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sketchn98 rated it
Evolution Theory of the Hunter
June 25, 2017
Status: c91
Absolutely horrible world creation that can only force me to think that the author hates everyone better off than himself. The world developing techology wise despite it taking place 100+ years in the future.

The author quickly establishes that only rich people were able to acquire skill books and become hunters. The rich hunters then treat civilians like trash including beating them in the streets with witnesses. The author needs to be reminded that governments exist to protect people from situations like this. Speaking of the government, why didnt they try... more>> to monopolize skill books or at least secure them for the army and police? In a world post monster invasion it only seems logical that a strong centralized force would emerge.

Finally, monsters cant be killed with guns, missiles, or any other modern tech even the weaker ones. How then can a level 4 monster, which is far from the weakest, be put down by a collision with a truck and a shard of galss to the eye. Author needs to review physics asap. <<less
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sketchn98 rated it
Master Hunter K
July 5, 2017
Status: c21
This novel is based around repeated battles where 5 people have to kill the boss of an arena with a time limit of around half an hour. The MC is the last human to die from the repeated battles and his consciousness is sent back in time to when the battles first began. The premise sounds like a fusion between Resurrection and Terror Infinity, but the actual novel fails to compare. I rate Resurrection as 4/5 and Terror Infinity as 3/5, by the way. Reading the novel can be summarized... more>> as superman beating up a bunch of fantasy creatures while watching his meaningless stats rise.

The world building is atrocious. The arenas each have 5 party members who are randomly selected from every human participating. After the second mission this is only 0.1% of the original human population, but that's still 7 million people. This means there is a less than a 1 million chance of meeting someone in both the second and third mission, so it's not expected for any repeats to happen until there's less than 1000 people left (and that's still very unlikely). The world gives humans special abilities with an rpg-style. The stats are immediately inflated out of the milky way galaxy when the MC earns more than 10x his starting stats after the first battle. Even with a team of 5 who split their earning evenly would have each of them tripling their stats. And this happens EVERY BATTLE. The mc's stats soon become an exponential function. He also immediately gets a title with +30% to every stat. Despite being op in every way the MC has some trouble fighting bosses and hidden bosses. How could a normal person ever survive. They get maybe 1/5 of the xp and money that the MC does, their titles are weaker, and the need to buy consumables which the MC never buys. After the second mission, the MC is at least 100x stronger and faster than a normal human, but he's only described as really strong and fast. The first boss gives a drop that is super rare, but if you think about even the smallest bit makes 0 sense. One in 5 people who pass the first mission gets one, so there are more of the SUPER RARE items than people after the second mission.

The worst part of the novel is the character (s). There's only one character so far and that's the MC, and since it's almost impossible for repeat side characters to show up, the MC better be pretty damn good. Sadly, he has absolutely no character traits besides being good at fighting. The only explanation about anything that happened before being transported back through time is:

  1. He was the last human to die, so it's safe to say he's good at fighting.
  2. He was an orphan. The only people he ever felt fondly of were the employees at the orphanage, and it's only at the level of acquaintances.
  3. He wasn't accomplished as a fighter when the arena battles started the first time, which is a HUGE plot hole. He wasn't able to hoard all of the xp and money (his groups were competent and worked to succeed together) which means he's way behind in the meta-game that proceeds at an exponential rate. He didn't start off strong and was also the strongest, what? Is everyone else a retarded toddler? Even someone who did nothing then back-stabbed the other remaining hunters would be better off than him.
The only other people he meets are the four other people in his party during each battle. In the first time he meets three assholes and a good-guy cop. The second time he meets three assholes and a crazy old guy. I didn't really mind this much because a novel should usually start off introducing the world if it isn't placed in a normal modern society.


The third battle starts off with him meeting a cocky samurai, a well-intentioned north european, a timid nepalese, and a quiet but competent african. Finally people that qualify as actual characters. The MC proceeds to apologize for hoarding the loot, then ignores them. He has a small interaction with the samurai, but it only involves the samurai praising him repeatedly.


Finally, the MC uses a katana. It annoys me so much how the internet gushes about katanas like they're forged by god. The MC also finds an op katana during the third mission (how convenient). It's retarded.

Here's some ways the novel could have been good. I'm not a writer and if these do happen, then don't blame me for not making it. The author should have at least hinted at something interesting in the first 20 chapters, instead it was too bland to continue.

  1. Have a character who, despite the pretty much impossible odds, is placed in the same party as the MC repeatedly. This could mean they're placed together by fate or that the robot-like system that governs the arenas actually has intelligent creatures pulling the strings in the background
  2. Punish people from killing each other when not threatened. The MC doesn't do it, but he mentions that he would if he was bothered to. No mention of consequences at all. A coward could back-stab all of his allies after the bosses are killed and reap all of the benefits. The stats increase exponentially, so this is pretty much an optimal strategy.
  3. Relatedly, make the MC feel something when he chooses to hoard all of the loot during every battle. The third mission set this up nocely, but then failed to deliver. The MC just excused it as a necessary evil and the other 4 people don't even think about it. The samurai even implied he understood the battles are zero-sum games, but then forgets I guess.
  4. Replace the MC with literally anyone else. I would actually like to read a novel from the point of view of someone other than the person thrown back through time. It could actually be interesting and unique (but this is a complete tangent).
  5. The magic system should be introduced earlier. Literally no one puts points into magic stats or buys magic tomes. An MC from the future is either retarded (this is probably the case),
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