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skaviouz rated it
Almighty Student
February 18, 2017
Status: c7
I am liking this story. I read the next chapter on qidian, if only google translate was more reliable : (I'm looking forward to more chapters being translated.

I do like the MC's abilities, at first I thought the MC was a little too OP, but considering the limitations he faces the story became more interesting for me. The MC has integrity (yeah I know, uses it for gambling right away, stick my own foot in mouth) he doesn't go overboard and knows when to stop. MC doesn't like handouts... more>> and is very stubborn. I wonder how the character development is going to go. Seeing all these tags marked on NU I am waiting for all these wild tags to appear in the story. And this tag that says weak to strong, are you for real? How can he be considered weak? I guess MC gona get more OP. Let's wait and see. <<less
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