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I read it till c51

It's so slow~ and rather than [weak to strong]... It's might be more correct to say it's [weak to ordinary?]

There's not one bit "fierceness" that indicated [Aiming to Be the Strongest]. Rather the MC is kinda retard.

Drop it. -_-
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ryuuseigami rated it
Sword of the Philosopher
June 30, 2016
Status: v1c10
MC is reincarnated into Side character who was set to die, he use his knowledge to avoid that and become OP character, this setting is interesting but... due to [Setting]
... more>>

he cannot defeat the Demon King


That's kinda kill joy, that's makes he become OP char, almost meaningless. Due to that [Setting] he aim to become "pull strings behind the curtain" type char to lead the real Hero[Main Character] defeat the Demon King, but so far it's poorly done... and because he zealously following [scenario] he didn't have any freedom in his action, fearing that his action (interference) would collapsing the scenario. even though his action (interference) could make the situation turns to a better...

Summary: with that [Setting] and [scenario] so far it's boring. <<less
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ryuuseigami rated it
Hataraku Maou-sama!
August 2, 2016
Status: v11
It's Good! I like the light entertainment content (?)

The demon king and hero of Another World, living in modern-day Tokyo. In order to bring three meals a day, they working like normal human. Lol~

Nice Drama-comedy - Slice of Life with Slow Romance and a magic-Fantasy at the end of each volume.

It's so good that with the secret revealed little by little gradually I think it's alright even if it's turn into more serious Fantasy. And the author didn't disappoint me, later on it will become more serious, while still... more>> maintaining Drama-comedy - Slice of Life.

For the romance part, (even though I could count as anti main heroine type), but gradually the main heroine in this novel become my favorite. I like the slow romance, little by little the heroine open up, and eventually growing fondness for MC.

All in all, it's a good light reading material ^^ <<less
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ryuuseigami rated it
Isekai Cheat
February 22, 2016
Status: --
[i read it till v2c5]
ok... it’s not OP MC but broken MC~
[lv1 = HP&MP 10 billion, STR, AGI, etc 99999+ (+ cause MC also have [Limit Break], so the actual value is more than 100K?) as if that’s not enough MC have ALL skill available? with max+ lv]

it’s short for each chap, so far I can’t find an interesting aspect [leaving aside how theres probably no significant development for his Stat as his stat is basically already MAX+] theres also no relationship development so far...

Drop it... -_-
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ryuuseigami rated it
Peerless Martial God
November 8, 2015
Status: --
[right now, I read it till c170]
... I think it’s so-so... it’s neither Great nor very bad...

[EDIT: I read it till c200. it's Boring... Drop it -_-]

The most ridiculous is MC that don’t know what it mean to “compromise”, he know that he still not strong enough but he’s never backing off. When he think what he do is “just” even if he against someone that stronger than him, and even if when that someone already giving him some “face” he still pressing further. In the early chapters... more>> maybe it’s kinda cool, but gradually it’s become too much.

One who think that he defend the justice without strength is not a hero but a Fool that seeking death. <<less
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ryuuseigami rated it
True Martial World
March 9, 2016
Status: --
it’s a GOOD NOVEL~ ^^

it’s slow paced, but that slow pace that makes this novel more detailed and the Charm is more brighter. this novel is within my novel top list [so far from this site (novelupdates) I read 110 novel and I only have 4 top novel]

it’s about a youth in his prime because of some incident, he experience a body swap with a poor boy 12 years old, from there with a purple card he begin his journey on true martial art world

atm, I read it till c300,... more>> and I read it in marathon style, read it~ it’s great martial arts Novel!! from what I've read so far... I highly recommend it!!! (*TーT) b <<less
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ryuuseigami rated it
Wu Dong Qian Kun
July 3, 2018
Status: side story 5
there some hole in the story... after that flag and foreshadowing mentioned...
in the end the event never take place... or that attribute just forgotten all together... skip.. skip...

in the beginning is not a fatal flaw... we can attribute it to unexpected development or MC strength grow too fast,
but.. towards the end of the story... the progress is too fast and that hole finally became to make a fatal flaw, make the story kinda.. meh...
if I'm not reading this after Completely Translated, I doubt that I have... more>> the patience to wait to read it till the end

at the the beginning I can give 3 star and cause I'm a sucker for romance I can give 3+ for the middle,
but towards the end... I want to give it 1, overall I will give it 2 star.

originally I read this novel to wet my appetite to read Battle Through the Heavens...
but from the look of it... look like instead of wetting my appetite.. I lost my appetite instead... <<less
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ryuuseigami rated it
Long Live Summons!
November 8, 2015
Status: --
[right now, I read it till c83]
Enjoyable~ it’s good for killing time. Eventhough its not great, but it’s pretty good~ ^^
[my rate for this novel (from what that I read till c83) is 65/100]

from Description I thought it’s just MC that relying on his summoned monster, but turn out that MC is also building his strength and become strong so it’s enjoyable.

his “sly?” character thats almost lying everytime eventhough its not necessary if you view it as teasing and comedy, I think it’s pretty funny ^^
i think... more>> he hiding his strength is good, its not like he invincible so I don’t see any need to showing of his strength to the world, it’s enough that most of people thats close to him know that he’s pretty strong. So I think it’s good like this. Hiding his strength while continue building his strength
[theres no need to showing of his strength to the world and makes unnecessary enemy when he still not the strongest] <<less
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