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aakashwadhwa7 rated it
Unlimited Anime Works
May 19, 2017
Status: c106
This novel could have been so much better if only author didn't make the main character such a hypocrite.

The first world he gets transported into is high school of dead MC being a Chinese has very big hatred towards Japanese people and the story is continuing in Japan and you know mc's thought about saya's parents was to kill because they were deeply related to japanese politics!? Come on you're not even a politician you're just a student be a student! MC loves to kill. Yes after his first kill... more>> he went wild to kill 15 more before he stopped, making him scared, wtf!?

MC being a Japan hater you would expect MC not to know much about anime but our MC does know about the storyline just like you would expect a otaku to. Seriously I was expecting more rejection towards things like this from amount of hatered described till here. It do make the taste of whole novel go bad. It was supposed to be a anime novel which usually doesn't even care about world let alone country!

MC, first bed experience was with a women from Japan, he did her and later she is forgotten coz MC had a different girl at that time and MC is like soz I can't coz I gotta a girl and that girl happens to be a Japanese too. Wow.

I was expecting the novel to at least focus more on the plot or give more Spotlight to anime characters but they just get over shadowed to the point it's a pity (later he gets power up where he can kill MC and replace him, by this you can understand the overshadow level).

By the end of high school dead arc he got power up which lets his blood to allow those bitten by zombies not turn into a zombie. Mitary wants mc's help and will protect him and mc's reaction I want freedom and I'm a Chinese so you can't detain me! Seriously? Yes you got power ups but you still will die by a gunshot buddy. MC was willing to give his blood but only to china which will later give it to rest of the world with conditions. Come on its world endcyou won't even have that much population anymore to even call yourself a city let alone a country and still going on about this?

Overall it was okay nationalism, racism is very high. Gives the feel chinese human is different human than rest of the world humanity.

If you're not okay with those kind of things like me then I dont recommend this book to you as more than plot it is filled with this. I'm here for reading plot and maybe action or romance but not about being a chinese!

Plot is full of holes even though its using an anime as a base. Story telling skill of author is very average and parts which author feels hard to describe are changed to something else like turning into a chinese hating a Japanese thing.

It is very fast paced, anime was fast paced but this is even faster. Literally new stuff happen in each chapter and words used to describe any thing besides MC are very less and it's not even 50 chapters we get our time skip of 2 years!!!? I get it MC doesn't really have much to do besides killing zombies but still I would expect you to continue a bit more!

Reading this will require patience and tolerance so good luck

Update ((second arc))

In second arc there is not that much racism regarding being a Chinese or japanese so kodos for that but author got some other problem here now which I feel is more worriesome than being patriot...

Girls are very one dimensional like seriously they totally loose how they were in anime... And they sure have got a problem with falling in love with MC too fast it's just too fast and the reason for falling I find weird too. I mean seriously, arisa fell for MC because he didn't give a sh*t about her when they first talked. The way MC acted should have left a bad impression instead of a good one!

Start of second arc MC in first chapter gets an identity of a student in school with Shu.. guess what he went there and started sleeping by being scolded by teacher for it he started trolling the teacher and I really feel bad for the teacher like seriously what kind of student tell their teacher to roll? So bad humor sense! If you hate learning that much you can just skip school instead of being a jerk!

Problem with MC and relationship with girls-

He chooses one set goal he wants to conquer in each world as far as I get it till here

After acting in front of them and making them fall he will go to bed some other girl who fell for him while knowing MC is in relationship with a girl while saying "let me by your side I will do anything and won't get in your relationship either". And MC gets a soft heart after listening that and they do it. God that is the time you take a stand and let that girl move on you jerk! Okay fine if you do her at least take responsibility she's giving her first time. MC just leave the girl and be chummy with his girlfriend in the morning like nothing happened! Seriously!?

I was hoping some romance and continued since I didn't really like this much considering MC hypocrisy and nt so good plot descriptions and plot holes but I was sorely disappointed. If you're like me, I will not recommend this novel. <<less
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skyleven7 rated it
World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination
August 27, 2017
Status: c200
In all honesty this novel had an interesting plot but there's so many reasons which makes it not enjoyable leaving only sour taste....

  • MCs personality is totally inconsistent. He acts like your general Chinese who goes by saying if you respect me I respect you twice and if you bully I bully you twice.... Well this MC is just an hypocrite. The undead hero he summoned gave his true loyalty have all his support to him and yet only got seclusion in retrospect. Really pitiful guy! Even to the end it will be same according to spoilers.
  • All characters don't have any depth to them no background no story no emotions just respect of love for MC for no reason at all.
  • Author don't know what romance is at all, talking about giving freedom to choose to his women is his so called love. Pretty dumb because all of his girls don't seem to be shackled or bothered at all, no matter what and he's still selling giving them their fate to decide to them... Like what?
  • Harem.... Only character (female) that author managed to give some depth to was the female hero sadly she's not even harem member and leaves behind MC in the end. This novel thoroughly disappoints reader in harem section. Also he can't even touch his main wife since she's possessed and gets attacked by her... Seriously?
  • MC is shown to be a complete pervert in beginning but later on acts gentlemanly in front of girls. Peeping your sister in law's isn't something I would say is good. More so if you do it even after getting a wife.
  • Wars, all wars get a plot Armor MC basically don't face any problem in wars author tries to cover it up by naming and using few strategies from modern world. But well strategies from modern world are plot Armor too, right? He gets just the right troop he would need to deal with his enemy even in unexpected situations leaving it really dull and point of using strategies if used at all becoming a waste.
overall - if you can ignore all these things this novel would be pretty enjoyable to you. If you can't then it's waste of time.
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aakashwadhwa7 rated it
Online Game: Evil Dragon Against The Heaven
April 15, 2017
Status: c4
The whole story seems to be based upon a game which will be released soon and first 4 chapters are foreshadowing towards how big that game is going to be.

Firstly, I totally wasn't able to continue reading anything above 4th chapter. Why? Simply because of arrogance of MC!

I mean its fine to have arrogance, no its very good that MC is arrogant as he won't be a naive idiot. But over-arrogance turns him into worse than a naive character. I would prefer a naive one instead of one used here!

The... more>> first chapter was used to describe the character, it was 2 paras long just to describe his ARROGANCE! And that too was just based on face value with nothing described to back it up!? I mean seriously come on if you're showing him arrogant at least give something to back it up more than just appearance!

Secondly a girl was described with a bunch of paras and whole point of it was just to show and improve arrogance of MC! How? It was described how beautiful of a girl that she was that nobody can talk to her even. And MC used her to show way around and people around had their mouths open so big you can put an egg in. WTF? I'm not even sure if she's going to be a heroine coz besides her beauty nothing was described.

Second chapter was direct jump when I was thinking it would be mentioning about girl or at least MC but it went directly towards game. And our MC gets plot armor error while character creating. In this chapter too MC's arrogance is emphasized like how MC wanted to kill the NPC just coz somebody else took the name he has been using for his characters all this while before him. MC had 60 days time before to make the character but HE CHOSE TO MAKE THE CHARACTER JUST 2 HOURS BEFORE GAME BEGINS. I mean come on dude there are said to be billions of players going to play this game and somebody else sure will take your name if you don't hurry. It just feel so disgusting.

All in all I just couldn't keep up with this much arrogance. In real life this kind of person would be done so many times that he won't be able to stand up with that much arrogance. Seriously I won't recommend this to anyone its just waste of time. <<less
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skyleven7 rated it
Devil’s Son-in-Law
October 22, 2017
Status: Completed

I've completed this novel and rewritten the whole review, my personal bias may affect the review so it might not attend to needs of everyone. Please, bear with it!

I can divide this novel into 2 big arcs, 1st one being demon world arc - where MC helps Sia gain the throne, 2nd being whole world arc - where MC adventures into other worlds and discover their possibilities. This divide happens somewhere around 600th chapter.

I would have given this novel

3 stars for the first big arc. But 1 star for the second big arc. Overall I would give this novel a 2.

DIFFERENCE? 1st big arc is more focused on politics, business and romantic aspect. 2nd big arc directly forego politics, business aspect,

it's selling points. It becomes a repeat of plot armor and lucky events, to the point it feels reading the first big arc was very useless.

Overall review:

Good points -

  • Politics -
    This novel did a very good job in political aspect in the first arc so I will consider this to be a good point in this novel, even though its foregone in second arc I will still consider this to be good.
  • Strategies -
    In first arc MC was weak, so he used various military strategies in order to win war, the war which happens for Sia to take over the throne was very exciting. Also political issues which comes after taking over the throne were good. A war which comes after a war also was a nice addition.
  • Plot -
    This novel uses a cliche plot but that doesn't make it bad, its very good just not very different. At least till first big arc I will take plot to be very good. After second big arc it turns into a bad point since everywhere there is a plot armor.

Bad points -

  • MC -
    Like usual chinese mc's his personality is a sucker. Well he admits without luck he isn't omnipotent but even so it doesnt make its taste good. He is a hypocrite, like he knows that a girl likes he will still rather not accept their love when he already had accepted love of over half a dozen females already. Most women would have to turn into half dead in order to prove their love for MC before he will be able to admit it that they love him and he loves them. Take Isabella for example, she turns half dead 2 times because mc's incompetence before he was able to admit that she likes him. He is very afraid of cracks in crystal harem and without his first wife ATHENA he won't able to manage his harem in a world where harem is ever pervasive. It just feels to dull and gives sour vibes. He relies heavily on luck, like literally everything he does is based on luck factor without it, he can't a single thing. Like love of female he keeps denying negative part of himself which pushes over 100 chapters making it give a feel of filler chapters which is really annoying. He couldn't come up with terms with past of the body he took over for like 700 chapters. I mean seriously if you take over a body you at least have to repay him with getting rid of his regrets right? But he just kept running away from all that like a coward.
  • Harem -
    This might be me looking too much into it and might be my personal bias but as I talked about in mc's personality, he just keeps denying women, in end he's supposed to have like 11 women but besides 6-7 he's running away from the rest. Some women like Belina who he fooled didnt get chance to be MC and show her love for MC and are literally forgotten. To me this harem isn't really a good one. It is heavily based upon benefits. How much benefits MC gives them and they fall for him...... I really can't bring myself to call this love. I don't even know how and when MC fall in love with Sia he did so much for her and she just keeps ordering him in return... Also keeps pushing his sister over him. I mean come on giving your sister happiness isnt duty of MC. He might like her as a lil sis but its not his respobility for him to do her husband and yet she keeps forcing MC to accept her. It took 1k chapter for Sia's lil sis from 1st ch to 1k chapter to get promise from MC. And waiting for like 5 years before she got promise from him.... I can accept that girl is in love with MC truly in love but mc's just running away like a coward instead of giving a clear answer.
  • Ending -
    To be honest, last 100 chapters were literally, I don't know what to say, really bad? Last fight with last boss that is Spiritual God was on 1200th chapter that is last chapter. It ended within half chapter with MC making a lucky break through. I don't even know how and why but it ended it was really disappointing ending. It's like doing anything and everything MC did till now was a waste. MC just realised that he was a creator and realised his powers just that in last chapter he realised just that and killed last boss. If he realized this in first chapter he could have ended then and there... It was really disappointing.
  • Romance -
    Athena he calls her his first love and he loves her the most yes I can accept it but after like 300 chapters her appearances and screen times are really less she disappears for like 100 chapter and talks like 1 chapter and disappears again. Most Female harem members suffer through same problem in later half of series. Interactions between them just keep getting fewer and fewer. One of his wife came in second half, Tiffany, her total screentime, might not even be more than 2 whole chapters, I mean the amount she talked can be covered within 6k words! So freaking less. Is this even a romance?

Overall -

This is a good novel in the first big half but second big half is totally meaningless and no fun to read at all. It's mostly about him getting harem and plot armor. It gets boring. Just read first arc is fun and quite good but whole series is definitely not worth it.

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skyleven7 rated it
Castle of Black Iron
January 11, 2018
Status: c30
I don't even know how and why I continued reading till chapter 30 but honestly I was disappointed... Many reviews said that MC is kind I don't see why he is kind when he only started cleaning and doing all that stuff after knowing he gets merit points from system. Whole thing feels so unnatural and cliché that it's no fun to read. His mother washed his underwear which was filled his wet dreams and what does she say to mc? My guoguo grew up... MC is just 15. Maybe... more>> in post apocalyptic world it might be normal but honestly whole thing feels weird when your mother is accepting it so easily she treats u like a little kid and she's accepting all these bad habits. Your father teaching you all dirty tricks and all. A random teacher which is sort of an idol in school and MC just stalks her everyday.

70% of the story till now is just vulgar stuff 20% description about beauties which MC would never have and 10% real plot going.... If this considered solid plot or whatever I don't know what to say it might be better later on but till now it just feels dumb to read where vulgar stuff keeps repeating as a filler. I don't find MC all that likeable too... Other reviews say MC is clever but I feel his surroundings are so dumb that he naturally turns out to be clever... Well this is just my opinion.

MC gets introduction to fight club and he is asked to follow receptionist towards the room after author takes his time describing how sexy the butt is and MC starts to get horny just by that... MC tries to naivly talk to her only to be shot down. Girls are really sensitive how you look at them I'm considering that's why she shot down MC rudely before he even got chance. But what does MC do? He grabs her shoulder tells her she will later beg for him to fk her and thurst his standing d at her stomach a few times before rudely telling her to show the way again. Author in multiple times tries to show how MC is different from those rude fellows in his school who masturbate at their idol teacher in classroom but in reality he is just the same. I don't see any kindness just a hypocrite in him. I'm not expecting him to be chivalrous or gentlemanly but come on at least have some bare minimum manners, this was the moment which put me off and made me quit reading.

MC finds the castle of black iron in chapter 13 but he uses it in dumb way uptil this point... He gets it and first thing he does is start running around like an idiot. Ik he doesn't have any manual or anything but I would expect a better usage of thing from someone being called 'clever' he gets in and out of castle with water only to realise it consumes energy to get inside where it is hinted in beginning when he entered that he doesn't have enough energy to stay inside after certain time in same chapter he got castle. There are many lengthy and unnecessary explanations that it turns really boring to read. Some reviews say that it teaches about business but there are many other books which teach you about business waste your time there than here! Besides business it doesn't have a single redeem feature other than boring you!

I would not recommend this novel, you can try it at your own risk. <<less
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aakashwadhwa7 rated it
Grasping Evil
February 25, 2017
Status: c990
This review got a few spoilers in it so read it on your own risk.

Even though I was hesitant to pick up this novel before but after reading upto 30 I couldn't stop doing so anymore it just went better and better. There were few times where I wasn't quite happy the way MC reacted but overall the story build up is fabulous there are twists you won't expect how.
... more>>

The characters which should be build are built pretty well. This novel is basically about cultivation as a main theme with every thing else which could be used as a boost for it would be used as a boost so here comes the sexual cultivation (dual cauldron in the novel) MC got a whole harem of them with thousands of women waiting for him even though MC doesnt really have any romantic development towards them but he treats them well.

His women in his harem till now are around 10 or something? (The one's who are actually developed and loved for). They usually don't show up for most of the novel but its built like they wont be forgotten that is MC reminisce over the past love with them.

Overall this novel is really worth a read.

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skyleven7 rated it
Epoch of Twilight
October 1, 2017
Status: c168
This novel has a really good plot. A lot of action, also a lot of killing and gore. I would not recommend those who are not really in dealing with NTR and gore not to read this novel, it's full of it.

good things about this novel -

    • good pacing - author has a good command over pacing of story. He develops everything evenly and pacing is very consistent. You will feel very comfortable while reading it.
    • Action - a lot of fights are really good and fun to read. MC is also pushed into real desperate situations which don't rely highly on luck.
    • System - this is one of only few novels I have found which is having a system which doesn't ruin the balance of the whole plot. It keeps plot consistent. Treat it like a game changer instead of balance breaker. This is very nicely done kuddos to author.
things I don't like about this novel -

    • MCs personality - I don't like MCs personality at all. He tries to act like hero in apocalypse world while even though he is strong but he doesn't have strength to back it up. He picks up fights a lot for very small issues which could be avoided. MC thinks whatever he believes in is right but it is most of the time wrong and MC ends up in a desperate position and yet he doesn't grow from it. He is very reckless, I really dislike this. As mentioned earlier by someone in review. MC has sperm for brain. I get it's very stressful and he needs to do it to take it out and have a breather but this is too much to take. In beginning chapters he forced himself on women before they completely submit to him. And I mean seriously he forced them, a.k.a r*pe them but somehow those women while doing it with him falls for him. MC loves mature women and keeps doing NTR. He does wife of his friend just after a week his friend died. I don't want a disgusting friend like this. He gets another women who is living alone but has children. Ntr her too. Doesn't leave even 14 year old kid. Really dislike able
    • Harem - harem member of MC are pathetically idiot. First women in harem is the police officer, if there was pathetic women award she would win, she's a police officer has a gun but most of the time when it's time to kill she will get weak legs, she's so bad that a group of people came running in front of her put a knife on her neck then she came to herself. So pathetic for a policewomen. She causes a lot of trouble to MC I don't even know why MC keeps her alive. Second girl is 14 y.o kid she's nice and does act like a kid. Only female harem member author made right. Third harem member was the friend's wife he stole. Somehow after having done it one time with MC she fell for him. Honestly she is pathetic too she gets weak legs after seeing a skeleton. This is after 6 months of apocalypse.
    • Pacing - this is a bad point too while being a good one. Pacing is really slow author picks up pacing later little by little but it's still very slow. Till here MC is only level 7 and been to only like 3 cities. One his home city one after that and now other one. Slowwww.
overall - if you're fine with harem members being like that and MCs personality then this is a good read and plot is solid too. But their personality turn it really bad experience.

My opinion - not recommended
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skyleven7 rated it
Altina the Sword Princess
August 27, 2017
Status: v11 epilogue
This novel is really nice considering if you are looking for action, war and strategies used while doing so. It's amazing! The way author unfolds the whole plot and strategies are really nice.

Points I like about this novel---

  1. MC even though having talent because of self depreciation find hard to use but as MC keeps fighting and keep facing enemies in wars he grows he uses his talent appropriately. Grows more BOLD! I really like it! To see MC grow, you can feel it, and author doesn't try to hide his bad points at all which makes it even nicer!
  2. Strategies, all strategies that MC uses are really well thought and the best thing I like is the way even though they are so well planned it's possible for things to go awry and need immediate response to fix it! Really nice! Most author who uses strategies never have anything go wrong but not in case of MC since planning is never perfect!
  3. Fighting for a fixed goal, MC finds a goal for himself even if it's idealistic and something which may not even happen in his life yet he takes a step forward to it. Nice!
  4. MC is responsible! Not someone who goes get you killed my subordinates I will kill you, but, someone who would blame himself for having sent his subordinates to death.
Things I don't like --

  • MC being dense. Like really? He can't figure out who is in love with him just coz he self depreciate himself because men in that time were more brawn instead of brains.
  • Princess, her existence is pretty useless in the whole plot author could have used many other ways to spark MCs ambition. Since MC later on himself says for his goal he's supporting princess and if doesn't go forward for it and somebody else did he would support that person instead. Her existence is only to be a total brawn I don't really like it.
  • Harem.. Author at first was focusing on romance only with princess but it slowly turned into a harem. It doesn't really look good more so when MC is such a dense. I want more time for wars instead! This book's selling point is wars! Give me wars not girls!!!
Overall- I would highly recommend you to read this novel if you're looking for wars with strategies where MC don't really on luck much nor does he have super power or super strength... more>> to achieve goals. <<less
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aakashwadhwa7 rated it
Shoujo Grand Summoning
April 24, 2017
Status: Completed

This is a pretty good read.... an otaku having his delusion of 8th grader syndrome fulfilled what would he be like? Find in this story. Lmao basically a perverted harem seeking cheat leveling system.


I'm at around 500 chapter and he has visited 4 worlds including the starting point silvaria world and got himself 10 wives and is conquering 4 more as of moment! If harem isn't your type of thing then leave this alone coz its basic purpose was harem! ANd its unexpectedly good harem. At least unlike other novels which coz of reasons of plot of main heroine this one gives focus to each heroine and they're not forgotten. There are many s*x scenes so if you dislike that you should leave that too they can reach as long as 4 chapters at one time and sometimes they're forced too so that might turn you off.

Author have done his all the homework all the anime's used in this novel are researched upon and used in good way you dont feel bored if you have watched the anime then it can have you some more insights in it. This is basically a fanfic collection of multiple anime in one but its very good I must say.

To all those harem lovers, read it!

To all anime lovers who dont mind harems, read it!

Its really good even without that much of a plot itself because at many times it uses plot of anime so no worries of plot holes.


Update (completed)

Well later on series is mostly plot armor with hilarious moments here and there... well MC was a harem seeking one at the beginning but later on he acts like a hypocrite.. even tho he will accept the girls later on but he will still act shy and all when girls try to close on him. Overall I still enjoyed it.

Harem was basically focused over 12 girls who are given most of the screentime and there are total of 30 women in harem.

He slept with quite a lot of them but there are still remaining in the end who he have to do so if you were looking for that sorry. (I liked it better when there were no bed scenes tho, more focused on continuing plot rather than filling chapters up).

For rating it will be 4/5 now... personally I liked the ending even though it was rushed and not that much satisfactory but over all it was the most suitable one!

If you're not fine with bed scenes its best to skip them they don't contribute much to the story besides telling us this girl got conquered and this one's not...

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aakashwadhwa7 rated it
Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai kara Kuru Sou Desu yo?
April 15, 2017
Status: v12 afterwards
Every single thing in this novel is very very well thought. I means really well thought! Almost all the things happening here and there have reasons for them to happen and those reasons are explained which is very rare for any author to do.

This novel basis is Gift Games - Something which Gods created inorder to counter Demon Lords and keep powers in check as well as way for Humans to rise.
Yes, MC is Overpowered. It's to the extent that his Gift (you can consider it to be his... more>> power) called UNKNOWN. That is to say even Gods can't determine just what power it is! He is overpowered but his enemies are more overpowered so it doesn't make you turn away from him because of it being just cliche or plot armor stuff. Yes, it has plot armor in story ending was done with a plot armor which MC finds very regretful.

MC knows his pros and cons and he uses his brains more than his uses his brawns which makes him kind of unique? At least he is the only one of MCs I know who uses his head more than his fists.

This novel has lots of vague sentences and questions floating around so if you can't catch them you won't just understand what's going on and how the f*ck MC defeat the guy and just wtf is happening so keep that in mind. Every sentence has meaning.

You can consider this whole series of mondaiji to be just one arc. It's a huge foreshadowing done for the next arc which is Last Embryo. This has tons of mysteries floating around and they're very very fun when they gets solved or we are told about pasts or future courses to be taken from them. It's not blindly running here and there or somebody telling you to go there. They figure out themselves which is a big thing coz it just don't happen coz of luck! There is reason for that to happen.

Overall I would highly recommend this novel to everyone looking for mysteries with tons of action.

This novel is hugely based on Myths, Legends, Religions, Fictions, and real life events so reading this equals to learning a lot about what happens all around you or how those people do think.

My only regret is lack of romance in this novel even though it feels there are a lot of girls with potential to be main heroine. It just doesn't happen!
Give it a try. You'll love it! <<less
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skyleven7 rated it
Everlasting Immortal Firmament
January 23, 2018
Status: c30
After reading this I shed tears of blood thinking finally a chinese author who actually puts effort and uses his brain to write a good story! Even though there are many plot Armor instances but boy you gotta give author an applause for managing of covering it up with intellect! Main character gets plot Armor and he is smart enough of knowing how to use it. What kind of plot Armor you say? Putting mordern tactics creatively in world of cultivation and make you really feel this is how it... more>> should be there really is no luck he really predicted that far ahead! It's amazing you know! Author doesn't tell you end result and it doesn't end with just MC punching and boom and be done with it, no!!!! Main character sets everything up makes situation turn into his favour and corner his enemies get what he wants and win it! He is mature enough to accept his enemies as his allies and his allies as his enemies unlike normal xianxia where besides the girls in MCs harem and few subordinates whole world is enemy! It's refreshing! I will highly recommend it those guys who thinks normal xianxia MCs as nothing but idiots or hotspot for luck and want something new. Wars are really good, till now there is no romance but smells like it will be great too! Unlike normal xianxia where MC just r*pes whatever women and she falls for him! Go ahead and try it! <<less
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aakashwadhwa7 rated it
The Experimental Log of the Crazy Lich
May 22, 2017
Status: c60
Okay to begin with, this novel isn't for everyone!

The main theme which the novel focuses on is COMEDY while adding spice to it using politics, sometimes action and maybe romance.

The main character of the story knows what kind of person he really is. And it is perfectly described when he talks about his pasts as someone having 8th grader syndrome, which he regrets. It was used as a joke but it does have a greater significance to the story which is leading to creation of third superpower the power of... more>> justice and when I say that I'm not joking.

Describing something serious using comedy is very hard and it may tick of some people and make it hard to understand why this event is happening? They tend to miss out special details when they're presented in a joking manner.

As I said earlier this is themed on comedy! It's for gags. Some of you might not like them or won't know what is funny about this. Come on it happens with everyone when someone tells you a joke and you might not find it funny or take some to get it, that kind of thing. Happens a lot here.


Every character is presented in a funny way. Take the city lord for example, He was supposed to have killed lich but it was lich who made it seem like he was killed and was imprisoned in the city (a prison lich created for himself!) And people of town think that lich is dead and killed by their city lord, the title was basically thrown at him by lich. Even more funny thing is both Hero and lich were companions! Okay I know this doesn't sound funny here but trust me the way its presented is very funny indeed.


I will definitely recommend it everyone though it might not be for everyone but it doesn't make it bad, its just special in its own field. It makes it different from other books I have read and I find it one of a kind, yea there are others but they don't really go it in the way this one does.

Give it a try, you might like it and who knows this might just be your dose of laughter! <<less
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aakashwadhwa7 rated it
Dragon Blood Warrior
May 22, 2017
Status: --
If you're looking for an adult novel then this is one of the few good out there, plot has not much to do as of yet, but it's pointed there is a plot so expectations are high! This novel is all about laying girls on bed but it's not that bad one, like using some hypnotics or drugs to make girl in heat or forcing them, so this is good. MC cultivates by having sex, so after s*x he gets stronger to fight, there are few fight scenes as of... more>> now but they're not the shine of this novel. Each bed time isn't using the same wordings or stuff that led to bed time so you can look forward to it everytime! And not think like, eh, this is going to be same skip skip....

Well I will recommend this novel, give it a try you may like it! <<less
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skyleven7 rated it
July 22, 2017
Status: v16
First off, sevens is great but not everyone might like it.

It starts with a useless son of a count family getting thrown out of house. Most of the things that happen in novel are answered to and I fine those answers very reasonable. So please don't rate it before getting those answers.

This novel in beginning is more focused on getting rid of naivity of the MC which is sort of slow but it happens and you can feel his growth in passing. I find it really enjoyable.

The main theme which... more>> it was focused on was wars, and MC does use varioiu strategies to outwit enemies.

Harem member, to those who find it abnoying. This story is set with the aim of becoming an emperor. And this kind of thing is normal or should I say without this MC would be the one dying. Bear with it since harem member help MC, alot!

MC is really useless in beginning to the point you would want to quit reading but there is reason for that the one in beginning is reason enough but there is more backstory so my advise is if this is reason for you quitting please bear with it for a while!

There are many places where you can feel it as just a whishfulfillment. Note- this is a fantasy!

Overall this novel is great, got places with humor, places with action, places with wit, places with naivity, and some places with romance (this one doesn't really shine in novel but it does have its own charm in this deparment).

It's an enjoyable read to those who like to read novels who use their wit instead of going on a killing spree with their new wuxia technique. Note- please don't touch this one if you like that sort of stuff coz MC hate killing. He will try to avoid killing if it's possible. And he's not overpowered. Only place he's overpowered is that of commanding people. <<less
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skyleven7 rated it
Dragon King’s Son-In-Law
March 6, 2019
Status: c325
As other reviewers have mentioned, this novel had great potential. Only thing that ruined this novel was the main female lead. I've problem with MC as well. This novel started with MC reluctantly agreeing to marry bratty rich spoiled female lead, he planned to just cultivate and give the dragon core back to her and making their FORCED marriage agreement null. But the way MC is acting shows no reluctance on part of MC in marrying that snobby girl. While author tries to justify it by saying MC is not... more>> able to show his true emotions because of kindness the parents of that brat shows but, you don't marry a girl just because her parents are kind to you, you will live with that girl not with her parents! Due to this MC acts wimpy and indecissive, which makes it look like he is leading the girl on, and don't get me started on how author writes flirty moments between that brat and MC.

MC had a girl he liked which turns out to be cliche childhood friend separated early on. Both of them like each other but MC suppress his feelings because of FORCED MARRIAGE agreement, so the childhood sweetheart also have no choice but to suppress those feelings too. SO AWKWARD to see them going around in circles just to accept their liking towards each other, that brat keeps getting in way of their relationship.

There are the twins which are mind you the best female chara in the series but they have very low screentime and it has uselessly being allocated to bratty girl. God I hate her more for this!

300+ chs and there is character growth in her to be seen. Parents keep spoiling her and she keeps acting willful. MC acts like a wimp and keeps getting bullied by her and doesn't actually make her grow up again reason for this is kindness shown to him by her parents. Many events which could have led to downfall of their whole community and no one bothers to tell the 'princess' and she never realizes what people are sacrificing for her she never acts kind or grateful towards them. Don't get me started on how lazy this girl is.

As I said earlier MC has wimp personality in it and gets bullied everywhere from females surrounding him or by his enemies most of the time. It is showcased as him having kind heart but serious it's depressing to keep seeing him pushed over everywhere from females and from his enemies. Story is really slow 300 chs and it's not even few months time. Many filler chapters which don't add to any significant improvement in relationships or chara development. Cultivation process is all messed up and random, author talks about how normal cultivator could take hundreds of years to reach high level while he does it in few months, I would accept it if it was just MC but his enemies level up even faster and thrash him. In the end he keeps getting saved by others because of people behind girls he has relationship with.

I think author tried to make a tsundere loli but forgot to add dere in it. If you're able to deal with that then this might be good novel for you otherwise it's better to look for something else rather than getting frustrated! <<less
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skyleven7 rated it
September 4, 2017
Status: v7
Overall this novel is pretty average it does give you a dose excitement through its battles but in the end the plot keeps getting overused to the point it gets boring....

MC is a godslayer, his personality is contradictory, more so the fate the author decided to give MC makes it just worse... MC wants peace but ends up embroiled in mysterious events which ends up having his life put on the line. To be honest, he keeps avoiding war so far to the point I feel he is really pathetic... more>> MC. He wants to protect people but he won't fight unless you push him to a corner and author push him to corner in every volume..... It turns boring really fast.

Harem... Well to be honest all the girls have their own character and depth to them and are really likable but for god knows what reason they fall for an impotent MC. MC keeps avoiding the issue of loving them by putting them into category of friends. GIRLS USUALLY DONT GO AROUND HAVING DEEP KISSES WITH SOMEONE THEY DONT LOVE YOU F***. MC doesn't know how to stop advances of girls and end up creating trouble for himself making him look more pathetic, it started with a joke but author used it repeatedly with new girls it's boring.

Knowledge... Author have a lot of knowledge regarding history or mythologies and stuff and it is really fun to get to know different myths out there and what kind of god's there were in the past. This novel covers too wide range of god's and myths that it makes it all the worth to read.

overall - if only author had slowly made MC grow up and made him lose pathetic self I might have continued reading but till here it was still fun. For romance or a cool MC this novel might not be for you! But for action this is definitely the one. Action is definitely superb! <<less
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skyleven7 rated it
Manuscript Screening Boy and Manuscript Submitting Girl
August 9, 2017
Status: Completed
Absolutely fabulous!

The genre this story belongs to is the one I find the most boring personally, but this story made me rethink about it.

Story is about a manuscript reading boy who is broad-minded and is able to accept most things easily with a positive outlook, the girl is gloomy and likes to read and write manuscripts. Easy and simple right? Yes plot is simple and at times its cliché, but with a charm.

Author uses many ways to describe art of writing a light novel and himself uses them in this... more>> book just right. It feels wonderful to learn this kind of thing since there are not many novels out there which teaches you while making you intrigued with the plot itself. Absolutely fascinating!

Overall I would highly recommend this if you want a break and need some light-hearted casual reader with a good premised good pacing good romance and being informative at the same time.

Author put a lot of effort while writing this and you can totally feel it. Give it a shot you might love it just like I did! <<less
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aakashwadhwa7 rated it
High School DxD
May 13, 2017
Status: v14
This novel is unusual balance of harem, humor and action.

There are many novels who deal with these genres but miss out one of the things or mess up plot while doing so.

Story is very balance paced and there are none plot holes so far.

... more>> This novel is ecchi but its not like its to the level you feel disgusting, its used in sense of humor which should be okay for almost all people to read even those who dislike ecchi.

Girls tend to be quite open in the whole series but it doesnt go much beyond kissing and those too tend to come very few times.

General plot line focuses on Devils, Fallen Angels, Angels, Gods, Valkeyrine, Dragons and heroes.

MC is a Dragon and a Devil at the same time. MC is a pervert and has a harem seeking fetish, he's an idiot. A likeable one!

His Team is ofcourse that of Devils in which all of them are unusual ones (as expected of a team to backup MC!)

If you tend to have interests in Mythologies and stuff along those lines. This is going to be a good read for you. Even though its not much but it does touch lots of mythologies while plot is moving.

Overall its very fun to read, give it a try! <<less
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Dimensional Sovereign
May 23, 2017
Status: Completed

This novel leaves me with mixed feelings, it ended started good but ended so fast that I just didn't know what to say. Author could have stretched what he fit in 179 chapters to around 600 chapters easily. After 100 chapters each chapter is just getting power up getting a new girl or maybe going to a new world. They are described pretty well considering the time span given to each is very short.

Ending well it could be said to be could be said to be bad. It was an open ending disclosing the possibility of another world, I don't really mind that but there already are so many worlds described and most of them just came into existence without any reason whatsover, yea, this is fantasy so it can work without a reason or so but I really want to know.

Characters get forgotten very quickly, well as the story just speed off on a rocket you can expect them not to be developed all that well, and they just get forgotten. There were so many starting characters that I liked but after sometime they just couldn't keep up with the growth of MC and were left behind.

Personally I really liked the idea behind the plot but it ended so fast that I wanted to curse to author to continue more a bit more. This is the reason behind my mixed feelings, and yea the pace of the plot is slow at beginning it gets faster till 50 and faster till 100 and after that its' on rocket too fast to keep up with.

Overall this is very good read I would highly recommend you to go and try it, since it doesnt have much chapters it doesnt take much time and is very enjoyable!

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aakashwadhwa7 rated it
Dragon-Marked War God
May 22, 2017
Status: --
Many people would be thinking after reading synopsis of this story (at least I did).... So, the people in this novel are only smart when they're old ancient monsters. Other people are just embarrassing themselves in front of them without any knowledge.... Well this genre is do more with fists than brain so I guess it's acceptable to some extent.

If you're like me where you would rather see MC struggle and work hard to get something instead of having thrown that to him then you're not the targeted audience. Well... more>> MC does use head sometimes but most of the time it gets slaughterhouse for tiniest of things which is so not smart. Anyways, if you can ignore those small things then this is pretty good.

If you compare it to other novels it would be just a combination of a few of them and you can call it a cliche novel. Author does good job to maintain overall pace and story though so it's okay.

You can almost guess what's about to happen in this novel considering so much repeatiations, reading whole thing sure isn't time effective. Looking for a few hundred chapters and stopping would be good.

Well I would recommend for a few hundred chapters, it's interesting, rest of the novel, no, so much repeatiations it's like you're reading same thing over. <<less
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