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skirby1990 rated it
Tempest of the Battlefield
September 9, 2018
Status: c446
Overall I would recommend this for those that enjoy Cultivation, School Life, Romance, Harem, and Weak to Strong.

Cultivation - 3 Star - MC has the most powerful cultivation in the universe and I can agree with this as this is the common theme when a cultivation is involved. Overall I think this aspect is handled rather well but there could be some improvements made.

School Life - 3 Star - There is not too much to say about the school life it was also rather normal for a military academy with... more>> some standard situations occurring.

Romance - 5 Star - I feel that the romance aspect of this novel was handled really well and it really drew me in more so that any of the other novels that I have read so far even if it was frustrating at times.

Harem - 5 Star - I am going to call this a harem but you could argue for or against that for several reasons. To this point I felt that it tied into the romance aspect quite well and didn't draw away from the romance aspect at all.

Weak to Strong - 4 Star - I can honestly say that this was not the best but better than most in terms of strength development. I honestly felt that there were times where power was acquired too fast for the effort put in and made the situation rather boring at times. Overall it was handled well and there is nothing that was too far gone from the normal development pace. <<less
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