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saffu rated it
The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor
May 29, 2017
Status: v26c4
The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor is set in an MMORPG, and the author does his best to remind you of that by making the novel as boring as possible.

While I do understand that this was the first korean novel for many people (including myself), I really think this shouldn't be rated as high as it is. I'd like to apologize in advance if this review is outdated or misinformed, as I last read the novel in early 2016.

First, let's talk about the MC. Everyone likes Weed, right? But why? He's literally... more>> every money-grubbing Korean MC out there, except that he has literally no other defining characteristics. This flaw is made even worse when you realize that 90% of the novel is following Weed around, so while you might find his antics funny at first, you'll surely be tired of them the 50th time they make a joke about him being a stingy ass.

Surprisingly, Weed isn't even the worst character. The entire supporting cast also lacks character. From what I remember, the goddamn NPCs are more memorable than most of the cast. The only character whose name I remembered was Weed, and that can be boiled down to two reasons:

  1. Everyone on NUF makes jokes about him
  2. The novel literally follows him 90% of the time
The setting is also kinda lame. LMS takes place in an MMORPG. While this can be ignored most of the time, 90% of the novel takes place in the game, and the entire thing comes off as an extended play-through, if the player in question was just making the same joke over and over for hours on end. Somehow, though, the 10% of the novel that isn't focused on Weed's shenanigans in game manages to be even more boring than the MMORPG parts! The characters somehow manage to do LESS in real life than in the MMO! It's like reading a novel where the entire cast is just me!

I'd comment on the pacing, but nothing ever actually happens in the novel. The only character development is the kind that makes your stats higher and your skills more powerful, and the romance is laughably slow. Two romantic interests had appeared in the story when I'd dropped it, and Weed had just rejected one of them, after not even seeing her for months on end. Oh yeah, and I forgot to mention: Weed isn't even in contact with his love interests half the time, and when he is, it's hard to feel anything, because both characters are so bleah that you don't even care what develops between them.

The novel is pretty fun at the start, but you'll eventually get tired of reading the same thing over and over again with slight variations. Despite the genres, it's more similar to a SoL than anything. Give it a shot if you're a fan of that genre, but it's not for me. <<less
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