own.

A work of art that really encompasses all aspects of human being within this world... And not in a compulsive way.

But.. It felt like if I was reading the work of a human being.. In a long time.

The start it's cringe.. but it adds a level of realness.. like it's definer worthy and after reading ahead.. I can say the writing is honest.

Just. Wow. Totally worth it thank you translator for reminding me what a real personal style feels like..

For me.. I think the big merit of this work is aesthetic.

Secondarily is just.. adding to watch..

Like.. the story progresses but I don't really care about pacing.. I just care to continue experiencing..

In being honest when I say I can experience it.. it's only 59 chapters but somehow im like satisfied..?.. like.. I can sleep sound and know tomorrow or whatever day.. this novel is going to progress.. hehe I don't know.. Just my first time experiencing this..

Even it looks like the translation is alive (I mean it continues wich is veeryy good)... wow... How could this bee? I feel lucky being able to read this..

This novel is not something that blows my mind.. it's like.. this little kitten that somehow.. manages to earn my respect.. sure I can think of snob words to make my review but.. is like it deserves a different way of addressing it.

This Novel dia things different. Not extremely different but just enough too... Be like radically different.. when all things combine.. and in a good way.

It's like the little differences are truthful and consistent. Wich then over the passing of time.. Are honored and become something unique. Wich then continuously add up to something extremely precious and valuable.

This novel. It reminds me of some quirk writer having fun doing it.. like in glances like honestly he's doing things right. Even if he's not perfect or whatever for sure he's more than a worthy artist.

Btw.. on a secondary note;


the chapters are lovingly long! hehe, I mean this is how chapters ought to be.. Long and fulfilling

Surely my thanks for the translation team again ;)

I mean this looks like a hard endeavor thanks x3 this doing it's super cool

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Praise the Orc!
July 2, 2017
Status: c19
A typical Chinese theme flattened on a imitation level of a Korean plot.

Feels like walking in a muddy withered Forest for the sake of getting mud in your boots. With, dry trees in plain day light narrated as a menacing possibility that times get moved by a light wind, sitting in the view here and there labeled as plot.

The guide is the main character, amused by rocks, ie NPCs acting on conventional values that quickly turn into bromides. Tormented by the always to come, evil of the always to come... more>> and detestable Human race.

Long narrations about any uninteresting story about the NPCs, there was never given a reason to care about a trivial NPC to such extent that merits the constant and lengthy narration given by the author.

The theme of the Novel is : the heroic role of protecting your angelical and adult sister as a hopeless Target of human mischievousness​; lust and Injustice.

The plot is :while discovering the advantages of role playing in virtual reality the MC slowly blurs reality in what easily becomes an adequate environment for escape and simultaneously unforeseen opportunity of treating his PTSD.

It's a stale adventure that started from an such meaningless idea as a poor developed little sister suffering an assgrab in a virtual world. I don't think that's a believable argument for a story about heroic actions.

To make the fear of his adult sister, suffering in a virtual world of potential foul encounters does not justifies becoming a obsessed undercover and uberpowered assgrab protector for his sister, nor defender of the metaphysical fictional characters or becoming a high level game player who's sole purpose and motivation is the likes of a military who doesn't distinguish the cons and pros of a technological enabled fantasy pastime from reality, a casual game addiction​, no amount of conventional rationalization is enough to put an​ ex military dicipline to wasting his time worrying about what he probably think as "pretend games" going awry if he was really a soldier.

The story is not interesting enough and the parts that are well written show nothing in particular; the MC it's a normal soldier doing actions outside his believable spectrum most of the time, at the end of the day things happen to him, he doesn't actively seeks a grand goal. <<less
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The New Gate
April 4, 2017
Status: v6c1 part1
A novel about showing how much you have a beautiful women, and how the use of conflicts in a novel serve as stepping stones to show how much of a secret royalty MC really is

This doesn't come in the start but later the autor seems to completely forget about the larger objectives feels like the immediacy of the moment social pressure -BY NPCS-[Non Player Characters] and such pressure it's more important than his life saving objectives

Why do I think this is? It because that's 85℅ percent of the novel:... more>> other people.

It was okay and wasn't a Shure thing. After 2 volumes it really becomes apparent the real reason why the autor ignores the MC strength potential and possible intelligence: to the experience of social self-gratification that his female NPC (bot) partners provides him.

I like the simple battles.
What's bad about this novel is that the autor spends WAYY to much time on:

Bromides about how much social proof this guy has -cute women by his side and the much "sorry I'ma guy" kinda Japanese fantasy service theme.

40℅ of the chapter can be about how MC walks with heroines and how much normal people envy him.

20℅ is getting red face when a few of the woman he interacts with proposes to him, just to be later, rejected as the nice Japanese duty he carries dictates" to not take any sort of meaningful action with women because to do so it is ultimately shameful, you little dirty and puny man"

I expected to at some time to read some plot advances but what this is about its a giant

Slice of life

Masquerade as a quest to return to real life but then real life is made a second priority and in this moment a third, potentially a 4rth.

This is made implicit by the countless meaningless every so interactions that gets written and takes every the more space in each of the upcoming the chapters pushing away anything that resembles importance to his real life objectives

This has turned from an epic adventure into a washing machine discussion of unintentional cavort demonstrations

This novel lacks a strong willed, intelligent action taking MC. More like a suspicious middle of the roader they had already forgotten why he is there and has little differentiation from "I killed bad guys, therefore I got dark past but my character isn't developed yet" chunibuyouu archetype and very often had depressions over the things he could not control, his never- to- tell but just be inferred and not to think or be judged past.

Don't expect complex villains here, at most casual killers that are leader guys. Just evil npcs that happen to be spawned and emulated by the evil human nature program-system wich is barely touched and discussed

Probably this novel has target of 1k chapters+

Plannig on packing crucial explanations after miles and miles of trivialities and royalty experiences.

No clue as to the reason why he was put in such place

Events are happening without being epic

Mostly this is slice of life Through lot of surface talk, low and few critical context conversations, arised from an aura of self sufficiency, sprinkled with awe from the plebeian villagers born in trivial actions for trivial purposes, that in my opinion should just be omitted or resumed and just focus on what's important.

20℅ villager interactions talk and why they think that such is such: needless details about something unimportant wich can be fixed with MC five minute-effort based on already knowledge he posses

5℅ MC plotting with such villagers limited by the grace that he is hiding his ability

3℅ On the MC background

7℅ meaningful battles

5℅ exploration <<less
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Another Japanese Novel About finding and getting automatic security

No real enemy's here, no real conflict neither. MC thinks : how would I questions the predefined path presented by our hopeless authorities?!- they only need a lil bit of my underserved good luck to really get things going.

Among cartoony enemy's, narrating how he diligently raises a duty full and compliant life and some emulation of adventures MC shows us how to be a good medieval citizen. That's this novel. Except that without its powers all would be meaning less.

MC. Follows the... more>> orders of the meak initially by rational deduction but latter by default, and his powers only serve him to allow for completing the impossible and contradictory path that he is accustomed to follow, his philosophical premises are the same he carried from his last life opportunity. Resembling a 200 kilos obese man telling himself "if only I would be more skinny I wouldn't be fat".

This novel is just general lazssynes and some kind of passive surrender of his goals as his ambition gets disolved by solving a the problems of the daily life of medieval folks.

No philosophical values at stake here (what ambitious bastard would dare to take a risk in this so complicated medieval world), no danger. Just the reassurance that a good guy is doing what's best for the public interest, always measuring and checking on the back of his mind that he doesn't step by any shape or form on other people's toes.
This is not about adventure or pursuing some kind of ambition

The values he seeks is conformity to this medieval environment were his adversaries are safe to be labeled primitive and stupid

And whenever​ a something resembling a challenge appears it feels it's just for taking some kind of struggle, for the same dimensions as one might find that it was an error drinking soda and milk after a meal.

If there was something exciting it was just before MC obtained his automatic guarante of safety, and actually tried to get some kind of traction.

Lately the novel puts bigger emphasis on the daily life of a medieval folk were using magic and having tremendous powers is rationalized not to be used to seek some kind of truth or adventure.

From where he got to level 33 onwards it was automatically assumed that he would be just a nice guy and only problems would come to a good folk (this is the way plot progresses ; by bland accident).

The plot happens to him, he doesn't seeks to move. That's it's the focus; ordinary life, the obtention of automatic safety and a silent celebration, a byproduct of lack of heroic character.

If he didn't have the powers he had he would be in the same miserable position as he was in his last life or the other world.

His powers are just there to reassure him ; don't to anything, keep being a lazy shmug and you could be rewarded by the incompetent gods who are going to give you power to be the strongest in the planet so you can live your tiny life big time. <<less
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Level Up Just By Eating
June 28, 2017
Status: c16
This Novel makes fun of any bit of seriousness in the story, just to make sure there is not any resemblance of values or convictions in the story.

Characters are author's self made bromides ; a dumb goddess, cynical and angry MC, a lovely receptionist, a selfish ol Man.. Etc

Tongue and cheek this tries to be, and results in a parody of itself.

... more>> This story is plotless.

A story about a cynical kid, taking the easy way by default and narrated as if the nextdoor medieval fellow and their problems were as important as the tiny bread crumbs that resemble any kind of plan or conviction that MC has.

Dropped because this MC is pretty conventional, it's not worth contemplating. <<less
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I Alone Level-Up
January 13, 2019
Status: c92 part1
Thanks for translating this novel.


This novel feels fresh; It's light headed and the thing wich looks ultra cool it's the fact that the plot and characters probably will be working towards understanding the nature of the dungeons

... more>> [Like the real plot is just starting, but some events are going to happen, definitely in a very interesting manner. But that's a spoiler]

[right now that issue it's not really in the mc's mind but really soon will happen. - I love this fact]

The events that happen on the start to the MC are not really about a 'plot device' wich simply aims to get from revenge to opness to finalise in compulsive character fights and mindless upgrading wich will be forgotten and taken for granted (this kind of plot sense is actively worked on, wich is cool)

{So far in my experience, that's what this novel is not really about}

What's interesting in this Novel it's like meaningful events are happening behind the scenes Wich are tied to the nature of the world.

I mean this is not simply a novel about how can we get the MC to fight more.

There's fighting but it's a part of the thing.

The main thing is the humans discovering about really why dungeons exist. Instead of taking then for granted.

Now this is the begging of the novel. And I Love short novels.

Honestly there's still potential that's the novel will turn into just compulsive fighting, but so far it's very cool development.

I like how the MC interacts with some girls the for now the human enemy's have had trash mob intellect but I like how the theme and plot are interweaving.

I mean probably this novel is going to be getting significantly better for sure.

Taking about anything else is like feels like running a movie.

The novel it's entertaining and I like the way characters think about virtue.. ; This novel is not about fighting bad humans.. This Novel it's more about Human's fighting monsters. That's the vibe I get from it.

Each chapter gives me something different to look for in the next chapter. It's not simply.. When will MC gets more op. There's a significant element of that but for be the best thing is what's the mystery behind the dungeons.

And the novel really really looks like a decent honest story. Maybe the story so far looks cartoony but I really like what it's strong points are.

Man would be cool if this chapters were in a place we could comment on. Without registration. But still appreciate. Mtlnn it's awful.

Very good translation and I enjoy the notes, even try to learn Korean from them. Haha. <<less
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God of Crime
May 5, 2017
Status: c47
This novel is about how being a criminal is the most rewarding and exciting thing you could ever do to get what your deserve. You should just cheat. Because being good is impractical and evil is fundamentally superior. Only being the most superior criminal (god level) is then, when one can only do some kind of important and significant justice, enabled by mystical

means (ie. Not attainable by humanss) . This is kind of story I think it's only possible if theres a deep resentment towards the good for being good... more>> but resignation towards evil for being evil. I don't like this. The setting is just so vicious and the society is so morally bankrupt. Not to mention the MC. Who triumphs in such society? Who's able to get fairness, and bring about what the people deserve? The good of justice? No; only by taking the power of the stronger side, of mystical evil, one can be a champion in life; god of crime, the only one that can solve real problems. Basically this novel is about cheating your way into fairness and happiness. I don't think that's noble or inspiring; apart from being antithetical, such story is, for me, not worth the contemplation.

It's well written but it's too crooked.

I read a novel for the purpose of seeing the kind of people I would want to see in real life and living through the kind of experience I would want to live through.

For any other reason, non-fiction it's better. <<less
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To Be a Power in the Shadows!
December 28, 2018
Status: c114
Hmm, one is the few novels that are solid in their own way.

I wanted to read something creative and with an original sense of drama, I was satisfied; this is a light hearted comedy.

The cherry on the icing is a natural plot; it's reason: the characters premises.

An honest story but with casual premises.

And where characterization calls for it; author wont compulsively laught it off.

Author doesn't make comedy the end ; it just happens in a good natural way.
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Life Mission
October 30, 2017
Status: c180
Initially, I didn't start this novel with the expectations I have after so many chapters but bit was fine the missions sometimes changed dramatically but it went enough the MC didn't really moved or semed interested in what we happening to the world it looked like it was just going to be about level grinding.

... more>>

All of this changed dramatically and exponentially when he received a notebook from a demon.


The story soared to the skies.

I have it a second chance because I was sick and tired of the novels so passively mediocre. What happened was like something was created. Really it become story interesting from chapter 45 onwards, I didn't belived it could really happen but it did.

This is the first time a novel becomes super interesting super fast.

Not a submissive good guy (who has trouble and freezes thinking outside conventional values obcesed of the way other people looks at him, nor a cynical worn. Neither a convectional middle of the roader.

He is not super independat hero but the novel it's really what I was expecting it to be I just had to read it a little more.

If you want to have a novel that binds your mind to movement of the feet and

This is not a novel for the concrete bound mentality. If you want to understand were the conflict is, in a particular situation you have to keep thinking rationally; what are the things that could happen, why that is and what do you know and how do you know it. If you take the passage of time uncritically as the given, human action as just happen to have "happened"​ you are not going to enjoy this novel. If you're​ seeking to read a novel that shows everything like the ones you have read before this is not for you. If you take the end result of a long sequence of though as the given, then regard it as self-evident or as an irreducible primary while negating is preconditions the Novel it's not for you.


forces you think outside simple feet movement, mentalities were it's the only they can think or they don't care to see past feet movement you won't enjoy the experience.

This Novel is not a large series of monologues but you are expected to keep the context at hand

What the novel is focused on is the management of information in real time action; of what do you know and how do you know it. The particular state of the hands and feet on each attack are largely omited unless substantial to a battle abstraction.

The structure focuses on facing new dangers while retaining past battle abstractionss in mind, wich are Challenged​ when and were appropriate and in the most rational conceptual level; it's not going to teach you to fight mutants but shows you and some times describe the fight but what counts it's the experience of the fight and integrate into the current state of the plot-theme.

This is not a concrete bound novel.

I don't like the novels that fail to understand what's what really matters in the fight, they take the fight as a irreductible primary and can't get past concrete movements of hands or feet.

it's like their mind can't hold one battle abstraction, like if it were shackled to physical movements.

Such novels end up being a tome of physical movements, overly lengthy descriptions of the environment and​ an avalanche of specific hits and description of sound waves. Easily forgetting that I'm here for the plot. What is most fustrating it's the fact that they describe the entire fight even with the most vain of the fights. Such novels fail to exercise the two basic requirements for a conceptual mentality; focus and selective attention.

they only understand what's in front of them and don't have the capacity of independant imagination/metaphysical recreation; so they want to be spoon feed.

This does not happen here. Maybe in the very first chapters but after the start generally battles are conscise, and your can skip some parts without losing much substance.

This novel is about the journey/exploration AND it's destination, reacting thoughtfully to unexpected situations. NOT about the concrete rocks they happen to pass. This requires a long range mentality.

At the start however the author presents lots of information but we are given little incentive to care, looking back it's worth, it's going to be useful to know. Still I agree it's not an optional way to present but it's worth it.

I was disappointed initially; because it looked like the story was going to go in a really cliche manner, but, I was plenty times surprised as in the Novel actually was doing things I forgot could be done and basically to events to be meaningfully progressed and presented.

MC is the most close of what I have seen​ about common sense rationality in Asian novels; he won't be a disappointment.

The only issue I have regarding the Novel in itself is that at the start the protagonist really just cares about points and that's largely why I dropped it until chp 30 long time ago. But the story changes really fast from chapter 45 onwards I think, I don't remember really but the event happens Maximum at chapter 80. And the story simply becomes so worth the reading from chp 45 onwards.

Reading this is like putting on a space helmet, zipping on the suit and be in for a good interesting adventure, but suddenly getting off the ship and getting fully expecting some real events always with interesting repercussions that are interconnected and full of strong and conscise challenges, only the strongest and bravest of men can succeed.

The conflict is real and build ups are good and more intricate at each stage ; very very good dramatizations and exelent characterizations​.

Cross the dark space and expect really unexpected and fun events, this universe is totally an end in itself.

Leaving the Earth's orbit you'll see shadows moving in the craters of a moon, but not for pure terror anf the feeling of emptiness or hopelessness ; a brave interconnected adventure in the name of profit Wich turns into an explosive exploration of reality.

Definitely an accomplished novel. It had all the elements most novels with big premises lacks/drop and excels in how it combines them.

It's interconnected, it has a complete structure and dynamic plot.

It evolves and each step gets better.

I was disappointed in the start because the MC didn't have any clear conflict or convictions but as the novel progressed he started to look for the 'why' and 'what for' he is doing what he is doing and the nature of the missions.

The delivery of expectations it's always top noch.

The plot ability it's like sex. He doesn't save it till he's old like Japanese not he gets trapped in the same abstraction as the bast majority of the Chinese.

Each mission it's interconnected and adds to the whole of the story.

Really past chapter 45 it's where things did leveled up.

The initial chapters also have some element that gets unexpected and steadily it changes until it solidifies. <<less
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The Amber Sword
September 26, 2017
Status: v1c0
Excellent start but later becomes stereotypical really easily.

From chapters 33 onwards the author repeats the same dramatizations (the emphasis on the fights and bouncing ponytails is probably the reason this novel was made. The first times it was cool because you could learn that MC and allies fight agile but as the story progresses and the encounters gets more numerous this details makes the story feels substance-less and like a very long winded and repetitive car chase and shooting scene would be on a movie, this would make the 70%... more>> of the content.

The author spends way too much time on details of events that are just means to get to important events... They shouldn't have such overwhelming bigger space than the plot drama iself while the critical interactions keeps increasing the amount of things left in blanc.

While the translator made a miraculous effort in cutting in essential elements the direction and pacing is so painfully slow and the fights keep being Fundamentally the same tiring repetitive and unnecessary focus.

Probably the translator stopped cutting in the end, probably because his school assignments, for me the transformation was like a brilliant and shining sword into a lump of tar.

Feels like this Novel tries to make a movie in a Novel and the empahsis​ on Mon essential action becomes very fast a dead weight on the story; what made this Novel good was the translator edition.

uninteresting details is what makes me feel like I'm riding on a dead horse and the driver is increasingly wasting our time to admire the pebbles on the long desertic road. <<less
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Instant Death
September 26, 2017
Status: c33
At the start I wasn't convinced..

but then it happened; unexpected plot twist, and it happened again!; what the MC did to this world DID MATTER and his actions both make the world MORE INTERESTING and ever penetrate the underlaying plot world, the story that messes with what's truly interesting in the novel!

This guy definetly doesn't saves plot action until marriage.

... more>> The sanctuary of apologetic Japanese or the other nihilistic contradictorial not-even-worth-mentioning mcs... MC is a Guy that completes the abstraction of what is happening to him and makes the result interesting.

depicting an extraordinary and colorful explosive plot ability this novel is made with the best of the author Independent creative ability.

Like going to school and meeting a boy whom maybe at first glance I wouldn't regard very highly but then he proceeds to show how extraordinarily takes he has to make this isekai novel. interesting and a joy to read.

He is the kind of person that reminds me, there's is people who doesn't give up in making something interesting of their lives.

This author wins my full admiration for his way of showing me that things can be made this way.

-I'm very happy to have found this novel, a Novel where MC actions matters in such unexpected ways -.

The worth of this novel is not that things could happen, but that they actually happen.

This story is truly believable, the way the story goes is rational, the Characters are well characterized and it gets better as it progresses.

The comedy element is well placed, it is not an end in itself, but a cool companion trough the journey.

This novel was unexpected. Just what I was looking for; not giving up on isekai novels payd well.

Because this is isekai done well and also a very interesting novel.

Personally, I didn't expect to be this immersed after my initial encounter with anime in middle School; they joy I felt is like the first time I saw dragon Ball on TV.

reading this novel feels like I'm experiencing a uniquely creative, independent and intriguing world again after so much time.

An end in itself. <<less
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Infinite Competitive Dungeon Society
July 8, 2017
Status: 127
Initially, I was very surprised but the story changed in quality as it defaulted on the cause of motivation. Basically I think author randomly copied and his work was to give it a turn of cynical plotlesness as the author stops using his canned bromides, so I'll edit when the story is Completely annihilated, in my experience is going to happen really fast once the autor finish to pretend there is a plot. And turns the MC into a compete cynical sandbag.
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Everyone Else is a Returnee
April 24, 2017
Status: c141
Edit: this review is too harsh, I edited it from my phone and every time I saved, it bugged some how. Some things may be too general or not explained;

Making things up as you go is held as a mark of intelectual maturity in this novel, it was amusing the first 120 chapters but now I see why and how this novel became so large. This is not a serious novel. the plot and theme is clear and the phase is set; what if everything MC thinks is reality, and... more>> MC were right since the very beginning of the universe and MC is Uber strong but not really Uber strong "but stronger" and maybe super duper intelligent but without even thinking.

The result its an OK novel. That lacks a real feeling of epicness

The joy I feel reading this is more like invisible dragon than Seoul station necromancer, I would say a 3:1 ratio.

You just have to assume everything is sensational.

The plot is given, the MC knows what's he is thinking, the heroines know that MC is Uber, but they too are able to think on this Uber terms.

You think-you know what he was thinking except you didn't really. Because the MC cognition changes in the instant an artificial plot device with a cynical assumption enters the story; because not caring for the story to make sense is not only a requirement but a celebration.

The fact is that given you saw MC eating rice and sparring or hitting the fire hard, you should bknow what his process of thinking and Preparation consist of, but not only that, his hidden motivations and ramifications, are mostly self explanatory, or maybe we can give you a bromide to rationalize later etc.

This is really oxymoronic in the sense that this MC just makes everything as he goes, and everyone knows what's happening in the background[except the reader of course, than shouldn't care were this is really going], and suddenly when conflict arises everyone is a genius and thinks "yeah obviously" then Autor Proceeds to enlighten us, mere mortals; that you know he's a genius, and obvious because he read a lot, i.e he knew never before he knew because books confere omniscience thus rendering the need for explanations useless. <<less
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April 14, 2017
Status: 416
Edit: I gave the novel another chance, now having experienced the overall novel quality on the site.. And knowing what's the best on Asian fiction. I tell you were this novel is at.

This novel is pretty badass.

... more>> 5/5. Completely worth to watch.

Except Maybe the start.

The start it's pretty rough.. The first like 90-100 chapters are not clear.

It's not clear were the novel is really going and what the novel actually is.

It looks like MC says he's one way but behaves another way i.e (oh, im too cold bloded and jagged) but sometimes cares for "the children " almost in a nanny way. IN the begging.

longs story short, the contradiction it's eventually fixed and he becomes really more balanced.

The story style and means get clarified and the potential of this story eventually starts being actively FULFILLED.

and generally other than like 6-9 core members in the start, everybody else gets treated very accordingly to the nature of were they are (fairly and like adults, hehe most of the time wink.. Wink).

Even Core members get treated rationally (as users/players as they say), specially as plot advances you can expect character maturation.

But this novel has so many interesting things going ON so fast.. I love it.

This isn't all about a bunch of children maturing really.

It's about MC conquest of that challenge, partially with the help of other users and returning to Earth.

He is not his nany or teacher. He is their leader. And individually he is an user wich actually wants to leave that place and return to Earth point made.

This novel it's about contemplating prowess, feats of strength and a ruined world.

He cares about his subordinates but except from the start don't expect him tending their emotional needs, bending his back etc. Etc. (No Japanese bull-)

Some times it surprises me how he is able to make the cold but fair decision. And I respect that. I specially enjoy that a novel has REAL human consecences.

The characters are worth contemplating, the author respects the sense of the novel;

I mean the author won't pull like something totally out of bounds (what had been reasonably presented or what's really possible to happen; really unfair.

Also feels like death can happen to anybody at any time really.

That said there is definitely some luck in certain parts of the novel but it is to be expected and not rule breaking.

For the people which Are doubting (after reading the bad/rough start) :

If you can't decide and you feel this has potential; read until chapter 120 and figure if this novel is for you. If you can't stop reading THEN, you will know.

Else don't really bother. The writer has very quirky personality you either get it or don't. I got irritated quickly and had better things than read the novel. But then I didn't and read the whole thing. It was amazing. Haha.

If you read the second coming of avarice, the sense it's similar, also there are s*x scenes, more pronounced that the second coming..

What I like:

MC strives for his values.. Is not like the environment totally dictates his actions and he just takes the beating after beating passively.

He thinks about what he wants and how to get it. It's not only him reacting to whatever. Wich I specially hate.

(See Japanese MC being the gods pet wiggling its tail actively omitting his individual cognition. I.e were I'm, why I have to do this?)

MC's action have real, interesting impact. Both good and bad.

The best;

Characters are credible and rational; selfish and realistic- not like in machines, but when it really matters you feel you are looking at an interesting human being.

What I don't like.

For me talking about the bad parts feels like nit-picking specially relative to other Asian novels.

But some times I feel romance gets neglected..


the MC is not a passive stone.. But a concience capable of romantic thinking.

he's more like a hardened jagged man, but some times he could be more caring towards females and accept their love.

To illustrate, one time..

a good nature women weeps and well tries to make him love her, but he says essentially she's not his type.

He ACTUALLY has a standard, i.e ideas or values Which he THINKS about. And can speak something believable and understandable.


That said I think he can be more amorous with females.. But I understand.. How one would harden in that world.


I feel that this novel has a dark and deep theme.

But I know the author really wrote this novel in a very very solid truth ;

That there can be hope after tragedy. They even if humans face unprecedental unfairness somewere in the world there a way that peace and justice can really and harmoniously can exist.

And if there's tragedy only will be for the contrast of hope.


Good drama, good interactions. Superb events. Nice world building. THE AUTHOR actually let's you in on his plans..

It's not like this MC, has a plan and always evades or hides what he's going to do or go to.

This novel it's pretty balanced on they aspect. But I definitely don't like the MC which just goes around not sharing anything; this novel is not that novel.

I don't think they're anything more that's really worth commenting on.

Enjoy and thanks for the people who translate this.

Specially thanks to author who though such an amazing adventure. <<less
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Royal Roader on My Own
October 15, 2017
Status: c4
The first impression is that his soul is soo deep into the sewers, he can't go deeper.

but maybe, he still values something, something bigger than life; thus novel maybe has the chance of discovering the realm of the rational values and rekindle in himself the desire for greatness, with no bromides accepted.

It's highly improbable but I something tells me this could happen.

... more>> it has a good chance of turning the vice into virtue.

But really he's so crocked he probably wouldn't want to protect something that's already broken.

This novel is about his soul, at least that's what it looks like for now, and I think it's a really good opportunity.

I like the clarity of mind this MC has, he has a really crooked soul but this has the potential for drama and the absolution of moral values; the recognition that he has volition -because MC is in moral bankruptcy-.

the reason why I think this evolution is possible is because I sense in him the desire to be happy, and this makes it really worth giving it a shot.

I don't like watching pictures of rooten flesh in art galleries neither in books, but this has the chance to using that negative as a stepping stone.

MC has a very corrupted soul, but I feel this Novel has potential to the rediscover of a radiant positive sense of life that can create a real hero.

I.e: I think this black soul serves as a contrast for an epic adventure, and by the way the author presents the events in terms of rational view of life, I think it's really worth taking a deeper look for a while, specially on korean novels. <<less
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The GM Has Logged Into A Different World
September 29, 2017
Status: prologue
I expected at least more chapters before it turned into basic isekai but didn't even lasted 10 chapters.


novel became indistinguishable so fast that probably the mere -suggestion- that there [could] be a plot is very fast disintegrated, and that it's really just an excuse to what's the central theme in this novel ; safety, stability. It's so pronounced that I only imagine the MC filled with some sort of terror for a challenge and desperately tries to evade the mere consideration of danger or the possibility of discovery for some... more>> ethical truth beyond " I'm my brother's keeper". It's like the rationalization of a universe where he can live with unthinking.. Seeking some sort of metaphysical warranty seal over human experience or existence in general.

He cares only about commodity, in this novel, the feeling is like a dog with a tail behind his legs living in this collective pretending game, no clash of values, not even the slightest doubt over right or wrong-no drama- because the only priority is security.

the novel it's more like if an altruistic all powerful nanny suddenly came to be, only to take care of all the people of the planet and be responsible for any one that ask to be nursed.

or an attempt to assure any seeker of automatic safety and rationalizer of mediocrity, worshipper of the indistinguishable, a compassionate rationalizer of irresponability, specially for incompetent authorities and in general if you are feeling apologetical for your existence, a man without lust for improvement on the given but filled only by a desire to be liked by society in general, motivated by conventional morality (justified by social conformity as in contrary to common sense) to seek peace by commodity rather than a fight for meaningful values. <<less
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sleed rated it
Sayonara Ryuusei Konnichiwa Jinsei
September 27, 2017
Status: --
Feels like watching a long documentary of a selfless man (dragon) living in a insect world.

The emphasis is on the ordinary, and whims of the commoners, as he the story happens to the mc; the MC doesn't make the story happen, he just 'is'.

Like a Titan bending over and smelling a big pile of mud for the sake of being smaller than life.

For me it's like a long recording of the flowers in a camp, moving with the wind, then the scenery changes to a swamp.. Then to the mountains..... more>> The thing is there is never a subject, only ordinary whims interacting with background scenery.

it feels like life never changes and the only thing that remains is the status quo or the efforts​ to appreciate and tolerate mediocrity of the world. <<less
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sleed rated it
Invijible Panda
September 25, 2017
Status: c6
Almost good but lacks the dramatization and plot ability genious from inivisible dragon

Invijible Panda feels more about language than drama, characterisation, or romance.

were invisible dragon explores human values and volition with a sense of epicness and action, invijible Panda is more like watching a play or comedy while the autor is partially lazy to care about what he's doing, most of the time it feels like a hopeless panda who defaults on drama but still cares a little to explore what are the things that can happen in a Novel...

Invijible... more>> Panda is more like a [kinder garden] reporter watching his fellow friends actions and fantasizing about what they could focus on to learn about literature.

While invisible dragon is more like a [kinder garden] treasure prospector whom is more focused on experiencing something fantastic, a bast in a sandbox and imagining what next is worth contemplating to make this experience interesting. <<less
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sleed rated it
Main Character Hides His Strength
April 30, 2017
Status: c61
Edit: looks like the author made a turn to his writing pattern, wich put MC back to meaningful action and it's interesting what will happen next, giving me the feel of anticipation wich was the one thing made me invest attention on this novel, so from this point on I'm convinced this novel is like a pendulum most of the time, well written, and im sure it will accomplish what lots of xianxias try to emulate. What is still lacking is the definition of what is good and the act... more>> of fundamentally question what is he fighting for. This is gonna be left to the reader, I'm Sure this is going to be close to a indifferented massacre (like whats really at the cause of the root evil), just killing bad guys who happen to be obstacles in MC path on becoming the next dictator, by accident that is. But I'm pretty sure, that is what's on the end of the line here, excepting and omitting the assassin regresor, wich I think it is not going to matter really.

Original review:

Started good but lacks the ability to differentiate the essential plot from the superficial actions in between.

Describing long winded events that lead to a minor plot event feels like it was put as filler. I don't like 400~+ chapters for this theme. In anime, I think this could be made because it the show attribute is very high in that medium. In the later part of the novel or has a tendency to feel more like your are watching a video game, sung chull picking up items and extense narrations on the individual battle progresion. I think the merit of this theme should be in short, discrete purposeful actions. Not a continuum of endless contingencies made by accident the primary focus. If the MC is the silent, cold chilling and calculative person they he is and the premise is more than we are watching a powerful, super experienced genius the events should be able differentiated to what's important from the incidental for this particular plot and theme. The essential of this premise is the MC being able to act on his plans, I think MC should explain why such plan is the best and also what context has made him choose this path (not only circumstance hopping). This is not a novel about an extraordinary MC executing his plan. This MC making his 'plan (latter this only becomes a profound intent) ' work for the contingencies. His only ever truly planned event was the first arc, when he starts as a newbie. The only thing in his mind is kill the demon Lord. And gaining two stat points, Nothing else. Everything else after that feels more like a kind of strategy, divorced from the crucial part (thinking), taking opportunities since even he gave us the illusion that everything was going to be calculated and skillfully executed in the first arc. slowly it starts losing its brightness because really this novel had only two excellent potentials:

1 to be drawn in as the MC executed his plans, showing only the execution and critical build up, for a long chain of persevering clues on what he really is thinking. Serving as an inspiration of not bruteforce but feats of intellect based off extraordinary uncompromised principles used against evil

The 2nd potential is kinda the inverse

2 to be incentiviced, to look outwards, MC mostly describing his plans and showing, of its execution, mostly its consequences. Letting us to infer the status (essence) of the world in a cohesive, adventurous way. (Because we know the MC, he is not a mystery based on the narration style. What then would be interesting would be a combination of cause and effect in realation with MC actions, and his past. Never losing the underlying grand scale architecture.)

Why this two are the only option? Because the MC is OP: the only thing than would differentiate him from a thug would be his principles and values (wich never come out). that is the primordial driving force, what would make this strike story heroic; not having fear of doing justice and exterminate the evil because it's evil; being conscious of what's right. (I.e its a virtue being fundamentally able and smart). MC didn't lose its ability to fight evil. Instead what the evidence implies is

MC never knew what he was fighting for. This thought never even crossed his mind. This novel is about how MC was wrong doing push ups; he should have made more lemonades (alchemy). Solution;Not getting smarter but more and more concrete-bound

He ALREADY invested like probably two hundred years in building that strength. But instead of working in his strengths he just suddenly decided to become a magician. Why? Because his concrete bound mentality only allows him to think in terms of 'kill-fixin'. Thinking that a dictatorship is practical. He thinks that human beings are fundamentally stupid and naturally evil with a tendency to crookedness. Only he can enslave by force and be a good slave master. Well that's wrong. The evidence this far tells this is whats happening. This is not a thinking hard about planning for the best good novel. The title should be

" MC hides his strength because he wants to become a dictator magician"

There is never a discussion about values here, principles or fundamental values. This is guess the BIG SURPRISE at the final of the novel. And endure the endless indistinguishable slaughter until MC discovers that he killed the world. Being strong doesn't allow him to command his future but only to adhere to a thin line taking him from of killing because they are crooked (everyone is here) except MC ofc. were are to read Thru all the countless, principle-less, concrete bound events in a novel about not about a hero but what becomes" the strongest butcher". I guess that we are infer the following, since MC never tells us what is good or what he stands for I think I can guess; he is good because he kills without thinking. the chapters get repetitive. Not only showing but describing again and again the same point, I thought that only on the beginning he would be this concrete bound, how ever this feels more like a pendulum, oscillating in between whats important and kinda important and more and more until this novel becomes arbitrary description of the entire and direct MC perception. Making this now about a brute's log on killing enemy's, wich happen to be sometimes powerful. The style losses the feeling of sharpness and becomes substance less. Like an edge that has acquired so much volume that now could only kill by means of weight. The character focus is like, a silent but supposedly furious drill sergeant, straining his sight, popping his veins out of his forehead, and showing its grinding his teth, just to observe a black ant crossing the dinner table, describing like an old man each step the ant takes; writing it in paper but never omitting to describe each step. I think if there is killing I think it has to be preceded by a very good reason. Abs when you kill more than one there had to be clearly defined principles based on values. Approximation to human like is like 4 digit redundancy does to a rocket traveling to the moon; it may launch of from the earth, but out probably never arrives the moon. <<less
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sleed rated it
June 12, 2017
Status: c231

well written, good narration and dramatization; this novel makes use of every word in a meaningfull way.

inspiring, youthful, heroic and clean.

... more>> It has a nice romance; the heroines are morally noble, they are very femenine, the MC treats them like human beings Worthy of love and the protagonist makes his happiness the priority, as opposed to lady pleasing as an end in itself or society escalation.

Very natural development and objective narrations. If you are tired of all the novels obcesed with evil and obcenities this is a like the light in the Chappelle. <<less
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