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senpaireadsnovels rated it
Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken (WN)
October 3, 2018
Status: c238
Phenomenal storytelling. The concept, art, character development, world building, and action scenes are top-tier. Such a great base of material for official light novel releases, manga releases and the anime cours. I'm almost at the home stretch and the ride has been well worth it.

Circus, Lion, and Guro Translation teams have done amazing work and delivered HQ translations with consistent terminology, contexts, definitions, and explanations.

Since there will be more folks just catching up to the latest translations and others who are picking this up after seeing the first anime episode,... more>> I highly suggesting powering through the series. You may find the author provides redundancy, but this is in very short waves and it was in the middle arcs. Remember, this is a WN (a quasi-final draft if you will) ; the foundation for the more polished mediums.

Warning: I strongly suggest skipping translations by Asian Hobbyist for the following reasons: low quality translations, inconsistent or lack of terminology native to the story, and consistently large chunks of plot missing. They provide at best a light summary of a few events in each of the latest chapters. I highly welcome new translators and love seeing more translations as that gets groups to work together, provide missing info, or deliver better, faster. However, the quality doesn't do the story and author justice. If you need your fix, go for it. That's what I did for two chapters, but you're better off reading the translated source at ncode. Syosetu. Com. <<less
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I'm giving it a 4.0 purely because I enjoyed up to a certain point, but then dropped it due to a lack of interest. I lost interest because of the main character's mindset and the translation style or the author's narrative style. You would think I'd drop it lower, but I don't want to peg down a story that is at least worth a try for other readers. Some will like it and some won't. I grew out of it because the mindset is/was sort of toxic, and if I... more>> recall correctly there were some grammar mistakes or lack of terminology consistency.

I forgot how far I read up to in terms of the volume, but I can recall where I left off which is when

he returns to the demon territory after doing away with the king.

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