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sersafir rated it
May 14, 2017
Status: c102
The novel is shallow. Seriously? We can't just give this a pass. His ability is literally protagonist. So whenever he finds something interesting it's because he's a protagonist. Things happen not because of events in the background to keep you guessing, but because the author made a cop-out to storytelling and just left it as "he's the protagonist so it's natural these things would happen."


The story isn't bad, it's just nothing new or interesting. At the beginning, near chapter 50 I'd probably have given the story an 8/10... more>> because the author had a way of making it exciting. Now I'd say it's a 4/10. MC gets transported to another world as a character, gets op abilities, goes from weak to strong, pretends his memory is bad due to a 'fever.'

The comedy made my lips curve to a smile once or twice, but the jokes became dull and boring eventually. I read another review that said "Shutra is amazing!" being said all the time, and yeah. It happens too often, gets annoying.

Near the beginning I was thrilled with finding out what would happen next. At this point I'm so utterly bored with these little side-quests that only serve to give the main character an AMAZING POWER UP! That barely seems to help him in his next encounter, only to be forgotten about 40 chapters down the line.

There's a background plot expanding with the horsemen of the apocalypse and the MC represents conquest (which is sometimes interpreted as pestilence.)


The name of the main character is always referred to by the narrator by his real-world name In-gong. The characters around him all refer to him by his game name 'shutra.' This became somewhat annoying for me. The main character literally has a plot armor ability. Everything the main character does results in chaos all around him. For lack of better words, he's described to be a lesser masochist cuck. Why do I say this?

He gets called a masochist perv by training his abilities to hurt himself, then healing himself. His ability seems to allow him to learn any combat ability when it's used against him, so he asks people to hit him occasionally or tries to get hit by enemies needlessly. He's cucked for another reason. His orc subordinate.

The main character meets his non-blood related sister, who seems very intimate with him. Then he meets several other beautiful women, many of whom at first look at him with starry eyes (Karma for instance), but as of chapter 101, almost all of them seem to have only begun looking at his orc companion intimately. The narrator picks up on this, saying "is he the real protagonist?" Actually there are moments when Daphne (another sister of the mc) gets rescued by the orc and looks at him with 'dreamy eyes' and the MC says in his head 'hey why aren't you looking at me like that?' I'm pretty sure he's trying to establish the thoughts of a cuck here. A guy says he wants to guide the main character to a 'peaceful forest' and notices the most popular isn't Shutra, but the orc. Don't get me wrong, he still kinda (?) has a harem, but it's smaller than his orc which I find weird.

I think the orc actually is the author trying to write himself in the novel. He's a huge gary-sue. For a random, non-existent orc preforming impossible feats of strength and incredible wit, and abnormal charisma, I'd say there's really not much explanation for why he's not a bigger MC than 'Shutra' ing-gong.

Some characters are just dismissed and forgotten about. Actually the only character that wanted to join ing-gong with ulterior motivations and thoughts of betrayal was a male siren, (merman I guess) but the MC knew his secret plan to betray him from playing the videogame so he just said "no." and walked away. 40+chapters later I still haven't heard back from him or why the author spent half a chapter introducing him.

Overall I'd give it a passing 6/10. Why? It's a nice read, I'm certain the characters will appeal to some people, but honestly the gary-suisms, the shallow plot, the lack of questions answered or even asked "how did I get here?" "Why me and not someone else?" The 'war' going on seems like a casual vacation. The characters all seem so 1-dimensional without any ulterior motives. There's just too many problems with this novel to call it a great novel rather than an 'ok' novel. <<less
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sersafir rated it
Against the Gods
September 5, 2016
Status: c602
It starts off a bit slow, but picks up. And the author obviously tried his hardest to make his novel stand out in the beginning.

And after 30-40 chapters you'll likely be addicted, ready for the next chapter at a moment's notice. The power-ups are handled well. I've seen anime/light-novels where the author gives the MC a super-power-up, then he's still basically 5-10% stronger, almost as trash as he normally is. This guy makes power-ups matter.

But something changed the past 100 chapters. The author ran out of ideas.

Do you remember Dragon... more>> Ball Z? Remember when the anime caught up to the manga? They began dragging things out. They didn't know what would happen, so they had no choice but to lazily sit back and let Goku have flashbacks to slow things down. This author does the same thing, but he controls the canon so he doesn't have much of an excuse.

I am literally shocked beyond all measure of just how lazy and exploitative the author is being. There is absolutely no reason for someone to do what he's currently doing unless he has lost all inspiration. This man clearly has talent for good writing, but he's no longer using it. You can sum up a chapter in a 1-2 sentences, because literally nothing is happening in them except excessive dialogue and repeating the same things over and over and over again to no end.

He is being paid to meet a specific number of words in his story. Every chapter he'll fit in oh so much words. Then that's the end, next chapter later. The author seemed to have been procrastinating on what exactly is supposed to happen next. As a result, we get these chapters where almost absolutely nothing happens. The entire chapter is spent filling in information about long-winded descriptions of the exact past two chapters. The chapter I stopped at just now to write this review was probably the worst I've ever read. The author has begun to ignore the main story to explain what's going on in a different location. That would be ok, I'd have no issue with this if there was information that was WORTH knowing. He once again, starts a predictable, boring, over-descriptive, unimaginative arc.

By the way in case you haven't noticed, my review is the same quality as his writing. I just described the same thing, OVER AND OVER AND OVER again. Congratulations if you got to the bottom of this review, as you have fundamentally just read a single chapter of his quality. Outside of the long-winded over-descriptions of crap he does to elongate the story, one thing I don't like is the Loli. The #1 beauties of every land are all around 13-200 years old, but they all have a body that's on par with a 13 year old. I think the only exception is the main character's first wife, who consistently, confirmed by the events of the immediate previous chapter, appears to be a 16-17 year old girl despite being about 23-24. A handful of women are described as beautiful girls, but apparently they aren't divine-13-year-old-appearing beauties.

It's a passing grade, it's mostly worth reading. But the author's lazy writing REALLY, REALLY makes some arcs pure awful. <<less
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sersafir rated it
Kuro no Maou
October 17, 2016
Status: c307
Take Game of Thrones, mix it with yanderes, Legendary Moonlight Sculptor, and r/atheism.

You'll end up with this.

So why did I pick those? First Game of Thrones: there's some noble status incestuous themes in some situations, but even more than that, there's characters who just die off. The main character builds a relationship with them only for them to
... more>>

die 50-100 chapters later.


I even faintly recall reading "Winter is coming." at one point.

I'm surprised there is such a thing as a yandere harem. The main character gets one, but is denser the the particle that led to the big bang, and foolishly doesn't pick up on the queues that his companions are psychos. This I found pretty interesting. I think yanderes are a bit more creepier than they are hot, but they are much more interesting than a simple romance.

In Legendary Moonlight sculptor a great tragedy is inflicted upon the main character. You might think "that's where the similarities end right?" No, they don't. There's one MAJOR point I want to make about the author's writing styles: they both focus FAR too much on insignificant, minor characters. There's a filler chapter about too many characters backgrounds. I've come to dread seeing a new character because apparently I need to know everyone's backstory before I can move on. Characters we don't know or care about. I'm currently on ch 307 of this work, and in the past 100 chapters I'd say about 50 of them feature the main character. The rest are filler chapters about other characters or things the other members of the cast are doing. This is basically just an estimate, I haven't reread the whole thing back to that point, but I doubt it's wrong. The current pace of the current translator is about 1-3 chapters a week and it's honestly disappointing checking in and noticing "oh you mean the author wants to retell us the same part of this story from another characters perspective? Woohoo..."

Why is r/atheism on this list? If you've ever talked to a religious zealot, they'll condemn atheism as evil. Similarly, if you've ever talked to a militant atheist obsessed with anti-religious rhetoric, you can expect them to cry about crusades, the evils inflicted using religion as a symbol of fear and greed, etc. That's basically here. It's an r/athiesm perv fantasia in which the religion of the cross goes from our world to take over another world and to do so will purge all non-humans and all their alternate religions mercilessly.

The crusaders come to the small village where the main character lived, and said "What are you doing? Quickly offer all the things of value, then bring us the humans living with you [non-humans] demons. They get to live as slaves." They quickly kill the surrendering humans and 'demons' without mercy, causing the remaining to fight in fury, but lose miserably. It's also apparent that they torture innocents mercilessly to break them down into emotionless slaves to God.


Another note: One major thing I don't like about harems is why they decide randomly to have boys who look like girls be in the harem.

It's clear the main character has been written out to be bis*xual, he doesn't care "as long as its cute."


I'm not sure why the author, as well as most well known harem titles cave into this trope. Are they trying to attract wild fujoshi? From what I've known they usually don't read these kinds of LN, so idk why.

The next spoiler is a big, big, spoiler. It's about a chapter that hasn't been even close to TLd yet. But it does help explain the mc's personality and what he is and isn't willing to do.

Apparently around chapter 500, he literally rapes Sariel.

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