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As a savage person I was, reading it raw, I did not regret it one bit.

... more>>

This novel is one of those rare ones that the author has their three views straight and the character is one of the most rational logical female character I know.

Ning shu is not like other mainstream FL that either have their heads over clouds (or love) or

'ruthless' revenge-y type.

She is very pragmatic and focus on her missions to satisfy her clients' wishes (the cannon fodders). She is the kind of person who would rather stack her wisdom points than her charm points.

There are few reoccurring male characters but there's no real romance, yet. Only hints (?) I'm not really sure tbh.

Ning shu takes a very cynical view of love. I mean, who wouldn't after going through what she's been through? Those missions with the 'only live for love' female protagonist types might traumatised her for life.

What I really like about the story itself :

    1. There are multiple 'Arcs' and they were written well with the right pace. Not like other quick transmigration stories that just became a bundle of short stories. Each one is good enough to get their own novels, I think. But not all arcs are created the same, some are better than the other. My favorite arc is "I think my husband wants to kill me", a dark and a bit disturbing arc but I love it!
    1. It made fun of the common dog blood plots like overbearing CEO, enchanting Ghost king, children before marriage that turns out to be genius and leads ML and FL together, spoiled love, sadomasochistic love, virtual reality, etc etc
    1. The systems missions were interesting too. Like harem beautify system, catching great beauties system, superstar system (I hope you know the last one I refer to).
    1. It's so fun to defeats those mary sue, gary stu, white lotuses, green teas, etc etc.
    1. Ning shu never taken a mission that ask someone to fall in love with someone else because she thought that it was not authentic especially when the real owner comes back then who would guarantee that the other person would still be in love with the real one?
    1. I appreciated the fact when it gets hard, Ning Shu would not indiscriminately kill everyone to complete her missions because she knows that when the owner comes back, they'll face great repercussion. She takes great care for after sale service (?) like finding a good job, taking care of client's family, and writing down skills that she has so her client will survive even when she left.
    1. Ning Shu really grew, as in no OP past life skills that she conveniently has such as being an assassins, hacker, etc etc. She learned it one by one which made her more real.
    1. She doesn't differentiate good or evil, sometimes it was because of love or revenge or jealousy. Her moral compass is not all black and white, even it became very irrational, she would still be cool headed and did her best for her client.
    1. I just really like her, she's a strong independent woman that makes rational decisions.

a bit of a warning, this novel has a very slow but consistent progression so earlier arcs are somewhat weaker. <<less
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sibyl97 rated it
Cultivating to Become a Great Celestial
March 27, 2018
Status: Completed
I love it! It's different than your mainstream xianxia/transmigration story.

The MC is not arrogant or ruthless or mary sue, she's quite realistic. She would help if she could, but she knows her limits. Our MC is able to posses certain bodies, there were 3 bodies, I think and she would form her own body later.

I love the adventure side of this story, the world building is great, the author takes time to build it but it's not boring at all. I also love her interactions with other characters, there is... more>> no annoying characters that provoke our MC. You know what I mean, the brain dead/nonsense kind.

There are 4 possible main leads, and when I mean possible, it's not just falling in love in first sight but there's a great character development behind each of them. I mean, she's 70 years old... so her charms, must have not come from her falling teeth and aching knee. Oh wait, yeah except for that one time.

I ship her with the wrong one but now that I think about it, it makes sense. He's perfect for her or maybe his timing is just perfect.


Although he's not the most handsome or popular or the one that knows her the longest, he almost sacrifice his life and maybe he doesn't even know that he already liked her at that time? He's the only male lead that truly prioritise her. The others have some kind of burden or complexes.

The first ML, the ex-husband, he's been traumatised since he was almost/ maybe raped twice. He has a mysterious background (bloodline), a true prodigy, and has that ML halo. He's the kind of ML that usually get healed by the FL and be together but I guess he's too traumatised to be with any female. He's an enigma, he just suddenly pops up and gone in a sec.

The second ML, the tsundere, he's the first one that helped and almost sacrifice his life for our MC. And our MC is still in her 70 years old form. He always mocks our MC but he always helped her (he said that she is his lackey and no one can bully her except for him) and kinda taught her alchemy (he just throws the book and flew away). I thought he was the ONE, but he takes too long to realise (?) or idk. It's bit complicated since Li XinMei has a 'thing' with him at the start before she 'died' and he had a crush with our MC (but he didn't realise) and our MC is just being a granny for both. But it's so funny that he keeps denying and get confused about his feelings, like 'do I really like that granny? that 70 yo with vicious eyes and creaking bones? no way, my taste is not that heavy, probably'. Also, he got an inferiority complex around or MC since he used to be the stronger one but since our MC has MC halo ofc her cultivation will soar like no other. He keeps chasing alas he has missed the right timing.

The third ML, the true ML, he was searching for his family's spirit guardian, yes it's Dabai and Xiaobai. He is from the upper world and respectable family. Also, he's very good building arrays, cooking, combing hair, packing, just a house wife material (?). He's very cute when he tries to bond with Dabai, he tries so hard to get close to Dabai but when our MC send a small gift, Dabai will immediately run to our MC. He looks cold and distant but actually very caring. I suddenly remember when his family were trying to get Dabai and they take all the handsome guys for our MC to select for marriage since Dabai is not willing to separate with our MC. That was so funny when the handsome uncles were trying to flirt but our MC were calling them ancestors. He confessed in the most perfect timing when our MC love index is at its highest. He's very lucky or maybe it was fate since our MC fell in to that abyss and met Dabai?

The fourth ML, little teacher/uncle, he's a swordsman and is our MC's teacher. He's mysterious and only cares for training but sometimes he would help our MC. Our MC had some 'thing' for him but idk since I mostly MTL-ed so sometimes it's not very clear. Anyway his cultivation somehow backlashed and became a demon lord, I still don't understand how it came to be. He's the final boss and I think he likes our MC as well (?) or was it just an obsession of becoming stronger than our MC? Why does he want to destroy the 3, 000 worlds? why does he so obsessed of being stronger? Am I lost in the translation? so many question unanswered. Btw, he died in a anti climatic way, the ending was a bit rushed, I think the last arcs after the 'time continent' arc were all a bit rushed.


The last plot twist though... it completely caught me off guard. Like dang it! the previous arcs are actually building to that moment, why didn't I notice? Maybe it was predestined from the very start?

The first group that she met before cultivating, all the members will betray her in the end. Yes, even Li XinMei! That's why I was so shocked.


Dabai and Xiaobai are the cutest, I love that the author give them some personality, not only as a convenient plot device but a real bond to the MC. <<less
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sibyl97 rated it
Jiang Hu’s Road is Curved
January 14, 2018
Status: Completed
This is not for 'beginners' of chinese novels.

If you've read lots of chinese novels with lots of cliches and dog blood makjang plot, I think you would enjoy this more because it is so fresh and different. Twist upon twist, I have laughed, cried, creeped out, shocked, felt bitter and feeling warm and sweetness.

There are two part of the story. The first part made me cringed and quite painful because Pan Wan was still living in her delusion where every handsome males in Jianghu were in love with her. The... more>> second part was when she woke up and face the reality.

When she's sober and realised that she has lost everything, I got teary. Especially when the true male lead was being true to her but she had already developed an inferiority complex and felt that there's no way he would liked her. It just pains me every time she reminds herself that she is not worth to be loved.

Without the first part, the second part won't be as impactful and as sweet.

The author certainly give a different point of view the mainstream plot.

Usually in novels, male leads would just fell in love with a silly cheerful female lead upon first meeting with no reason other than 'you intrigued me... you're not like other girls... etc etc'. But have you thought whether there is a different motive of wanting to get close to the girl. After all, a pie won't just fall of the sky with no reason or a handsome perfect powerful male god in real life.


On the other hand, the translation can't get any better I think. <<less
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sibyl97 rated it
Grabbing Your Hand, Dragging you Away
October 24, 2017
Status: Completed
I love the female lead so much... her personality is so interesting and refreshing.

Not interesting just because she is 'different', as in modern women and different from other female characters, but genuinely interesting as in if she is real, I want to befriend her.

The author is great in making a really intense atmosphere but not so straightforward. I'm not sure how to describe it, maybe like powerful undercurrent of a calm lake? Overall, it's very gripping but the aloofness of the MC balanced the dramatic plot, making it a strange... more>> but beautiful story.

The translator did a good job keeping that atmosphere. Every conversation that the MC had flows very well, and good word choice as well. <<less
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sibyl97 rated it
The Grandmaster Strategist
June 4, 2017
Status: v6c4
I stumbled onto this amazing piece few days ago.

All that I could say is that it deserve it reputation as the best fictional history novel in Qidian's History All Time ranking.

I really liked the fact that the author fleshed out side characters by using different POV and still felt natural, not confusing. Also, I love the little transcript of the biographies in the opening of most of the chapter, the difference between the one written and what had happened fascinates me and made me think that things are more complicated... more>> in real life than the actual result written in the history books.

The MC, Jiang Zhe is absolutely my favourite character. The world might describe him as one of the most dangerous person as he is a genius and resourceful, his plots exploits others' shortcomings and he is a master in understanding human nature. However, in reality, he himself is quite lazy and carefree, he is not greedy for gold or silver nor fame, all he wanted to do is drinking a good wine, reading books silently and appreciating nature leisurely. But with the twist of fate and his unique talents, he was dragged into political turmoil. What can he do as he is just a frail scholar? Later, along his journey of life, he met a lot of talented people, both allies and foes.


There is 6 volumes and each have their own focus of struggle. First volume is about his early life (15-24 ish) as zhuangyuan (rank number one in the imperial examination) in the Southern Chu Kingdom. Funny story is that he actually took the test because he was robbed along the way and he needed the money reward from the exam not because he want to serve the country or anything like that (he is quite low key or just too lazy). Second Volume is when thing got heated up as he was held captive in Great Yong and many people wanted his loyalty or his life. Third volume is about the power struggle between princes factions, this is one of my favourite arc, Jiang Zhe finally fully unleashed his talents while sowing discord here and there, trapping those poor souls into his web and slowly suffocated them. Muahahahahhh... anyway it was quite a long arc and just so beautifully done, I don't have any complains.

While the focus of the previous arcs are more on on Jiang Zhe's life and also Prince Yong's faction. The next two volume were about war between the Great Yong and Northern Han. Jiang Zhe was dragged out of his seclusion but he was more mature at that time (about 30 ish). This arc was very heavy on the battle strategy and focus less on Jiang zhe but more on the development other characters. Compared to the previous arcs where the enemies were hateful and evil, these arc were more heartbreaking since the war, the killings and the betrayal were not actually their 'fault'. I could not hate them because they did what they had to do to protect their countries. Their story, loyalty and valiance made me think about why do people go to war and hurt each other? On the other hand, Jiang zhe was amazing and savage as usual.

The last arc and the last volume which is volume 6. Since it has not completed yet, I am not sure but I think the focus would be more on the next generation as in the kids on the main and side characters. Also, the conclusion of uniting the world.


Furthemore, the translator and the editor did a really good job. I could tell from the poems, idoms and the information in the footnotes, they did their research and put a lot of thought and consideration into their work. <<less
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