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Atypical Reincarnation
November 16, 2017
Status: c32
for a xianxia story.. MC in small town.. is a young master. His family is being ganged up on. Sob sob sob.. oh thats every xianxia story. The biggest unique thing was he stuck with the clan and built a secret base to cultivate.

suddenly at chapter 30 MC killed a little boy who was acting mildly bratty then by 32 he telling children they must serve him for life and if they dont practice hard he will murder them also... im like wth is this.

Mere villian. rising up... more>> to kill. murder his way to the top with god complex and treating humans like kleenex. MC has no morals at all... starting to wonder what they teach in china. That this type of trash story is the average crap teen read..

In reality this is a self serving slavery story.. as for the translator quality it is good however.. the story itself in my opinion is just trash.

I wanted to give this the worst rating possible. However the quality of the translation was very good. <<less
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Hail the King
May 8, 2018
Status: c164
Typical Chinese novel... MC goes to a new world gets some power. Becomes a boss. Then steals and murders his way to power.

MC really has no morals... But I believe that's actually just the frame of mind Chinese think.

Anyone who has a thought outside of the frame of MC. Is wrong.. everyone should be loyal to MC.

No one else has value unless MC says so.. when MC is not strong enough he lies low.. until he is stronger than nominal allies so that he can over power them and make... more>> them serve him.

Like I said typical Chinese author power dream written on paper. <<less
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The Amber Sword
July 13, 2017
Status: v3c1
Hey there first review of story. Its good. Best of all MC does not grow stronger and turn into an immoral thug as soo as he gains some power.

I looked at some of the other translations and compared them wolfy translation. I like the way he does it..

Another review says MC has a constant focus on princess overlooking the fMC that stand by his side... I just binged read the whole story. Princess is not the love interest... not sure whats up with that guys review. Fm side characters dont... more>> really fit tropes and the grow up through out the story. Unlike many novels. Each side character is an identity not a trope.

As the story evolves the side characters start to do stuff independent of MC.

Plot armor well there is some. Also world building is massive and you discover the rich background world with MCs sometimes. <<less
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Tales of the Reincarnated Lord
July 19, 2017
Status: c218
Okay this was a favorite story of mine but I gave up... MC really went down the amoral path.. there at the end it was all about control murder and power.

Still 200 chapters of a decent story so I would recommend this story but it got dark after awhile.. the comedy is all early in the story..

I gave it a good rating because it really was a great story...i just dont like stories that get twisted all dark... once I started keeping track about the MCs crimes I realized how... more>> horrible a human being they became and so I stopped wanting to hear the story. <<less
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rusticsoldier rated it
My Pet Is a Holy Maiden
October 26, 2017
Status: c20

I made it to chapter 20... there was a lot of hope.. there no more hope. Translator did fine it was the author who screwed up the story.. the author presented the story as a summoning to another world with an op wife very cute a little funny. Suddenly op wife is battling friends who have been possessed. Then everyone gets powerups. Finally MC gets injured. And op wife just stops being op and suddenly MC is op.

Basically MC turns into mini super sayen.

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World of Cultivation
January 31, 2018
Status: c317
I have to say.. this started out nice.. however this is a story about a monster is made.. I wanted to read a nice farming story.. and I just finished off a chapter where he mass murders women. Then a completely unrelated women scorns him and he murders her to shut her up.. he treat human lives like grass to be stepped on.. im already sick of it.. MC becomes a pretty sick and twisted individual.

He even kills off his allies if they get afraid.. there was a chapter a... more>> little ways back where the MC and a group of strangers fight an enemy., One man. They win then they head in the same direction.. when suddenly 20 men who move with killing intent shows up.. the stranger dont know there allies and turn to run. MC kills them because they did not want to lay down there life for him... im like wtf is this.. who does he think he is at this point they dont even know him. They already helped him and he repays them with backstabbing.

MC really just a monster. If the story gives him more allies there no way I can see it working. He a murdering savage.. who would actually trust him.. im sure the author will give even more plot armor but im honestly sick of it. <<less
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rusticsoldier rated it
Hedonist Sovereign
September 20, 2017
Status: c40s
Okay.. first... half the chapters are about rich boy showing up and everyone has to have there faces slaped so he can feel good about himself. The rest is quest to improve how some girls look at him...

To be honest MC is trash the kind that is best ground up and pushed down a drain... he is not totally unlikeable. However he is totally unacceptable as a human being. Better to be killed out of hand.
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I read to here... I like the ideal the MC not great. The plot holes are large. Things go way to smoothly.

I cought up to 42 awhile back... and never even thought about checking up on new chapters. I had forgotten I had this story in my read file. So when I looked up the title I was like.... ah kinda remember it but not really so I had to re read chp 40, 41 and 42 before I was saying mehhh there more chapters to read but im not... more>> even interested that much.

Its an barely okay story.. there are worse out there. And there are some that are much better. <<less
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rusticsoldier rated it
Can’t Stop Craving Potions
August 4, 2017
Status: c17
At first I was interested. But it got really annoying. When MC is always right always a know it all. Always has the correct solution. Yet has a pretty bad personality. Everyone else had to basically bow before his superiority. It felt like annother crappy xianxia novel. I was even hoping for humor... but the only thing I could see him doing was threatening to beat anyone who pointed out his bad habits. No jokes have happened that I could see. Unless you count the fact that if anyone points... more>> out his behavior he beats them so they dont point out thagt he is a ass.

I guess MC character is solid. And it is readable. Translator is good. Cant say much for his taste of novels but he is a good translator. <<less
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Mecha Farmer
July 10, 2017
Status: --
.....I actually don't mind mecha and farming stories. I was even a bolo fan... however this one...... it just doesnt work... its like author found anime keywords took them randomly then said look ma I made a story. If he was harvesting some genetically modified metalic biological plants that a normal harvester and combine could not do... remember those are already optimized for farming. There is also the fact it walks on crops... give it hover powers or something... and if your that advanced shouldn't farming be done by drone... more>> some of the super rich farms are already looking at drone tractors because labor is expensive. <<less
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Kay its a decent story. Better than many. But the MC is just a battle junky thug. He gets a second life. With a better base. But nothing changes. Before he was uneducated. Now he has a education. But he still just wants to fight. No higher purpose. Just cause. That's literally the story. He is already at the pinnacle of martial arts. At 12 in his reincarnation. But when asked what's his dream. It's I want to be the strongest martial artist. He already there. All these other chances... more>> and opportunities are available. And he just wants to be a thug. And brawl. <<less
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Risou no Himo Seikatsu
December 17, 2018
Status: v7c1
I can never remember the title of this story. But I quite like the take on romance after marriage. The MC thoughts are mostly boring. When he finds out that the maids are there for him to screw. And he doesn't. Is my biggest dissatisfaction. His wife specifically hunted for him to have girls he could screw.

The pace of the story crawls. The politics are interesting. The updates well there done in the translators free time. And he does a good job. So don't expect the story to move fast.... more>> I actually have no idea how far this story is but I think the translator updates once a quarter of a year. <<less
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rusticsoldier rated it
Maken no Daydreamer (LN)
December 3, 2018
Status: v1
This has been around for awhile. Not sure why it has never gone further than this in being translated.

The MC seems to be a typical idiot Japanese male afraid of s*x. And it also seems like he is deliberately stupid.

Despite how irritating the MC is. The story itself is rather interesting. I actually applaud the author on creating this unstable story and keeping it interesting.

World building it runs on assumptions we would have about a fantasy novel and doesn't even address it.
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I read till this chapter 44part 1, but I got to admit I was bored with this story. A long time ago. I had this story in my list to be read and even when I revisit it. The desire to read flew away so many times. Finally I read up to what is currently translated. Around chapter 28 I got seriously bored. Around chapter 40 I started to enjoy it again mostly in anticipation. The romance is not there.. I'm not actually sure if the main character is dense... more>> like a typical up MC. Or if the author just sucks at creating romance.

I'm not even sure if there are any female characters who are gunning for the male MC.

The world itself seems to be a typical fantasy world.. But the actual details about said world are lacking. I think in earlier chapters there was a guild reference. However this does not seem to be an adventure tale. There just enough interest in this story to not delete it from my reading list. But it rather boring also.

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rusticsoldier rated it
Running Away From The Hero! (Remake)
November 19, 2018
Status: c45
I read a lot of crappy stories. Slogged through a valley of silicon. Climbed fictional peaks with heroes. Raised slime to wage war. Race cars and heat bath water. All in the same day.

However most of those stories are okay. This is great. This is gold. I'm happy when I finish a chapter.

I don't believe there are many out there with this quality.
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Yandere Megami No Hakoniwa
November 6, 2018
Status: v3c3
I know many will love this. I just got bored with it. Good world building. But every chapter is about s*x.. Every paragraph is about s*x.

It got to the point where it was more kink than story.

It had a lot of elements I liked.

It turned me off well before v3c3 when bitch play was introduced. I was just slogging through hoping the author started his story again.

I mean it is unusual to have a Japanese MC who can be a man. Unfortantly.. This went to far the other way.
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Okay... first I thought this would be interesting.. im at chapter 16 and we have barely gone 3 days into the story and it is constantly repeated same day where they talk about the same thing over amd over by several different point of views.

Im wondering if I keep going if I will get a passing birds point of view of what it thinks as it hear the majestic MC voice as he give his oath speech. Which is almost the only thing that has actually happened in this story.... more>> 16 chapters in.

Im actually not sure how to rate this story... it could be really good and some people like to read 20 different people spend half a day talking about how majestic the MC is. So I dont want tl ruin the story for them. And when I say they spend half a page talking about how awesome and manly the MC is. I actually mean they do this with passion. <<less
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rusticsoldier rated it
June 26, 2017
Status: c120
I really like the translator... but the story really dragging its hard to maintain an interest. I really want to see 2nd princess and MC tie the knot. Only reason I read so far.

I just revisited this story.. Read another 40 chapters.

I like the translator. But this story is crap. There are so many things wrong with this story.. First its weird. Like MC got a creepy lizard fetish. Supposedly he is into girls.. But that is as far as that goes. He is head over heels for lizards.... more>>

Romance... Arranged marriages at a drop of the hat. To be honest while exaggerated. That probably the most realistic part of this story.

This story is seriously unsatisfying. It's boring. The only time it is not boring is when it gets disturbing. I revisited this story a few times. In different moods and I am always dissatisfied.

I read Sevens and enjoyed that. But this is definitely not that. same translator.

Another review said same author. I didn't care enough to investigate. <<less
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