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shirsong rated it
Feng Yu Jiu Tian
June 10, 2016
Status: v1c17
I gave this novel 2/5. So first, I am not a bl hater. In face, I am a girl who love reading yaoi novels. After finishing The Legendary Master’s Wife I looked for another yaoi novel.

Good points: the smut comes fast and they become lovers fast. Also, the first chapters really interesting. Good start.

Bad points: Sadly, only the start is good. The 2 main characters are changing their behavior way too fast. The lovey-dovey moments are just lame and clinch. Also, (IMPORTANT), there is no sexual attraction. Nothing. Nada.... more>> After the first few chapters is like the author came back into being 14 years old who enjoy talking about kisses with passion. I managed to drag myself until chapter 17. In retrospect, I regret reading it. Main character ⅕ for inconsistency.
Side character ⅕ for nonexistence
World setting 0/5 for nothing new.

I don’t know if I can judge this novel because I have only barely read one volume. If you are looking for good yaoi/shounen ai novels go read ‘The Legendary Master’s Wife’ or ‘True Star’.

Gave it ⅖ cause it's yaoi novel. <<less
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shirsong rated it
Child of Light
May 31, 2016
Status: v6c1
I succeeded reading until the middle of the second book. I regret it. I am also little sad that I couldn't give this novel 0/5.

I have to say that this novel starts not so bad and the pov of the writing was refreshing. Also the fact that the MC have 2 (!!!) living (!!) parents is amazing. This novel could have become a good novel. Sadly, the MC changes his lazy personality, there are no supporting characters with personality, and there is nothing... smart about this novel. Even the magic... more>> concept (perhaps clinch but I like it) had stayed in the mind of 3 y old boy.

This novel becomes bad slowly step by step. Now that I think on this, I should have seen the signs from the start.

If you want to read good novels go to my just go to my list. <<less
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shirsong rated it
Our House Pet
June 11, 2016
Status: c8
Nice and funny reading. The only shame is thst there aren't enough chapters.
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shirsong rated it
The Wolf Lord’s Lady
June 10, 2017
Status: c16
Until chapter 12 (exluding) it was perfect. I suggest to those who just start reading to stop at the end of chapter 11 because after that it's really depressing. After the 4 remaining chapters are translated you should read the rest.

About the story: heartwrecking romance. The story of young lady being reincarnation (actully reborn) after being deceived by her lover. Arriving to 15, she meets her lover of her past life who is now 30 years old and her lord.

Its not a story about revenge or ambitions, but a story... more>> about simple first love.

4.5/5 <<less
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So... this is the first review I write, and for a reason.

First, a short summery of the story. The MC is a female from the modern age where she is a special investigator in the special force or something like that. We are actually told what's the reason she came thousand years to the past (yay for it). She wakes up in a body that is not hers. The previous owner of the body committed suicide because she was going to be a gift (to a man).

This story does not... more>> invent anything new but unlike the rest of the stories with the same themes, the story is good. The MC does not suddenly forgot all about her life, nor felling in love of first sight. The other characters have a personality (how rare) . The novel itself is flowing. The pace is not slow and not fast but prefect. The are steady development. The romance is cute and sometimes frustrating but it's because those 2 people come form different times and cultures.

In short, this novel is one of the best you will read (and I read a lot). I didn't have much interest in the first chapters but after chapter 3 I couldn't stop reading. So READ IT! <<less
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