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shacchan rated it
Who Touched My Tail!
January 9, 2019
Status: c31
I love theese kind of story like QWFOD 5 stars!

I find the MC quite sly (of course he's a fox demon) but also theese kind of character are usually bold with the ML so I'm looking forward when they'll got together ⸜ (॑꒳ ॑) ⸝

ML is cute, very shy (/ω\*) and mildly tsundere but through time he'll improve so you'll get to see ML changes as he falls deeper in love with the MC~
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shacchan rated it
Doomed to be Cannon Fodder
January 25, 2018
Status: c283
I wanted to rate this 5 when I'm like at the half of the story, it simply cute and I was really content with it at least if the author decided not to temper with the plot too much which is happens in the after.

Actually the downhill was not a really steep one like a free fall but there's still this disappointed feeling, still a very enjoyable ride for me (especially for the fluff).

The characters were not bad, but I warn you that the villains might annoy you at times... more>> (many times actually). The MC is like the innocent-type heroine like many but she is actually a cute person and can be fierce when it involves the people she loved. The ML is 'tsundere' at first because he's a noob in relationship and the military background just make him can't trust other people easily but he'll gradually graduate from the 'tsun' and became a 'dere' instead (sometime a bit shameless tho). The other supporting character were not bad as well as there are not so many character to be memorized, so it's also a plus for me.

I decided to give this a 4 just because there's this character that I really liked and he gave off a warm and fuzzy feeling in this story (so what are you waiting for? Read it ;D)
Even though the plot might not that great in the latter half, I think this is still considered as a good read if you don't take it too seriously considered it's not a heavy story. If you're looking for a considerably good read like a walking on a park (?) give this a try!

Long live the bushiis! <<less
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