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saphire8626 rated it
Heaven Official’s Blessing
December 2, 2018
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read this in chinese.

absolutely loved this. It's my favorite mxtx work because of its sheer scope and ambition. There is so much going on in this novel, it's such a treat reading this.

i think this book is quite polarizing. I think I can understand, since some of the flashbacks are really very long and my chinese is really very mediocre so I skipped some scenes.

but despite that, I really enjoyed this book because of the strength of her characters. Her characterization is always so well-done and each character is very... more>> distinct and so fun to read about. I really loved learning each of their motivations and seeing the arc that each of them goes through. This novel has her usual blend of hilarious-ness and angst, and I think this is the novel that expands on the little bit of social commentary we see in mdzs.

and this is not even mentioning the two main characters. I love xielian because I think it's rare that we get to see such a soft main character and I love his dynamic with huacheng so much. Fans may come after me but I think the sheer length of this book allows mxtx to develop xielian/huacheng's relationship much more satisfactorily than her previous novels. Their relationship growth was really such a treat to read, and honestly some of the best parts in this story.

really love it. I hope the translators will finish this so there'll be more fans <<less
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