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TL;DR: If you want yet an other OP female reincarnator, with the usual "romance", this one focuses on making equipments rather than the usual potion making.

It's not the translator's fault, but I am getting a bit sick of all of those novels with the main character called "trash", then suddenly something happens and he/she becomes better than everyone else.

For the most part, it's either being completely replaced by someone else (the body stays but the soul is changed), so it's actually a different person that just happens to be recognized... more>> as the same one (like here), and/or finding a godly artefact that grants knowledge and power, gaining power through an item instead of someone else.

In the vast majority of cases, it is just a setup to be able to pit people against the main character while they are underestimating him/her, getting flattened as a result, then onwards to the next situation that has the exact same setup.

It's not like those novels can't be entertaining, they often are fairly nice to read, but it is starting to be so abused all the time in chinese novels that it becomes the "beta male teen becoming OP in an other world and building a (slave) harem while both hiding and showing off" trope for chinese novels these last few years.

At least most of them are written quite a bit better, and the translators are not going for a barely english, unedited machine translation, so it's definitely not as bad to read, but it results in the same feeling of "I'm sure I already read something very similar to this, but which one was it?".

Why am I ranting so much about it in the review section?
Because even though there is one chapter worth of exposition for the "real" main character (not the body, but the soul), we are thrown right into the bullying after the reincarnation and right into the revenge as soon as chapter 3, and that is with short chapters, and the sole reasoning for all of it being "might is right".

Again, not the fault of the translator that this novel and so many others forsake good character building and introductions, and technically not the fault of the author either, as there is high demand for all of those cultivation-based novels (in china and in translation sites), be it with males or females as the main characters.

It just feels like such a missed opportunity for building a more interesting and diverse world each time, especially when the authors clearly have decent vocabulary, as well as a good grasp of the flow of the story.

I'll probably still end up reading it anyway as new chapters are translated and mostly enjoy it, so it might sound a bit harsh for no reason (which is why I am not giving it a rating, because it will be biased either way). <<less
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slay_mithos rated it
The Silly Alchemist
November 15, 2016
Status: c33
I went into this not expecting too much, even with a lot of high rated reviews (because there are always reviews with "best ever", and it doesn't mean much).

The chapter 5, and a bit of the chapter 6 nearly made me drop it right there, as it made it sound like a really badly documented "science" statements from a reincarnated person. I had read that it was not going to continue, so I forced myself to continue, and by the end of chapter 9, I understood why it was rated... more>> that highly.

Basically, it's not reincarnation per say, just a few bits of information/memory that were transfered, and most of it actually isn't helping the main character (his main "bad" trait of wanting to spend money left and right comes from those for example).

The main character is not a genius that conquers the heavens, neither is he a superbly intelligent person that can scheme his way through the world. In fact, he even has a lot of deficiencies, and the only reason why he isn't your typical bullied main character is because his family actually cares for him even if he was to always be bellow even a normal person in every aspect.

Obviously, it would not make a good story to stop with just that, so the author gives him a few things he actually is good at, as well as a bit of luck. To compensate for the weaknesses, other character are introduced and made more prevalent than in other novels.

I won't spoil the story, but I'll say that this protagonist that isn't "best in everything" makes for a much more stable story, and allows other characters to actually have a place aside from your generic audience that praises the main character in most novels.

Writing and translation are both on the higher side too, which really helps.

TL;DR: Don't be mislead by the first 6 chapters, this is actually a fairly solid start, with decent writing and less flat characters thanks to the MC not being the best at everything.

EDIT: after the latest chapters (28 and above).
(spoiler tag not working for some reason...)

I hope that it will retain some of the uniqueness of the start of the story, because this protective family even towards a weak member was much more believable, especially in a world where "face" and "honour" is important (it is a big aristocratic family after all). <<less
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slay_mithos rated it
Womanizing Mage
October 24, 2016
Status: c25
This one is a bit odd, it clearly doesn't go full on the "porn novel", but it also goes out of its way to throw away the pretense of a story by throwing females at the protagonist, that acts like a horny rabbit.

World building, character building, none of that really exists after you scratch the surface.

On the other hand, we are not stuck with the usual (well, for poor Japanese novels, I know this one is Chinese) simple, disconnected phrases, which makes things even more awkward, as if a somewhat... more>> good author decided to do the wording well, but put together the content without much thought.

The author being Chinese, you remove the tropes of the Japanese protagonist that says he wants to hide his power while using it all over the place. In its place, you add the overly aggressive characters willing to start a blood bath for the tiniest of reasons, especially if they are stronger than the opponent (or if they have a strong backer). I know it's just an exaggeration of a cultural thing, but it always makes things look even more stretched just because the author wanted an opponent and couldn't be bothered to put in real reasons. I mean, one or two overly aggressive people because high birth makes them look at everyone like they are trash can work, but when it's the vast majority, it just makes a trope.

Also to be noted is that the translation is not that great, and not just because the original is in Chinese, but because there are quite a lot of cases of using an English word that sounds close to the correct one ('with its body riddled with scares', why is there an 'e' ?). Punctuation is also used in places that don't always make sense.

Anyway, rant is over, I'll conclude by saying that it's not really good as a story, nor is it good as a 18+ thing, so I'd advise to give this one a go unless you want to check for yourself. Not everyone likes the same things, so it most likely has an audience after all, it just doesn't include me.

TL;DR: OP protagonist harem building, but from a Chinese author, so add in the tropes of "I'll kill your entire country because I don't like how you look and you seem weaker than me" instead of "I'll vaguely try to hide while doing crazy things that will get noticed really fast". <<less
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WARNING: this is potentially lightly spoiling older novels.

... more>>

It is really rare that I give 1 star as a rating (same with 5 stars), because to me it means that there is nothing redeeming at all in it.

But here, we have a decent translation of a very poor writing, as well as an author that tried to mesh together a lot of "good" novels, failing at it miserably.

The "main" novel that's meshed into this is obviously Arifureta, with a MC that's treated as trash after the summoning aside from a single girl that happens to be the "best" girl of the group, he is left for dead in a dungeon, becomes OP and wanders the world. Here, you have 3 girls instead of one, and ever since the very start the MC is set as even more powerful than the gods, sealed, and heavily hinted that he will find a "cure" very soon.

As for other novels that feel like they are present as well, you have Man picked up by the gods (different worlds with different gods, interfering with the world slightly but heavily favouring the MC beyond reason), Evil god average (MC becomes a god and is confronted with the most powerful existences of the world). It also contains the tropes of "human royalty summoning heroes against the demons", "summoned group not even capable of standing together", "heroes acting like it's a game because of their newly gained powers", as well as the "MC ostracised by the group because he is weak".

On paper, if the author was capable of making interesting characters, made the OP powers either hard to use or circumstantial, and made a story that feels at least somewhat unique, it could have made for at least a decent story, maybe even a good one. Sadly, the characters are flat and boring, OP powers are there just because the author wanted to make it feel awesome, and the story so far is bland at best.

The bullying and betrayal is badly handled, the part about regaining his powers lacks any tension, the introduction of the "behind the scenes" with the other gods takes away any mystery that could have been there about who made the MC weak during the summoning, the king acts like a town mayor would instead of the head of a powerful kingdom, the world's settings are weak, and they don't even try to make the "heroes" go through a training course on how to fight and such, they are sent directly to a dungeon for live training, making the whole development feel very rushed.

For Arifureta, there was at least a semblance of buildup, it tried to build the characters of multiple sub-cast, and the part where the MC is weak in a hostile environment does make it feel like it's dangerous for him (even if we all know that MC can't really die in those novels). The "attack" on the MC to discard him was also made in a more hidden way, making it seem like a miss-fire because of stress in their first dangerous battle. Here, the attack is direct, when there is no danger nearby to hide the attempted murder. The part before powering up is mostly "was attacked, is injured, but protected for whatever reason by something much more powerful than the monsters that are around these parts", removing any threat entirely.

As always for novels from authors with low writing skills, we have barely any description of the characters, and things popping up out of nowhere just because the author needed it at that point. You'd think that the 101 for novels with a strong protagonist that has friends and enemies would be to extensively describe them, physically and mentally, or to show those things through the story telling. For the MC, all we got was "I'm afraid of killing them, so I let them bully me", and the 3 girls are all "oh, you are the best man ever" and barely described past being the "3 goddesses" of the class/school and given a name.

Oh well, I guess not all novels can be good, but it's been a long time since I saw a novel in which I couldn't even enjoy a single part. I mean, I did read a lot of sub-par novels with weak writing and all, but at least the authors tried to do something interesting (usually ends up with a basic harem and OP powers though), mostly failing because of writing skills.

Here, it feels like the author didn't even want to try and make something interesting and went for known novels and tropes instead of ideas.

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slay_mithos rated it
Seoul Station’s Necromancer
November 3, 2016
Status: --
I can't understand the overwhelming 5 star rating this novel has.

I mean, the writing is decent, but definitely not great, and the translation is good, but apart from that, there is a lot that is middling in this.

Descriptions and explanations are lacking at best, most characters barely have anything to them and are a bit inconsistent, for example.

... more>> The setting is somewhat unusual (it's not new, but not overused either), but the stats and skill system is fairly dull, which doesn't help setting a decent base.

Not to mention that the first thing a necromancer does apparently is upping the physical stats and fighting with a hammer.

It's not like it's a terrible story in itself, but I fail to see how it could count as a novel with such a top tier rating.
Maybe it's just not for me, maybe there are things that I don't get right (especially cultural references).
All I can say for certain is that the "quality" of this work is slightly above my "average".

NOTE: The initial chapters are really not demonstrating a good first impression, it does get better after a while, but first impressions matter too. <<less
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slay_mithos rated it
Otherworld Nation Founding Chronicles
November 9, 2016
Status: c24
Let's just say it like this, it's not exactly bad, but it's not particularly good either.

What I mean is that the story itself is a bit lacking in most aspect (like most web/light novels to be honest). Very basic vocabulary and grammar, no in-depth character (most of them are easily described by their gender and one or two qualities, like "smart and polite"), poor descriptions, dialogues that don't feel like humans talking together... Yep, the usual bundle of not-so-great that can be found in what feels to be an overwhelming... more>> quantity of web/light novels.

That said, it doesn't mean it's necessarily bad, but it definitely doesn't help, and you are often left with very surface level "emotions" that is supposed to evoke heart warming feelings. Seems to work just fine for quite a few people, but it just doesn't resonate with me.

It also needs to be mentioned that the translation is not of the greatest quality (it's not a complete mess either, so there is that), with plenty of verbs in incorrect forms, weirdly placed punctuation. It's definitely not at an unreadable level, but for all those that are a bit picky about it (like me, sadly), it will pull you right out of the story multiple times per chapter. Usually, I'd attribute this to a lack of editor/proof reader, as well as a machine translation, but I found editor notes in some chapters of the second translator, so I'm not sure.

Even though I am saying all of this, I still think that this has potential, and I am grateful that it is translated. I mean, if we were to only read masterpiece novels with perfect translations, we would not be able to read much, and even though it's not perfect, it's at a somewhat decent level.

I now most of my review sound like I am complaining a lot and rarely giving high marks, but sadly it's just that my standards are just way too high and a full mark means near perfection to me.

EDIT after reaching 24:
The quality of the translation does get better after a while, but the amount of completely made up things by the author also grows (no need of a chimney when burning charcoal is a pretty big one).

All in all, it's not among the worse novels there are, but it exudes a feeling of undocumented and amateurish writing from everywhere. <<less
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slay_mithos rated it
Skeleton Knight, in Another World
July 2, 2016
Status: c12
I don't know if it's just the novel, or if the translation also plays a role, but I read up to chapter 12 and I'm really bored.

Not only is the main character over powered, nothing he has is interesting, the world feels bland and so do the characters.

Up to chapter 12, the whole "I'm a skeleton in knight armour" is not exploited at all (he can eat when he wants and he keeps his armour at all time, and that's about it. The animals seems to somewhat fear him, but... more>> not to the point they are plainly running away, so it doesn't seem to be an effect of being undead, but rather having high tier equipment.

The translation is definitely decent, I didn't cringe too much on basic mistakes ("main rode" instead of "main road" made me smile a bit), it reads easily too.

I tried to read the latest chapters just to see if the style changed at all, but it didn't seem to, so I'm stopped reading it.

If what you want is just "generic withdrawn personality main character with OP power", it might be for you, if you wanted a story around a skeleton knight, Overlord covers the "OP" side but with better character and world building, and "is it reincarnation if I'm still dead" tries to tackle what it means to be a skeleton trying to live among the living.

It's not atrocious, but the overall feeling this gives me is "bland", sadly. <<less
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Ore to Kawazu-san no Isekai Hourouki
November 3, 2016
Status: c18
I had read the manga (or at least the start of it) quite a while ago, so I was interested in what the novel could be like.

Let's just say that the short chapters and very low narration means that it's more or less the same as the manga, and with 18 chapters they still have not reached the place where they settle at.

It's not too bad though, and the translation is correct, but the lack of content per chapter really makes me want to wait for a half a year... more>> before reading this, so that I can read up to where I left the manga a long time ago.


I stopped reading the manga when they introduce computers to the dragons, and given the current pace of the novel, I'd say that it should not happen before chapter 50, which means a long time even with the current pace of the translation.


If you want to read the story of a mage with way too much power (and no real control over it), in a light hearted setting (at least up to what I know), it is a decent story.

If like me you like to be able to read a decent amount when you pick up a story, maybe wait a bit though. <<less
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What is there is fairly a fairly interesting setting of a make-believe royalty, with the prince being smug about his status.

The chapters are short, not very in-depth or complex, the translation is as basic as the vocabulary used but not to the point of becoming a mess that's not English, and remains at a readable level.

By the way, the amount of actual content in these 5 chapters is barely enough to fill what would be a prologue and the start of the first chapter (the 5th chapter being the first... more>> that is not just about setting the scene). This makes it fairly hard to assess as a story, though it hints at something that might very well be interesting to read.

All of this might sound like I'm trashing the novel and the translator, but that's not my aim at all, as I am very happy to be a leech that reads all kinds of novels, even when the quality is poor, and even when the translation is at a much poorer level.
My aim is to point out as clearly as possible that this is no masterpiece, but it has the potential of entertaining you for a while. <<less
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slay_mithos rated it
Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss
November 21, 2016
Status: c351
Nothing really ground breaking here, just replace your usual bad-ass xianxia hero that uses his super powers and has a heaven defying artifact by a female with heaven defying capabilities with medicine and poisons, as well as a second "beast" that's just as broken as she is (not to mention the OP character that dotes on her a bit weirdly).

Because it involves poisons rather than swords, the "combat" situations are trying to pass as well constructed intrigues instead of the usual "being looked down upon by everyone and forced to... more>> fight stronger than himself".

It might sound like I am bashing this novel, but I really am not, I did enjoy reading 350 chapters over the course of a few days (the chapters are fairly short, but that's still a fairly big amount of words to read).

It's just that the novels seems to want you to believe that the main character makes amazing decisions and is incredibly good at seeing through any situation, but the way it is written really feels more like a coat of paint to force the situations, just through other means than usual.

The characters are all a bit one dimensional, and aside from a few side characters, not much growth is seen.

On the translation front, it's mostly good, with the occasional typo or wrong word mixed in, but it's fairly rare and didn't detach me from the reading too often (I am really picky about those). The pace of translation also covers fairly nicely the fact that the chapters are a bit short, the "free" chapters are fairly generous, and the price tag for the extra is also lower than what is used on many other sites.

At the end of the day, while nothing especially great stands out for me, I still enjoyed reading it more than most xianxia novels, and the "plot" seems less rushed and forced.
I'd gladly give it 3.5, but because it doesn't quite reach what I would give a 4, I'm lowering it to 3, but in my book it still means that it's worth trying out to see if it's what you might want. <<less
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slay_mithos rated it
Atelier Tanaka
July 29, 2016
Status: --
Well, at least there are not many chapters translated, so reading this was fast.

Seriously though, it starts with some of the laziest settings possible, a writing style that's poor, and a translation that's overall ok, but not great.

The story abuses the "you are ugly" that's put onto the MC, gives no crap about any kind of description or background, and puts the MC in situations that make no sense at all.

... more>>

From chapter 1:

For example, the prison thing at the start, he is put there for not having money to pay the entry toll into the town, never questioned or anything, and put into a cell with a death row convict, but for her execution, only 1 jailor comes in to take her away, leaves the door open, despite being in a cell with 2 people.

He dies, the girl somehow cooperates to escape, single handedly kills every soldier that's in the way and they escape from a castle (the escape thing is done in 2 short sentences too).

She then betrays him for no reason and he is beat up by some random people and left to die without even clothes.


Nothing gets described well, there is a boring system of stats, skills and skill levels that doesn't really add anything. Also, the stats don't represent reality, as we have a protagonist with 5702000 intelligence but that doesn't seem to think much or be capable of great mental prowesses aside from being able to kill in cold blood without feeling anything.

All in all, a very badly put together novel based on a concept that could have lead somewhere, if it was from someone that had a story to fit with the concept, and much better writing. I mean, a protagonist actually ugly (he describes himself as "an especially unfashionable middle-aged man", so not really that ugly per say, but whatever) that is really proficient in healing, this could have made great stories.

A serious one that delves on the darker side of society an how it treats people, as well as corruption and so on when his skill is discovered, with people trying to abuse his gift or strait up slavery could fit. A lighter story where he makes up for his handicap by helping people could also work well.

Maybe it could make a story more in the line of a comedy too, where the ugly part and the "holy" healing part contrast so much that it gives rise to incongruous situations.

But you'll find none of this here, just a vague attempt at making it feel gritty, but with nowhere near enough characterization and description to make you feel anything for the characters.

I am starting to think that there are people that rate 5 stars no matter what, and none of the 5 star reviews feel like they are talking about the same story I just read, as they describe the protagonist as "well mannered" or "timid", where all he does is act awkward and inconsistent (kills someone without feeling anything, takes the lead on making decisions on multiple occasions, but at other times just act like a moron, and the "ugly" is used to justify just about anything that happens to him). <<less
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slay_mithos rated it
Yuusha Ga Onna Da to Dame Desu Ka?
July 18, 2016
Status: c20
Short chapter, and writing style that uses first person just to avoid having to write proper paragraphs.

The story itself is not bad, but the writing makes it more like those 4-koma mangas that try to tell an adventure story.

Basically, you are left with a bare minimum description, little to no background, and a lot of first person monologue.

All in all, it's not bad, but from the premise of a female being made a hero without being recognised as one because of her gender, I was really expecting a lot more... more>> than this.
Maybe something depicting all of those "summoned heroes" and making fun of their one sided sense of justice, maybe just the same kind of adventures but with a female leading it.

I'm not saying that a female character can't be good, as long as it's not a stereotype of "I see romance everywhere", "if you didn't know I am a female, it could be a male's story" or "I'm a female, so I'm weak and can't do anything by myself, including thinking strait".
The last one could be acted to gain benefits here and there though.

Anyway, up to chapter 20 there is very little progression, and it's really much more focused on comedy than adventure and hero stuff.
If you just wanted a light read on that theme, then the translation is not bad, so it does pass a bit of time. <<less
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slay_mithos rated it
Outcast Magician and the Power of Heretics
December 31, 2016
Status: c27
Well, this one is a poor one for me.

I mean, the amount of times things work out with no efforts is staggering. Out of nowhere, power up after power up, sometimes barely explained by a "by the way, he got better at controlling this in the previous fight, that's why he can now do this".

Everyone seems to be equipped with a lie detector, and both protagonists are extremely shallow ("I used you for convenience, and now I am madly in love with you after you protected me once" kind of... more>> shallow).

Given that the majority of the chapters are spent in combat situations, you might think that the author put more effort into them, at the expense of the rest, but all of the combat scenes are bland and uninspired.

Frankly, I can't find any redeeming feature for this novel, maybe aside from the fact that the translation is fairly good. <<less
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slay_mithos rated it
Ore no Osananajimi wa Joshikousei de Yuusha
November 17, 2016
Status: c62
This had no right to actually work, and yet it does...

I mean, from the outside, it looks just like the tons of "harem in a fantasy world", with a clueless main character and girls in love with him for no reason, praising his every moves.

Even the writing is barely better than those, with simple phrases, simple vocabulary, lacking descriptions, weak characterization...

And yet, it is entirely saved by the main heroine pushing the "admiration" a simple step higher, scheming in the dark to get rid of anything that goes against her... more>> loved one. It's not the "yandere", in that she never targets the one she loves, or eliminate every other females in the vicinity, and she acts weak and clumsy in front of him too, to make him care about her.

Oddly enough, this "simple" change, along with the main character not being the OP hero, makes the story stand out.

I was recently ranting on how removing weaknesses from the main character ruined an other series for me, so I hope it will keep this dual personality on the girl, while mostly keeping the guy in the dark. Anyway, if you are up for a different spin on this kind of stories, it is worth a shot, and if you don't enjoy it by the end of the first arc (noble's home thingy), then you can safely say that it's not for you.

After reaching the latest chapter, I have to say that the author is a bit too found of his weird situations that are explained in roundabout ways, and it is starting to derail the "story" more than it did earlier.

Aside from that though, I had fun reading it, but if it continues to go down the madness part, I might revise my take on the whole thing. <<less
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slay_mithos rated it
Netooku Otoko no Tanoshii Isekai Boueki (WN)
October 23, 2016
Status: c25
TL;DR: Yet an other of those boring novels from japan, even though the base idea had a lot of potential.

When a character supposed to be at least decent in trading, deception and cunning (in a story specifically about these) is let down severely by a poor writer.

The "plot" is so contrived that the author had to introduce "quests" given by the gods as the reason for people interacting with each others (and not in an interesting way either, sadly).

The characters are shallow at best (most don't even have a scrap... more>> of personality, even those that are part of the plot), with very basic dialogues not helping.

Overall, it feels like yet an other of those many light/web novels that have a concept that could be very interesting, but with a series of flaws that make them unremarkable at best.

Among those flaws, a very simplistic writing, with mostly basic sentences, simple words, detached sentences (rather than proper, connected paragraphs) and an inability to take advantage of the first/third person narration. Shallow/non-existent plot, removing any sense of progression through a constructed story (it doesn't need to be huge, but it's nice when you don't feel like you are reading a collection of side stories). Blank protagonist, that insists on hiding himself (because it's a cultural thing in japan, sadly) while still doing things that will definitely attract attention (be it those with power or those that introduce technology/items). Insistence on following what seems to be guide lines with "harem" (just to put various template women near the main character), "Japanese food/culture is the best" (understandable given that they are Japanese and write for that public, but why go for a European medieval setting?), "slaves" (mostly to fill the harem easier and to fulfill the "hiding")...

If those authors spent a bit more time on making characters and plot, and made a better use of their language skills (they are writers, they are supposed to have at least a decent vocabulary, and readers are not that dumb to not be able to understand a proper sentence right?), we could be flooded with novels that are entertaining to read, and also worth paying for.

I mean it, there are so many of those novels that have an interesting idea behind it, and most of them could be significantly better with "just" that. <<less
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Well delivered story, just cheeky enough, good translation to go with it.

For a "short" story (the length is fairly long if you compare it to a normal chapter for novels, but still less than a whole arc), it had just enough of everything and a good balance to make me enjoy it.

I'd recommend it for anyone that wants a short change of pace from their usual reading, be it action or romance novels. And even if you somehow don't enjoy it (nothing can be for everyone after all), it's still... more>> something that should take you less than an hour to read, so you would not waste hours like when you don't really enjoy something but want to see if it gets better after the first arc. <<less
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slay_mithos rated it
Upgrade Specialist in Another World
July 5, 2016
Status: --
Fairly fun story where the main character grows at godlike speed compared to others (just like any wuxia novels really), but has this misconception that he is somehow not gifted enough and very slow.

The inclusion of a game-like skill in a "standard" wuxia world, without it being a reincarnation (the skill "falls" into a fairly normal commoner boy that had nothing to do with cultivation at all) makes it an interesting concept compared to the usual "here is a godly artifact for no reason, as well as an all knowing... more>> master and skills in everything".

Sadly, Heman, the translator that also started the translation for "stellar transformation" and nearly single handedly started the trend of translating wuxia novels to a wider public once again went missing after getting a few arcs completed, and rwx already has his hands full with Desolate Era and maintaining the website, so it started to really slow down early june before stopping entirely mid june.

Still, the story is interesting, and the translation well done, so it's worth trying it out and then putting it in the "waiting for more chapters" list. <<less
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slay_mithos rated it
History’s Strongest Senior Brother
November 19, 2016
Status: c15
I can see where everyone is going with their "it's so different", and "it mocks the usual tropes", but so far I don't agree with it one bit.
Fair warning, the whole review could constitute a vague spoiler.

Yes, the main character is placed in a different position than usual, in the place of the one that usually bullies the main and tries to get his parent's influence to help in that task. Yes, there is a character that sounds like your standard main character (weak and bullied at first, grew... more>> stronger at an unnatural pace, possibly in possession of some hidden goods).

But far from being able to mock the usual tropes, it goes right into them. I mean, there are multiple factions that try to bully the main character (despite his status), he possesses some godly knowledge that lets him improve faster and beat those that are supposed to be his equals, and the most important point is that annoying tendency of always having a crowd so that people can be shocked at every single action.

That said, while it doesn't seem that different from your usual cultivation novels, it also doesn't seem to be a bad one so far, and the protagonist doesn't seem to be like those murdering machines we see in most of those novels.

Translation-wise, let's just say that none of the translators so far made it unreadable, and nothing particularly sticks out in term of bad quality.
That said, even the most recent translator basically disappeared right after telling he would do 2 chapters a week + sponsored (without saying an amount or putting a progress bar/amount donated, so not playing it clear with us), and nothing after a bit more than a month. It's a bit early to say that it's abandoned again, but it's safe to assume that we will not be seeing a regular pace for this novel in the near future (I'd love to be proven wrong though).

All in all, 15 chapters of a correct length should be enough for you to decide if you want to stick it into a reading list to watch for future updates or not. I personally think that while it's not as ground breaking as most of the reviews seem to indicate, it's sufficiently intriguing for me to recommend giving it a try. <<less
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slay_mithos rated it
Kono Sekai ga Game da to, Ore dake ga Shitte Iru
September 18, 2016
Status: v1c1
I really didn't manage to get into this story at all.

It's not that the story is terrible, or that the writing or translation would make it unreadable, it's fine on those points.

It's just that the flow, the descriptions and explanations, everything is just "this world is a game I already know".

... more>> The premise might sound interesting, but sadly the author forgot to make the NPCs into proper living beings, so the whole world feels dead from the very start, and we are left a story that's not really that catching.

It might have worked if the author had made us discover the quests and bugs along with the story, but we are introduced with quite a lot of the "bugs" and "quests" right from the start, without the character actually encountering most of it, making all of it even more artificial.

That said, as the writing isn't that bad, and the translation correct, it's ok to give it a go. Just remember, each "chapter" is really long, so don't think "meh, parts for each chapter, lazy translator". <<less
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It started fairly standard but fairly good, but recently it falls deeper and deeper in the whole "everyone tries to kill our main character" that basically serves as a justification for the blood bath that ensues, so that the main character doesn't appear as a crazy person thirsting for blood but as a good person forced to kill.

It is very common in Chinese literature, especially the web and light novels, but the story this time had a decent shot at being more than that, even showing that she had to... more>> actually work for what she has and her skills rather than the random gifts from nowhere.

Recent chapters:

In the latest chapters, after the whole "hey, let's stomp on the people that were bad to her before she took over the body" arc, you would think that the whole marriage would go better as she now achieved the condition, but it doesn't even try and shows us that not only were the parents of the husband not dead in the way everyone thought, the king obviously had a hand in it and is not sane at all and probably the one that poisoned the husband.

You might think that it could make for a good story to have good opponents, but so far all of the people that wanted to hurt our main character were not sane people, and it's always "someone wants to hurt her, so she will hurt or even kill them in return".


It's not like the novel doesn't have anything good going for it, but most of the good points of this novel are drowned by these story-telling methods. <<less
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