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sanushilshad rated it
Gomen ne, Onii-sama
November 13, 2016
Status: c28
I read the machine translation and guess what? Horrible!!! The story MC who was given a second chance due to her strong wish with literally everything-power, authority, money, wasting her second chance for her brother who she doen't even know, and what's with the plot?! If she wanted she could have created a kingdom for magicians with much authority, but she want to follow a novel plot she read, not taking her second life seiously. The MC is blessed with invincible power but she wastes it by not training.... more>>

the MC is burned to death alive leaving behind a child under her brother's care

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sanushilshad rated it
Scum of the Cultivation World
March 14, 2018
Status: --
I don't get the gits "can't eat dogs". It's just meat and the MC never knew it was his dog.

There are plenty of people eating dogs, rabbits etc...

And it's just a dog.... why does everyone behave like he ate his own child.

Although it was a little sadenning
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sanushilshad rated it
Marquis of Grand Xia
February 18, 2018
Status: c1200


If you are looking for a novel similar to silly alchemist, then it would be best that you stop reading.
The empress dies, all the marquis dies, northern mongolien commander dies, twilight (the master of sword city) dies, blah blah to put it simply everyone dies including the cute little horse (killed by pluto) and the life of MC is tragic.
And there 'were' immortals in the past before pluto (god) wiped them out and crushed the path to immortality.
And the MC acquires the phoenix's source thus turning into phoenix himself.
There is no serious romance it's just tragedy after tragedy for the MC.


But it's a super novel which will make you cry. We don't have a MC with cheats like a grandpa or grandma inside a heaven defying ring or bead.

The achievement of MC is all due to his hardwork. And the talent of MC for cultivation is pathetic, but he works hard to stand up against others.

There are no arrogant young masters. Each antagonist is well fleshed out and even more ruthless and brillant than the MC.

There are no gold mine oppurtunities for the MC in the novel.

The female leads have thier own goals and personalities and is willing to undergo scarfices for their goals.

The MC doesn't overpower his mentors or friends throughout the series. And in fact have to put double the efforts than his friends to just reach them.

But his friends does die off which is tragic.

Even his first love Mu Chengxue scarifices her entire memories to save the MC, in return wandering the world not knowing who she is.
And another love interest the ghost girl looses her emotion and is wandering the world after helping the MC.
And even the MC dies only to be saved by prince yan (prince yan also dies fighting demon but got pulled from the reincarntion pool by the MC in return for his life essence using a forbidden spell) and ghost girl.

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sanushilshad rated it
X- Epoch of the Dragon
January 23, 2018
Status: Completed
The story itself had prospect. It's begining was great and all the side characters had cast time, is flushed out, and is as smart as the MC. The story itself has unique cultivation method which vastly differs from others.

But the mid part of the story is a wreck. The side characters are just dolls. The story deviates from cultivation to artifacts and weapons. The MC has ton loads of artifacts that he can oneshot people of five rank difference with him. And to make it worse he got a artifact... more>> to be eternal and immortal. It can even make his army in to immortal.

And as for the last part, the author just started to get annoyed with the novel.

No detail about what happened to the side characters after thousand years. <<less
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Started as comedic but gets serious as time passes.

Far better than the normal xianxia novel.... more>>

Betrayal from the sect member who s (he) trusted for the greater good of the sect (although she gets rescued by the betrayed member later, and dies (sacrifices) as an apology and atonement to the mc) .


Although the MC acts as a punching bag for the sect master, but gets serious when needed.

She is the ancestor of sword sect, but has little to no experience with swords.

In terms of magic (a foreign concept in this world) she is unparalled, as shown when she rampages even when she gets critically poisoned. The MC is expert in multiple elements of magic, although s (he) is an expert in flame magic.

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